1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Temu vs Makro — Why SA retailers should watch out

    Temu vs Makro — Why SA retailers should watch out A MyBroadband Forum member's recent contradictory experiences with orders placed on Chinese e-commerce marketplace Temu and Makro's online store could serve as a cautionary tale to South African retailers. The forum member ordered three items...
  2. T

    Any advice on how to deal with Makro not wanting to fix a TV under extended warranty

    So my TV went in for repairs in the 20th Dec and returned on the 27th with the original issue fixed but looking like this. Best way to describe it ghosting with light bleed and a bright spot on the right hand side of panel. I then booked the TV in the day after and they picked it up on the 3rd...
  3. Yoda Arain

    Game played a game

    I stayed up almost all night to shop for certain products on @game. At first, the Game's site crashed. Later, after 2 hours of trying, I managed to place an order successfully. The order confirmation message was also received. After two days, Game sent me an email stating that one product from...
  4. Hanno Labuschagne

    Massmart gets new ecommerce head

    Massmart gets new ecommerce head Makro and Game owner Massmart has appointed Srividya Pandya as its new head of ecommerce, effective 1 November 2023. Pandya previously served at Massmart parent company Walmart, as vice president of strategic integration for Walmart US. She also headed the...
  5. Hanno Labuschagne

    Game and Makro launch first Black Friday 2023 deals

    Game and Makro launch first Black Friday 2023 deals Massmart has shared its plans for this year's Black Friday, including the first deals available from Builders, Game, and Makro. The company has decided to re-introduce month-long Black Friday promotions at its three biggest stores following...
  6. Jan

    E-Waste Recycling Authority offering up to R600 in Makro vouchers per person per day over two weekends

    How to get R2,400 in Makro vouchers for electric trash The E-Waste Recycling Authority (ERA) will be handing out vouchers on the spot for e-waste dropped off at Makro stores over the next two weekends. The initiative forms part of International E-waste Day on Saturday, 14 October 2023, and...
  7. Jan

    Takealot vs Makro vs Game tech price comparison - July 2023

    Takealot beats Makro and Game in tech price showdown Although Massmart is pushing to become the leader in South Africa's e-commerce space, Takealot offers better pricing on a range of tech products than its online stores, a MyBroadband analysis has revealed. We compared the pricing of ten tech...
  8. Hanno Labuschagne

    Game and Makro offering big tech discounts in Halfway Day Sale

    Game and Makro offering big tech discounts in Halfway Day Sale Retail group Massmart is expanding its Game Halfway Day sale to Makro in 2023, offering deep discounts on a wide range of products for one day only. On Friday, 30 June 2023, shoppers at these two stores will benefit from savings on...
  9. Jan

    Massmart's next-day delivery plans for Makro and Game, powered by Walmart software

    Makro plans to offer guaranteed next-day delivery thanks to new Walmart software Massmart has started using online order fulfilment software from its US parent Walmart which should drastically improve delivery times. Walmart's Global Integrated Fulfillment (GIF) Store Assist software is now...
  10. Jan

    Massmart hires B2C ecommerce executive

    Massmart appoints consumer ecommerce executive Massmart Group has appointed Thembani Biyam as its ecommerce vice president for consumer platforms. Biyam previously served as country manager for OLX and CEO of food delivery app Orderin.
  11. Jan

    Makro appoints external workers as Saccawu calls for boycott

    Makro slams union demands, appoints external workers to keep stores going during strike Massmart has deployed outsourced retail staff at Makro stores that could be impacted by strike action from members of the South African Commercial, Catering, and Allied Workers Union (Saccawu). The labour...
  12. Jan

    Makro owner launches solar power loans

    Makro owner launches solar power loans Makro and Game parent company Massmart has started offering customers a solar energy funding solution in partnership with credit provider Retail Credit Solutions (RCS). The funding comes in the form of a loan up to R250,000, which Massmart said could be...
  13. Jan

    Syntech issues voluntary recall on 300Wh and 500Wh Gizzu power portable stations

    Gizzu power stations recalled over battery fire risks — full refunds available Technology distributor Syntech has issued a precautionary recall of certain Gizzu 300Wh and 500Wh portable power stations due to a fire hazard, the National Consumer Commission has announced. Acting national...
  14. Jan

    South African brick-and-mortar computer store roundup - February 2023

    Biggest brick-and-mortar computer stores in South Africa Several stores in South Africa can still offer customers an in-store PC shopping experience. While most of today's well-known PC shops operate exclusively online, many consumers might prefer to use a brick-and-mortar retailer.
  15. Jan

    Massmart rips into union after 48-hour strike notice

    Makro's grim warning to striking workers Walmart-owned Massmart, which owns and operates Makro, Game, and Builders, has warned trade union Saccawu that its members are not irreplaceable and may even be redundant. Saccawu told Sowetan it gave Massmart 48 hours’ notice for a planned strike on...
  16. Jan

    Makro and Takealot's best-selling products over December 2022

    Takealot and Makro reveal best-selling items over December holidays Load-shedding products were front-of-mind for many South African shoppers during this past festive season. That is according to feedback from one of the country's largest general goods retailers — Makro — and the biggest...
  17. Hanno Labuschagne

    First look at top Cyber Monday 2022 deals in SA

    First look at top Cyber Monday 2022 deals in SA With Black Friday done and dusted, the next major sales event to look forward to is Cyber Monday on 28 November 2022. Several South African retailers and service providers have announced that they will release specials on tech and other products...
  18. Jan

    Same-day delivery from Makro on Black Friday

    Impressive Makro Black Friday delivery On Black Friday, I bought a car radio at a considerable discount from Makro and was pleasantly surprised when it was delivered to my desk a few hours later. Makro used to have a reputation for slow deliveries — especially over Black Friday — but my latest...
  19. Jan

    Black Friday 2022 deal roundup

    Best Black Friday deals in South Africa Black Friday is only a few hours away, and major retailers, online stores, mobile networks, and service providers are offering big discounts on various tech and other products. While several retailers and service providers have been offering extended...
  20. Jan

    Makro accuses union of bad-faith negotiations ahead of strike

    Makro strike looms Numerous Makro workers could embark on an indefinite strike after a months-long wage dispute with parent company Massmart failed to deliver a resolution. The South African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union (Saccawu) — which represents around 85% of Makro staff —...