interest rate

  1. AnonBankingExecutive

    Who's had enough of banks making money off your money?

    We want to find out if people are aware of the fact that their banks make money "purely" by lending out your deposits, and you barely get an inflation-beating gain when they are netting 6% after all expenses.
  2. A

    Mortgage interest rate expiration?

    Bought a property May 2019 and have been paying diligently (including extra R2k/month on average). Variable interest rate: prime -0.1. Absa sent a letter this month saying that my interest rate will expire next month and the new interest will be prime +0.05. Just seems fishy that they'd suddenly...
  3. T

    Navigating car finance and avoiding dealer tactics?

    Having been taken for a ride when financing my current car a couple of years ago (dealer arranged the finance for me), I'm determined not to get taken for a ride this time around as I'm contemplating my next car (different dealership). Problem is, there's so little information out there on the...
  4. T

    FNB Credit Card Agreement

    Hi there, Does anyone know how I can get a copy of my credit card agreement from FNB online? Or somewhere online to check what my current interest rate is?
  5. Puk

    I bought a house and its financially choking me

    As a relatively young guy of 26, I bought my first house. Got a 100% loan without any deposit. Here's the plot twist, though: I was duped by the estate agent - the interest rates from the banks were NOT good at all and I wanted to pull out. They ended up forcing me to buy the place since...
  6. O

    How do banks calculate individual interest rate?

    Hi. I hear interest is dependent on individual profile. How exactly do banks calculate interest rate for car finance or any other loan? What exactly are they adding and adding and more adding to arrive at individual interest rate? Please advice.
  7. O

    R50 000 investment goal

    Hi I need advise, I need like R50k by year end. Is there compound interest investment available in South Africa? I remember in my cost and management accounting class we used to do exercises where someone wanted to go on holiday overseas, the person would need like R1 000 000 to do all the...
  8. marhsava

    FNB Credit Card Interest Rate

    Hey guys, I have a FNB platinum credit card and I wanted to know how can you get personalized interest rate.
  9. S

    Vehicle finance question

    Good day, I would like to find out whether the following interest rate is fine: 14.4% This is through toyota, for a new toyota etios, over 6 years without a deposit. With a deposit it comes down to 14.1% and means I'll pay slightly over R4000 a month, however I've also noticed that I pay a...
  10. A

    Financing a used car- HELP!!

    About to buy a Hyundai i20 (2009- 70000kms) for 99k. Applied for financing through the dealership, which was approved by ABSA. The dealership makes use of an F&I and insist that I need to go through the F&I and not directly through the bank. The F&I has offered me the following deal which seems...
  11. LazyLion

    Interest Rates Unchanged

    The repo rate remains unchanged at five percent, the SA Reserve Bank announced on Thursday. Source : Sapa /jje/hdw Date : 23 May 2013 15:18
  12. Zenbaas

    Advice with financing first car

    Hi So I have finally decided to look into purchasing my first car and have found a lot of the information a bit overwhelming at times. I have searched through the threads and come across some useful information although some of my questions haven't been addressed. The price bracket for the car...
  13. rpm

    ABSA interest rate announcement

    Due to market conditions and the increase in the repo rate from 11.50 % to 12.00%, Absa announced that it will increase its prime overdraft rate by 0.50% to 15.50% effective from 13 June 2008. Absa also announced that its mortgage rates will be increased by 0.50% to 15.50% effective from 13...
  14. K

    R47,500pm needed to buy the average, mid-sized house Well, I'll be renting forever at this rate! :rolleyes:
  15. xrapidx

    Oh Yeah! Look what we're in for w.r.t. petrol.

    Petrol: R10 p/l here we come