1. S

    New Lifestyle center in Stellenbosch, Mac's ect for sale as well

    They are opening tomorrow in the old Spur building right next to Vida on the corner of Bird and Church Street.
  2. LazyLion

    Some Mac App Store apps already hit by easy piracy trick The link to the hack is in the article, just click on the link above. Purely for information purposes only. :)
  3. jes

    Common Mac-based malware detailed

    Common Mac-based malware detailed The most common Mac-based malware is revealed by Sophos
  4. jes

    Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac launched in SA: pricing and availability details

    Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac launched in SA: pricing and availability details Microsoft and Core unveiled Office for Mac 2011, giving all the availability and pricing details
  5. V

    Apple Mac Support

    Hi Cell C. Where can i find drivers for the E1752 for Mac? I bought the dongle but wont work!
  6. W

    Mac OS X Virtual Machine in VMWare in Windows

    Hi, I have been struggling for so long, googling till my eyes bleed, but with no success, on how to create a Mac OS X VM in VMWare in Windows. Does anyone know how this can be done? Regards, WE
  7. V

    Where did you buy your laptop? Did anyone get a DiscoveryCard discount?

    I see that the 'iStores' offer a Discovery discount of 10% - which is huge on a R18999 laptop. Of course, my major concern is that the iStores are part of Core - and Core = evil (right?) According to, you get a 10% discount, even if you're on Blue Vitality. I think the...
  8. N

    Mac trouble, Mac/Windows gurus please help!

    :confused: I am running Mac OSx. on this I have VMWare Fusion running which has Windows 7 installed (Need it to log onto the corp domain and access internal tools). On a normal windows machine I use the shortcut keys ctrl + left mouse button to select multiple files in no specific order...
  9. S

    Remote Desktop Connection

    Hi Guys I'm sure I'm not the unique one - I use a Mac at home and a Windows PC at work. On some occasions, I have the need to connect from home to my PC, eg weekends. Those who do that, what method of connection do you use to control your work PC? Let me give more info: Home: Mac -...
  10. MDE

    How do I setup Entourage for Mac

    Hey all, Need your guys help in setting up our e-mail to work with Neotel. Does any one know what the settings are for sending and receiving e-mail via the Neoflex device or even just the Neotel service. Platform: Apple Mac Program: Entourage for Mac (aka MS Office for Mac)
  11. 2

    Leaving Ubuntu for a Mac

    I've been using Ubuntu for two years now, and although by no means an expert, I soon became proficient in fixing problems with the help of forums. I never considered buying a Mac, but I'm now faced with a choice between which 13" Windows 7 notebook I should purchase, and then install Ubuntu...
  12. B

    Steam closed beta

    Just wondering if anyone else has applied and whether anyone has been accepted yet?
  13. M

    Keyboard Cover/Protector for Macbook, worth it?

    Has anyone bought and used one of those silicone keyboard protectors for your mac keyboard? Firstly are they made out of different products, with different feels? Where is the best place to get one, price vs quality? And would anyone recommend using one of these? There are few things...
  14. E

    Old laptop!! What to put it in?

    Im getting a new laptop and a pc! So im going to have a laptop that i wont be using!! Donating is out of the question as i have done alot of that time to be selfish! So i need your help what should i put the laptop parts in once ive dissected it? I want it too look cool and out of the...
  15. DrJohnZoidberg

    Linux Backup Box

    Hi all you linux gurus! I've received a job where my client needs a strorage server running linux and he wants to use it backup data on his companies 3 Macs. It's not a huge corporate install and was hardware was done on a budget, but I would like some advice on which distro to use for...
  16. H

    Apple Mail Problems

    Hi every one, I am a new user to apple and I don't regret changing to mac a single day. My only problem with mac is, I use a vodafone modem, got it connected after some time and downloads, my mac is running 10.6.2 and I am having problems sending mail using my vodafone modem :mad: , I receive...
  17. D

    Neotel and Mac

    I just want to know if anybody on here is using a Neotel NeoConnect Lite phone on a Mac and what drivers you use for it. The drivers on their website doesn't work and not getting much help from Neotel thought I'd give this a go.
  18. M

    Looking for iPhone developer

    I have an exciting concept for the iPhone and am looking for a developer, in the Stellenbosch area who can work with me on a project. It will be about 30 days development. NDA will apply before I can share anything. 20% of the Shares in the venture will be on offer and full time...
  19. V

    Disk Insertion error message

    My newly bought MacBookPro is repeatedly giving out a display that says "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer." When I click 'Ignore' it goes away. But when I start my computer every time this error message appears. How do I remove this permanently? Thanks!
  20. D

    ** Official iPod Touch 1G/2G/3G Thread**

    Yea so we can discuss our issues here.. Personally i think that it sucks that we have to pay for cydia :(