1. Nimz

    Windows user to Mac - Tips, Suggestions & Apps

    As per the title, after using Windows for many years I finally decided to try Mac OS Coming from a Dell XPS 13 (i7 - 16GB RAM - 1TB SSD - 4K Touch Display), I purchased the new MacBook Air M1 (base model) on Sunday and thus far i'm quite surprised in how well it performs. Please share all your...
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    New Intel ads show “I’m a Mac” guy shooting down Macs

    New Intel ads show “I’m a Mac” guy shooting down Macs Intel recently released a series of ads promoting PCs that feature former “I’m a Mac” actor Justin Long. Back in May 2006, Apple hired Long to portray an Apple Mac computer and demonstrate its superiority compared to a regular PC. In a spin...
  3. S

    RCT Line Interactive RCT-1000VAS UPS Software for Mac

    So I've just set up 3 RCT UPSs at home to keep the router and iMac safe during loadshedding, but I can't seem to find any monitoring software for the RCT UPS for Mac OS. It came with a CD, but of course the iMac doesn't have drive to play it on. Anyone know where I can find the software online...
  4. starlord_bunni

    ABSA bank not working on MAC

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help. We're trying to log in to ABSA online banking on a MAC for personal and our business account. When we type in the login details and click on next it shows a loading icon in the middle and after a while, it says the server did not respond. We tried it on...
  5. J

    Apple's fix for Intel's MDS flaw cripples performance on Mac

    Apple's fix for Intel's MDS flaw cripples performance on Mac Intel recently released a security patch to protect against a new set of vulnerabilities called Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS). These vulnerabilities enable the ZombieLoad exploit, which threatens the security of Intel's CPU...
  6. Everyones-a-Wally

    Deploying to the Apple App Store (iOS)

    I'm needing to deploy an app developed with React Native to the App store but haven't done it before. I've signed up for the developer account and if I'm to understand it, I need a macbook and xCode to complete the deployment. I've compiled and deployed to the Google Play store without issues...
  7. J

    Google exposes serious Mac security vulnerability

    Google exposes serious Mac security vulnerability Google's ProjectZero security programme has disclosed a "high-severity" macOS vulnerability before the problem has been patched. The macOS security flaw lets attackers modify a user-mounted file system image without alerting the user.
  8. Kloon

    15" MacBook Pro ( 2016 Spec ) With Touch Bar

    I have a 15" Space Grey MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for sale. The laptop is still as good as new with no dents or scratches whatsoever, it was mainly used as a desktop on a stand with a protective cover so the keys have also hardly been used. Price R31 000 Age: Purchased brand new in March 2017...
  9. N

    Use Any Router with Vox Fibre

    Hey guys, A friend of mine living in Durban North recently got a 50/5 Mbps Vumatel/Vox fibre line and connection. The install techies removed his upper-mid end Asus VDSL modem/router that he had recently purchased in anticipation of upgrading to fibre and replaced it with a small white Mikrotik...
  10. T

    VPN On Mac

    Hi Guys, I would like to setup my office VPN on Macbook Pro. Does anyone know what the remote and Local ID in the image is relating to?
  11. M

    Major Apple security flaw grants admin access on macOS High Sierra without password

    Major Apple security flaw grants admin access on macOS High Sierra without password
  12. S

    Secondhand/Refurbished Cheese Grater Mac Pros

    Anyone know where to get secondhand or refurbished Cheese Grater Mac Pros locally? I only see Macbook Pro's second hand online
  13. K

    Buying a 2017 MacBook Pro

    Hi I'm really interested in buying the new 2017 MacBook Pro 13", and was hoping to buy it online, seeing that I live 4 hours from the nearest city. I have heard bad reviews about MyiStore, and was wondering if they were true? If so, should I instead wait for Takealot to stock the new Macs? I...
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Windows 10 vs Mac user numbers

    Windows 10 vs Mac user numbers There are nearly 100 million Mac users in the world, Apple told TechCrunch.
  15. M

    Can I get windows 10 on mac ?

    I was wondering, can I get windows 10 on a mac? I tried parallel 12, I downloaded the trial and tried to import windows from my HP laptop and all my files, unfortunately it keeps stopping/failing and I was wondering is there a simpler way to do this? I tried using a hard drive too, my data on...
  16. Tim_vb

    13 inch 2011 Macbook Air 128GB - [S]ale

    13 inch 2011 Macbook Air 128GB, great condition, included charger and cable Battery replaced 2015 (89% health) 13-inch, Mid 2011 version 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Receipt and serial number on box cutout Do you include packaging: No - I have a laptop sleeve Warranty: No...
  17. C

    [W] iMac 27 or 21 inch

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): looking for an iMac 27" (or a 21" if need be) must be retina. Is packaging essential?: no Desired age and condition: 1 year-ish Location: KZN Willing to accept a shipped item: Perhaps, but rather not.
  18. S

    ODBC Drivers on Mac

    Hi I'm trying to find out how to setup a SQL Server driver, UserDSN, ODBC Data Source on a Macbook I have downloaded ODBC Manager.. but it wants drivers, Where do i find drivers, are they free or not? Is there another way to run a background sql query on an excel report? Any...
  19. D

    PPTP VPN removed from MacOS Sierra and iOS 10...

    Folks, those who have upgraded to macOS Sierra will have probably already seen the behaviour - The update has deletes all PPTP VPN profiles, and they are not reconfigurable since PPTP functionality has been completely removed from the built-in VPN client from this version onwards. Looking for...
  20. A

    Ruby on Rails Developer Needed

    ANVIL PropertySmith is a cutting edge commercial & industrial property services company. Using disruptive technology to rapidly gain market share. ANVIL PropertySmith presents a unique opportunity for a coder who wishes to learn about the Commercial & Industrial Property Industry. Working in a...