1. d0b33

    YouTube Revamps Site for iPhone

  2. rpm

    New Vodacom and MTN 3G/HSDPA prices compared

    New Vodacom, MTN 3G prices compared Making sense of the absolute minefield of packages out there.
  3. rpm

    Mobile music downloads

    Mobile music downloads in Africa Arrival of mobile music downloads heralds the beginning of a real services sector in Africa
  4. Norri

    HTC Magic bombs out after installing alarm clock app(s)

    This is weird. It's happened to me probably at least 3 times now and I'm tired of it. I have a Vodacom HTC Magic and it works really, really well. At least, it works well until I install certain alarm apps on it. Most notably, if I install Kaloer Alarm clock (the grooviest looking one of the...
  5. rpm

    Why Google's Android is a winning formula

    Why Android is a winning formula If you decide, for any number of reasons, not to get an iPhone then there are numerous choices available
  6. M

    Swype beta for Android released

    For those of you who don't know, Swype is an alternative keyboard ui which allows users to write without lifting their finger, thereby increasing writing speed on mobile devices. I don't own an Android phone but would be interested to know what users think...
  7. O

    Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) or the "Is it really free?" thread

    If I read another 'what's really free?' thread I'm going to scream. So if you're new to BIS read this and hopefully all your questions will be answered (updated from the Bold Tips Thread): To begin I think it's best to answer the usual question of just what the limitations of the Bold are...
  8. Elax

    GPS apps

    Hi, Till recently I've been using Nav4all on my SE c702 cell with built-in gps. They've quit now however, and I was wondering what other apps are out there that are comparable. I've used AmazeGPS before, but wasn't happy with the screen staying lit. I don't know if the current version does...
  9. LazyLion

    Firefox Mobile 1.0 Now available for Nokia N900
  10. LazyLion

    Windows Mobile 6 - How to set up e-mail?

    Can someone please walk me through the steps to set up e-mail on Windows Mobile 6. The phone is an HP iPAQ 614c. There is no mail client that I can find on the phone. The mail server would be for Gmail, but I want to be able to set up for any mail. Thanks!
  11. D

    Voice over Bluetooth

    Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to 'chat' over bluetooth with your phone. Thing is, my friends and I want to take kind of a roadtrip on our bikes, and would like to be able to talk to each other. I have a sone ericssons w890i, my friend also has some earlier model almost the same as mine...
  12. M

    Global smartphone sales - Nokia top seller Nice overview of the global market. Looks like Android is starting to gain some traction.