1. I

    Idler pulley price

    Hey, hope you guys are doing well. So somehow the idler pulley broke in my car and it was ripping the fan belt a new one. I took the car to the mechanic and he replaced the fan belt and pulley tensioner as I managed to find those parts, however I can't seem to find the idler pulley anywhere. I...
  2. JohnnBeGood

    Renault Clio 2002 Advice

    Good morning Gents. Seeking some advice. I'm wanting to get my own wheel's to get around town with. I can get a Renault Clio for 30k with new tires and has just been serviced. The car has had two owners and has a little bit of Sun damage. The car is sitting around 160000 km on the clock. Is...
  3. S

    Job demand for trade jobs around the world.

    I am currently in varsity but I'm worried my job in the industry(finance) will be automated. So what is the global demand for trade jobs as they are not likely to be automated. Trade jobs are plumbers, mechanics, electricians etc. Also what is the average annual salary of these jobs.
  4. S

    Reliable Ford Mechanic in JHB

    Hi Guys, Any recommendations for a reliable ford mechanic in JHB for services, tuning and general car issues? Thanks.
  5. carstensdj

    Swapping APK motor into 9n3 Polo Question

    Hey forumites. I need some advice please. I have a 2005 VW Polo 1.4 (9n3) with 188,000kms on the clock. I need to have the motor done over as the rings and valve stem seals all need replacing (and probably a bunch of other things) and it's losing a lot of oil. I've been advised by many to...
  6. M

    Nissan Sentra Major Service

    Any suggestions on where to service (major service) my Nissan Sentra 1600 in Cpt. Was considering JR Auto in Belgravia Rd but too many bad reviews.
  7. E

    Customer Rights Repair Gone Wrong

    Just wondering if anyone knows exactly what rights a customer has on a bad experience at a mechanic. I sent in an old Forrester to be repaired for a big job (replace head gasket). Took a long time to get it back. When it came back, it drove but there were a couple problems: steering made a loud...
  8. carstensdj

    Grinding/Vibrating noise under de-acceleration

    Hey fellow forumites, Was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this issue for me... I've just spent R10k on servicing my '05 Polo Trendline. I had a new Clutch Kit installed as well as a major service done. Car feels smoother but now have another issue that wasn't there...
  9. T

    Service of Diesel Mercedes Sprinters outside of warranty ? advise or advice ;)

    Hi, i am sure those who had or have panel vans or carriers the pains of HONEST MECHANICS re DIESEL is a problem. From being told stores of injectors, common rails, sensors or even worse your turbo ?! best place to go for the best solution to the pains of vehicle maintenance :)...
  10. S

    Opel Corsa 2012 Essentia 1.4L Possible clutch issue?

    Hi there, I bought my car new in 2012, serviced at the dealer ever since. I've noticed a slight knocking or vibration sound as i pull off in 1st gear with normal rev.(like its going to stall) Seems like i have to give it more rev to pull off. Engine doesn't race during ride. Just went over...
  11. B

    Mercedes GL320 - Air suspension leak

    Hello, I've got a 2007 Merc GL320CDI with 160,000kms on the clock. Great car. BUT I have an airmatic suspension system problem - apparently 'only' a leak in the system. Anyone know of a good pneumatic mechanic in the Durban area??? Trying to avoid the Merc stealership...
  12. D

    VW Polo Cambelt

    Hi guys I have a VW Polo 2.0 in for major service at a dealership in Cape Town. They mentioned that the cam-belt looks like it needs replacing, and that usually when they do that for this vehicle, they replace the water pump at the same time (apparently it can get damaged during the job?)...
  13. L


    Hi all, My alarm system is acting up. My car does not what to start and I had it checked out by MECHANICS and after other 2 mechanic suggested something else the 3rd mechanic informed me everything was in order yet still my car does not want to start. I think its the alarm system and I...
  14. C

    Decent mechanics near Claremont?

    Hi All, Just moved to Cape Town and have a car troblem that I need sorted ASAP (The cable from my cars positive bettery terminal was cut last night...) Being new to the area, I thought I'd ask if anyone knew of a decent mechanic or auto-electrician who could assist me with this issue, but...
  15. C

    "Backyard Mechanic" Johannesburg North

    This is my first post after reading so many other helpful posts. Thanks and hopefully this can also be a helpful post to myself and others. Please let me know if this thread already exists elsewhere. I own a 2003 Pajero 3.2 DiD with 160k km on the clock. I don't think it is really worth while...
  16. J

    Peugeot Service near Greenpoint (Cape Town) ???

    Can anyone recommend an excellent mechanic/garage where I can have my Peugeot 206 serviced an repaired. Peugeot itself is only in Tygervalley (Bellville) now which is rather far away, also they over charge for everything.
  17. M

    Need help with Roadworthy test\certificate

    I want to know if anyone knows anyone that can help or a testing centre that is not that strict. I have a relative new car, in perfect condition, but one or two minor things on the body that will probably let a strict inspector\centre fail me. That will be fixed in the end of January...
  18. D

    Help with Mechanic in Cape Town

    Hi all, My car recently over heated and stopped working. It is a 2004 1.6L Ford Fiesta. It has been towed to a mechanic shop where I was told that the Head Gasket is blown, and needs to be skimmed. This apparently all resulted from the water pump not working as it should due to ware -...
  19. R

    Know a good/cheap mechanic in N subs of CT? VW Golf

    Does anyone know a good reliable mechanic with a good reputation in the northern subs of Cape Town that has solid experience repairing VW Golfs? Any info will be appreciated. I have an early 90's VW Golf (jumbo) that has some major oil problem (leaking out on top) so I imagine the engine...
  20. LazyLion

    Good Mechanic in Joburg who can work on my Opel?

    Can anybody please suggest a good mechanic in the Joburg (South) area that can work on my Opel. I just had the head skimmed, but now the timing is all out again, and I don't want to take it to the same mechanics as before. Please, suggestions only, no comments about whether you like Opel or...