Nashua Mobile expands VOIP services

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Aug 4, 2006
Surely not another VoIP supplier that base their pricing on Telkom's rates, like VOX, MWEB, etc?

Do they not understand that clients whom would be interested in VoIP services have access to the internet and in all likelihood have used Google before? Don’t they think short term greed will cost them in customer loyalty in the long run?

I would be interested to know, after looking at their pricing - how many pop servers does Nashua Mobile currently operate and own in how many countries’ major cities, as at that pricing structure they must have a server in every last mayor city around the world?

As for 087 numbers; these can mostly be obtained for free and any 20 bundled number range should cost you less than what they charge for one number.

You can obtain 021, 031 or 011 number ranges from “real”, established VoIP suppliers in the Netherlands at a fraction of the price – what a PR disaster story.


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Oct 31, 2010
Confused between Nashua Mobile EasiVoice and Zwana Unicom's EasyVoice VoIP services?

In case you get confused between Nashua Mobile's newly launched EasiVoice VoIP service and Zwana Unicom's ( longer established EasyVoice VoIP service, just remember that like its Office2Go and Voice2Go range of Unified Communications services, Zwana Unicom's EasyVoice Business and Residential VoIP services don't lock you into contracts.

Furthermore, all calls on Zwana Unicom's EasyVoice service are billed per second.

Zwana Unicom's EasyVoice Business VoIP range meets the needs of all sizes of businesses.