1. RedViking

    Where to report media displaying false information?

    South Africa - FAKE news has become a world wide problem and spreading it might even be punishable under law. But there is also a different kind of fake news spread daily. MEDIA. Spreading half truths or conveniently leave out information, using headings to gather clicks, as the original...
  2. Mrcricket

    Does anyone know off any Media/ Journalism/ communications internships?

    Hi, I finished off my Journalism and Media Studies degree at Rhodes University last month. I have been applying for many opportunities (I have applied for more than 150 and contacted over 200 people on LinkedIn) and apart from three interviews, nothing has been successful. I am currently...
  3. bromster has stopped working

    Hi all, I need help with the above error please. I have an old S5. The error keeps popping up on the screen and the music player/gallery is acting up. Things I have tried to no avail: 1) Removed SD Card. 2) Wiped Cache Partition using CWM Recovery 3) Wiped Dalvik Cache using CWM...
  4. Y

    Does anybody know of any good opportunities available for Journalism graduates?

    Hi, I am currently doing my fourth and final year of Journalism and Media studies at Rhodes University. My interests are mainly sport (cricket and soccer), community activities, social media and writing short articles. I would appreciate if anybody could guide me to good opportunities as I...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Media must be accessible to all people – Muthambi

    Media must be accessible to all people – Muthambi Communications Minister Faith Muthambi has emphasised the need for media which is accessible to all the country’s citizens, saying the sector still lacks transformation.
  6. antowan

    Lenovo R50-80 notebook and Windows 10 media driver issue

    Hi guys, I have a problem and I cannot figure it out. It is a Lenovo R50-80 notebook and Windows 10 media driver issue during installation. It asks for a driver but I cannot figure out which one it is. I have tried the usual suspects, AHCI etc. but nothing moves it forward. Anybody...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    The media might have an agenda against the SABC: Hlaudi Motsoeneng

    The media might have an agenda against the SABC: Hlaudi Motsoeneng SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng wonders whether privately-owned media has an agenda against the public broadcaster.
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    South African media are censoring good news: Hlaudi Motsoeneng

    South African media are censoring good news: Hlaudi Motsoeneng South African media are censoring good news stories about the country, says the chief operations officer of the SABC Hlaudi Motsoeneng.
  9. B

    Netflix and Roku 3 combination

    Hi all. I am considering increasing the speed of my ADSL line and setting up a streaming service soon and, while not requiring a setup guide just yet, wanted to get some suggestions. In my mind, the best combination would be a Netflix account, running on a 2015 model year Roku 3 (which can...
  10. R

    Media player hard drive hardware

    Am trying to research the above Needs 1. Hard drive based media player 2. All formats as possible 3. Streaming I am not sure - at present bandwidth in my area pathetic looking at developments also not sure of the capabilities of the devices with Netflix, etc 4. Must play all (3D, HD)...
  11. M

    Software Development

    I'm fascinated by the development of media culture and social software :)
  12. akescpt

    videos to ipad

    im stuck in bed till sunday. im wanting to stream media from the server to the ipad. if you have done it please explain. ive done it via my android TAB but havent looked at the ipad yet. server is running OpenElec Gotham i think
  13. Foxhound5366

    How To Share Media with Telkom D-Link DSL-2750U USB Port

    I don't know if this is something that everybody will scoff over because it's 'old news', but I couldn't find a guide over how to do it so figured I may as well share something I'm pretty happy about. The million dollar question: why does Telkom not promote that their stock-standard D-Link...
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    SA's IT, telecoms, and media sector in 2019

    South Africa’s telecoms, media, and IT market in 2019 The South African telecommunications, media, and information technology market is in for some big changes over the next 5 years
  15. R

    Home Storage Server

    I am running a i5 system that I use for gaming and Media (movies, music ect) I have 4 hard drives in my PC which makes it hard for when I go out to LANs as my PC is HEAVY. I was wondering what kind of performance i would have in movies and music playback if I built up a old PC at home...
  16. W

    FINALLY- I setup my PC to automatically download TV shows. Here's HOW

    I'd Like to share my success in setting up my pc so that it can automatically download my TV episodes. Ive made a step by step video on how to do it. Visit the video here
  17. NeonNinja

    Look Up . . . Touching...
  18. R

    Be more productive working online with IFTTT

    Problem: Managing multiple/repetitive social media or online tasks Example: You have to manage a company's facebook page and draw news feeds from multiple sources everyday, so you have to manually visit each feed and share it on the page, which gets quite tedious when you are following allot...
  19. B

    What are your favourite Roku channels?

    Like others on this forum, I've recently just gotten myself a Roku (3) and am wondering what are your "must have" channels. Here are some that I've just added that I need to checkout/test: Netflix HuluPlus CNE Fox News WSJ Live Angry Birds Space PBS Kids Crackle Plex Fox...
  20. LazyLion

    You Just KNEW There Would Be 'Tornado Truthers,' Didn't You?

    Lest you think that the Boston Marathon bombing had brought America to peak Trutherism, rest assured, we are nowhere near that point yet. Because, naturally, the Alex Jones conspiracy set is pretty sure that the tornadoes that hit Moore, Okla. were probably maybe some sort of "false flag" event...