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  1. M

    Importing smartphones

    Good day, I want to import and resell smartphones,routers and other communication devices. I dont know much about ICASA regulations about importing such devices. I want to import via freight\courier companies like DHL\Aramex. If I need ICASA approval,how do I get the approval?
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Most stolen mobile phones in South Africa

    Most stolen mobile phones in SA Vodacom’s insurance claims statistics reveal which mobile phones have the highest risk of being stolen, or being damaged.
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Mobile phones and power lines won’t harm you

    Mobile phones and power lines won’t harm you: research New evidence suggests that power lines and mobile phones do not cause physical harm to humans
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Turn on your cellphone before you fly - TSA

    Switch on your phone to prove it's not a bomb – TSA The Transportation Security Administration wants U.S. bound travellers to prove their phones aren’t explosive devices
  5. W

    Can any one explain why 8ta has limited phones on Offer

    Hi i'm due to upgrade soon and am quite upset with the phones 8ta have on offer. there are no sony phones and no HTC phones. I walked into an 8ta store recently and the told me they do not stock sony as the phones tend to be unreliable, what crap is that. Can anyone shed some light on this...
  6. J

    The boom of mobile means the future of PC is uncertain

    As mobile rises, PC future uncertain As the usage and popularity of mobile devices grow, the future of PCs becomes increasingly murky
  7. J

    Mobile phones becoming less toxic

    Mobile phones getting less toxic Mobile phone manufacturers are using less toxic elements when building devices in an effort to lessen toxicity and increase phone safety
  8. J

    Teens grab smartphones first

    Teens are the first to grab smartphones Teenagers in the US are the first adopters of smartphones, a new study has shown.
  9. QuintonB

    Is it worth getting a smartphone?

    Do you really need a smartphone? If you just want a mobile for making calls, then you don’t really need a touch screen.
  10. jes

    Cheap mobile phones coming to South Africa

    Cheap mobile phones coming to South Africa Vodacom will be launching a range of new low cost handsets in South Africa, most likely priced below R100 each
  11. jes

    South Africa's most popular phones revealed

    South Africa's most popular phones revealed Manufacturers and operators reveal their best-selling phones and smartphones
  12. Derrick

    Mobile phones do not cause brain cancer

    I have a love-hate relationship with my mobile phone. On the one hand it is my lifeline to friends and family but on the other hand I know there is a chance that this little device is slowly cooking my brain. The health risks of mobile phones have not yet been fully determined and each year...
  13. rpm

    8ta’s contract offerings: Aggressive pricing

    8ta’s first contract offerings: Aggressive pricing 8ta today launched its first contract offerings with a special offer for the first 100,000 customers who sign up with them
  14. rpm

    Vodacom-Nedbank M-PESA here soon

    Vodacom M-PESA here soon Vodacom and Nedbank today announced a joint initiative to bring M-PESA to South Africa.