1. Jan

    Massmart in trouble

    Makro and Game owner in big trouble Massmart’s trading statement for the 26 weeks ended 26 June 2022 spooked investors. It revealed another mammoth loss which sent the share price plummeting. The retailer expects a net loss of between R1.05 billion and R1.16 billion, down from the previous...
  2. Jan

    Makro vs Takealot tech deal price comparison

    Tech deal price comparison — Makro wipes the floor with Takealot Takealot and Makro are currently running promotions featuring a range of tech deals. A MyBroadband comparison has shown that Makro is cheaper for eight of ten products we compared. MyBroadband compared ten tech deals offered on...
  3. Jan

    South Africa's most popular TV sizes and brands

    Best-selling TV brands and sizes in South Africa Hisense, Samsung, and LG are South Africa's most popular TV brands in the first half of 2022, according to sales data from Takealot, Makro, and Game. These three retailers offer a vast selection of TV models, making them a popular option for...
  4. Jan

    Massmart says it will report billion-rand loss - July riots still weigh on business

    Massmart reports billion-rand loss Massmart expects to post a R1.05-billion to R1.16-billion loss for the 26-week period that ended on 26 June 2022. This represents a year-on-year change ranging from a 3.5% improvement to a 6.5% decline.
  5. Jan

    Makro's new shopping app tested

    We tested the new Makro app — and the delivery time was impressive MyBroadband tested the new Makro app, which worked well — but we were more impressed with the next-day delivery we received. Last week, Makro launched its new shopping app for Android and iOS devices in South Africa.
  6. Jan

    Makro "Powerwall" supplier renames product after Tesla trademark warning

    Makro "Powerwall" gets a new name after Tesla trademark warning The company planning to sell a load-shedding backup system called "PowerWall" through Makro will rebrand it after an intellectual property expert raised concerns it would infringe Tesla's trademark. In a statement sent a day after...
  7. Jan

    Makro planning to launch "Powerwall" battery-and-inverter combo, except it's not Tesla

    Makro "Powerwall" is not from Tesla — and it could spell legal trouble Makro's plan to start selling a "Powerwall" product could land it in legal trouble with Tesla, which owns the trademark in South Africa. That is according to Barnard Inc. Attorneys senior associate, Stefaans Gerber.
  8. Jan

    Makro wants to sell fully-installed backup power systems from August

    Makro to sell solar power systems — and giving away three worth R169,000 each Makro has announced that it will soon offer customers fully-installed solar power systems as it has noticed a significant increase in demand for backup power solutions. It said details on the new products would be on...
  9. Jan

    Takealot and Makro tech prices compared

    Takealot versus Makro — online tech pricing showdown Massmart-owned Makro is focusing on ecommerce to compete with South African online retail giant Takealot. With better pricing on several tech products, it could be well on its way to doing so. A MyBroadband pricing comparison revealed that...
  10. Jan

    Amazon planning South African online shopping launch planning to launch a marketplace in South Africa Amazon is reportedly planning to launch a marketplace in South Africa that will compete against Takealot, Makro, and other online retailers. Citing leaked documents, Business Insider reported that Amazon plans to expand to five new...
  11. Hanno Labuschagne

    Makro slashing online order delivery times

    Makro slashing online order delivery times — with pickup in 3 hours Makro says it will radically cut its delivery lead times for online orders in the coming weeks, thanks to integration with last-mile delivery platform WumDrop. Makro parent company Massmart acquired 100% of WumDrop in November...
  12. Jan

    South African TV retailers price comparison - 43-inch to 75-inch

    Ultimate South African TV price shootout — With a clear winner and loser If you are looking for the best deal on a TV in South Africa, you might be better off shopping at a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer than using one of South Africa's top online stores. MyBroadband compared the prices...
  13. Jan

    Takealot and Makro tech price comparison

    Takealot versus Makro — online pricing comparison Makro has big plans to increase its online sales and compete with South Africa's Internet retail giant Takealot. However, a MyBroadband comparison showed that Makro's pricing on tech products is generally higher. MyBroadband compared a sample...
  14. Jan

    Massmart releases annual results - Game trading loss increases to over R1 billion

    Game drags down Makro with R1 billion loss Massmart has released its 2021 financial results for the 52 weeks ended 25 December 2021, reporting a R2.20 billion net loss. This is 25.7% worse than the R1.75 billion loss the company reported last year.
  15. Jan

    Massmart asks police to investigate plans to loot its stores this weekend

    Makro and Game looting warning this weekend Massmart is concerned about posts circulating on social media indicating that there will be looting of all their stores this weekend, 26–27 February 2022. This is according to a letter from KwaZulu-Natal crime intelligence head Major-General Tso...
  16. Jan

    Massmart warns of major loss in 2021 due to looting, Covid-19, and global supply chain disruptions

    Makro and Game owner lost R1.5 billion in 2021 Massmart has warned shareholders to expect 60% to 70% higher headline losses for the 52 weeks ended 26 December. Net losses for the period are also expected to be between 51% and 61% higher than last year.
  17. Jan

    Massmart sales weakened by alcohol bans, riots, chip shortage

    Massmart sales wrecked by riots and alcohol bans Makro and Game owner Massmart has reported that its general merchandise sales, its second-largest sales category, was 9.7% lower in the fourth quarter of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. “Sales were impacted by various factors...
  18. Jan

    Massmart ups Builders wage offer, ends Saccawu strike

    Makro and Game strike ends Massmart stated that disputes related to strike action at Game, Makro and the wider group were permanently withdrawn, whilst the company revised its wage offer to Builders from 4% to 4.5%.
  19. Jan

    Cyber Monday tech deal round-up

    Best Cyber Monday tech deals in South Africa There are many Cyber Monday deals available in South Africa for shoppers who missed out on Black Friday last week.
  20. Jan

    Makro strike in pictures

    Strike at Makro — photos Thousands of Makro, Game, and Builders employees around the country have gone on strike. The South African Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union (Saccawu) said the strike is linked to three issues.