1. jes

    Apple sale in South Africa

    Apple sale in South Africa South Africa’s Apple iStore has started its annual sale, offering discounts on iPads, iPods, Macs and other accessories
  2. T

    Why doesn't Apple make their products hard to steal?

    I was burgled two weeks ago. Thieves climbed into my first-floor window while I was sleeping, came down into my study and stole my Apple Macbook and iPad and a Sony Cybershot camera. They had lifted my Kindle from my bedside table before leaving the room but abandoned it downstairs presumably...
  3. M

    backup android tablet to mac

    Hi, I have a android tablet that I need to return to the manufacturer for replacement (the volume + key doesnt work). Since it is only a few weeks old, I understand from the retailer that I will receive a new unit. I would like to do a back up of the current unit so that I can reset to...
  4. DJ...

    Does iTunes copy your music when you add it to the library?

    I'm busy adding about 500GB of music to my iTunes library. The music is located on my media server that I connect to wirelessly. My concern is that iTunes says that it is processing each file individually but in the background (in the media information box that usually shows now playing info) it...
  5. E

    Mac trade-ins?

    I've bought myself a 27" iMac, and I was wondering if any of you know about someone in Johannesburg willing to perform a trade-in for the inevitable iMac line refresh.
  6. J

    Apple introduces Game Centre for Mac users

    Game Center caters for Mac gamers Mountain Lion getting gaming service Game Center
  7. A

    Internet sharing on Mac OS X (Lion) using Vodafone 3G (2+2)

    Hi, Six months ago, using OS X (10.6) and my Vodacom 2GB + 2GB connection on a ZTE k4505-z modem 3G dongle, I was able to share my internet connection from the Ethernet adaptor using Airport to other devices. Now, with 10.7 (Lion) and the same setup, though different computer, I can't share...
  8. NomNom

    Mac OS On Laptop?

    Is it even possible to do this, if so does anyone have a link to a guide for me please?
  9. A

    PC Scams Be Alert

    Hi everyone. This is my first time on mybroadband and my first post and hopefully many more to come. Excuse me if this is the wrong place to create my thread (I wasn't sure where i should post it) Ok let me begin. I was browsing to see if there are any cheap Macs/PCs available...
  10. QuintonB

    Watch out for Mac malware - have you been infected?

    Beware: Mac malware – have you been infected? Trojan already built a 600,000-strong botnet, according to Doctor Web
  11. M

    Apple issues update addressing 38 security vulnerabilities

  12. W

    Finally made the move from windows to Mac

    So after 4 years of using iphones and recently using the iPad gen 1 and gen 2 I decided to drop windows and get myself an iMac, all I can say is why did it take me so long to make the move. Still trying to work out a few things but loving every second of it. If anyone has any suggestions of...
  13. B

    Photo review workflow advice

    Hi There I would like to find out what would be the best way to quickly review photos on the Mac and delete bad photos using the standard software on the Mac or if you can advise some good Open source software to use Been using Preview but it's such a pain because you must exit Preview...
  14. Everyones-a-Wally

    Apple TV for R999 at Have2Have - pls help an apple TV noob decide I'm not convinced I know the benefits of Apple TV and what works/doesn't work in SA. I'm not even completely sure after some research what it can actually do and what is...
  15. V

    Buying a Macbook Pro

    Hey Guys, I hope you can help me. I want to buy a macbook pro for iPhone development. However the South African price is ridiculous. Using an exchange rate of ZAR7.2 = USD1.00, the 15'' mac with additions cost ZAR17985.60 compared to R19999.00 withoutany extra's. What are the...
  16. S

    Recommendation for a Wireless Gigabit N router

    Howzit all... I am looking for a good router for my place, current one is just not cutting it (huawei basic model), current setup is PS3 connected with a network cable via PS3Media Server to the home PC, (too many times it gets a network connection error), 2 laptops (Mac and Win7) any...
  17. jes

    Apple iPhone 5 and Mac refresh rumours spin out of control

    Apple iPhone 5 and Mac refresh rumours spin out of control Don’t believe everything you read – especially not in the technology media.
  18. jes

    Western Digital My Book external hard drive available for Mac

    Western Digital My Book external hard drive available for Mac The New My Book from Western digital, featuring 3 TB Capacity, FireWire Speed, Brushed Aluminium Casing, and Automated Backup Features is now available for Mac computers.
  19. S

    Syncing Blackberry Group Calendar and Google Calendar

    I have set up a group on my Blackberry and a Group Calendar so that my wife and I can share calendar events. We both also have Google Calendars and I was wondering what is the best way to sync up our Blackberry Group calendar events with our Google Calendars p.s. We are on Mac.
  20. C

    Office 2011 service pack 1 is out

    Clicky here As promised, the ability to sync outlook with your iPhone and iPad is a new feature.:) For more info, clicky here I'm downloading it now. A bit slow though, downloading a t 90kb/s