1. Leo_

    OpenWeb's Poor Security

    I did a password reset this evening (01-June-2021) on OpenWeb's website and I was met with one of the scariest emails I've seen in a long time. Email (spoofed info): Now if you do not understand why this is scary, it's because the password was emailed in plain text. Why is it scary? OpenWeb...
  2. P

    Telkom LTE Huawei Router Updated, Ca't access router page

    My LTE router became inactive for a few minutes in which the light that usually shines green/red was shining blue. I was unable to turn it off, I could only reset it to the blue light state, and no connection was present. I was going through the process of trouble shooting, trying to reset the...
  3. Nobody Important

    Huawei HiLink app not accepting password

    I logged in to the page of my Huawei E5573 MiFi and changed the default login details from admin/admin to admin/"custom_password". I have also reset the SSID and password, and can connect to the mifi (E5573) just fine from both cellphone and laptop and use the Rain network. The...
  4. S

    Spotify not working

    Anyone here using Spotify? Mine was working fine until yesterday. Been using it for the last few months, and now it's not working and wondering if anyone else is having the same problems. Hope this is the right sub-forum to put this. I have been purchasing codes so that I can use it, plus I have...
  5. NeonNinja

    Can't login Supersport.com

    So I've been watching sport on Supersport.com, one day I couldn't (a week or so back). Now I can't seem to login. So it gets stuck on this screen. What I've tried: Different browsers - Google Chrome - Opera - Internet Explorer Clearing entire history Clearing cache...
  6. B

    How can I login to external ADSL Modem

    I have Wireless router (TP-Link TL-WR1043ND) running dd-wrt on lan ip, and external adsl modem (Edimax AR-7211A) on lan ip setup to be bridged, and PPoE adsl username and password configured on wifi router. Edimax has 1 LAN port and Adsl port. Wifi Router has 4 LAN and 1...
  7. M

    Use 1 Telkom Username On Two Seperate ADSL Lines?

    Hi Would like to know if a single username and password from telkom could be used on two seperate ADSL lines? Anyone???
  8. PseudZ

    Fetching Database Table Details After PHP Login

    Hi all, I am a bit confused with this and wondered if someone could help. I have a page that people can login to and then based on their login(username) it shows data in a table relevant to them. I have found a script that is handling most of the hard work, I am just having trouble...
  9. NeonNinja

    Wrong login details: www.supersport.com

    Ok, I lave used the password xxxxxx to login ever since, all of a sudden I'm told it's wrong. Ok ,no problem I'm to reset it... I reset it, send me a link, change it, I then try out the new one. It's wrong!? WTF is wrong with supersport?
  10. T

    Steam login problems

    Hi there I'm experiencing Steam problems and after Googling I found tons of others who do too. However no one has a solution to my problem :cry: Ok so I closed Steam (made sure it wasn't in the task manager > processes) I deleted clientregistry.blob (the all-rounder fix) Now Steam...
  11. LazyLion

    Axxess Uncapped Express + Username?

    OK, so I've switched over to Axxess for my uncapped express. Looks like my payment has gone through... but what login name do I use. I remember the password I chose, but I can't remember what that router login name looks like? :D