1. ECHLN

    Call of Duty: Mobile

    Hey all. Today marks the day that Call of Duty: Mobile is officially released world wide. This thread will be a place to talk about the game, get news updates on the game and to meet people to play with. Official CALL OF DUTY® designed exclusively for mobile phones. Play iconic multiplayer maps...
  2. Rickster

    Is this possible with afrihost mobile/air?

    @AfriMan Hi, I have a prepaid MTN SIM and i would like to know if i could use any of afrihosts offerings to be able to use their data via APN without having to get a SIM + wifi device. Thanks.
  3. Nimz

    Alternatives to Telkom Free Me contracts?

    Our business currently makes use of the Telkom Free Me 1GB contracts (R99 p/m) which offers: 1GB data 50 SMS *Unlimited calls to each other and other Telkom numbers Free social media (Whats App, Facebook etc) We give our staff a R100 spend limit for other network calls Now our business makes...
  4. B

    Voice and data on your android phone simultaneously?

    I've recently changed from an iPhone 7 to a Samsung Galaxy S10. On the iPhone I could be on a call, put it on speaker and then open up Google Maps to find an address and view traffic and also generally have data throughput while on a voice call. WiFi - off Mobile data - on With the S10 once I...
  5. H

    [Sale] Huawei P30

    Item: Huawei P30 Single Sim Age: couple of months Price: R7000 Warranty: 2021-04-16 Packaging: Original, all included Condition: like new, small scratch at charger port, small nick (not really visible ) top right Location: Durbanville Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes
  6. H

    [Sale] Huawei P20 Pro Dual Sim

    Item: Huawei p20 Pro Dual Sim Age: couple of months Price: R6000 Warranty: 2020-01-05 warranty and screen damage Packaging: Original, all included Condition: Great, couple of small marks on one side because of cover otherwise spotless. See photos Location: Durbanville, Cape Town Shipping: Yes...
  7. H

    [Sale] Huawei P30

    Item: Huawei P30 Black Age: New Price: R9000 Warranty: 2021-06-19 Packaging: Original, all included Condition: Brand New, just took plastic off for photos. Location: Durbanville Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes
  8. H

    [Sale] Huawei P30 Pro Dual Sim

    Item: Huawei P30 Pro Dual SIM 8GB+256GB Age: Brand New - open box Price: R13000 Warranty: 2021-06-09 warranty and 2019-12-08 screen damage Packaging: Original Condition: New Location: Cape Town, Durbanville Shipping: Your cost and risk Collection: Yes
  9. H

    [Sale] IPhone 7 - 128gb

    Item: Iphone 7 - 128gb Age: not sure Price: R6000 Warranty: no Packaging: Original, all included Condition: spotless Location: Durbanville Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes
  10. H

    [Sale] Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB

    Item: Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB - Prism White Age: Less than a week Price: R 11000.00 Warranty: Probably with Supplier Packaging: Yes Condition: Brand new Location: Durbanville - Cape Town Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes
  11. D

    Telkom Worst online sales services.

    To All be aware So I thought I’m going to change my existing pay as you go no to a contract no by ordering the new Huawei mate pro 20 with gt classic watch. On your online shop as this will be fast and convenient. This was on the 4th of March. I was so sorry I ever thought of doing that cause...
  12. J

    Xiaomi Battery

    Hi guys, Where can I buy a Xiaomi battery for my phone.:unsure: i know that alot of people have this brand:p, so where do they get a new battery when the old one is needing replacing? Do I have to order one from overseas,:X3: and if so, from which online site.:barefoot::barefoot: thank you...
  13. ABCpt

    DSTV Drifta mobile getting switched off

    So, haven't seen another thread about this, but the expected has happened. DSTV emailed to let me know that they will be switching off the DSTV Drifta transmitters end of October. Haven't used it much lately, but was useful to keep tabs on the scores while not at home.
  14. rapidblue

    Coverage: Rain Mobile vs Rain Fixed

    This might be a strange question - but does Rain use the same towers/coverage for their fixed and mobile offers? I have a Rain mobile SIM at home and works great! The Rain website even shows great coverage here at my house. When I look at the coverage for Rain fixed (like on Afrihost or...
  15. G

    Afrihost alternative

    Hi all... I'm looking for a VODACOM powered alternative to the Afrihost ISP (which is MTN powered ) terms of mobile data ONLY deals...If anyone could advise that would be great....! Many thanks..
  16. B

    Can you use IDS If you just buy the IDS and softcap data

    So here is my question. Telkom 20GB softcap costs 99 Bucks a month and their 20 GB IDS costs another 99 Bucks per month SO my question is can i pay for just both of these and use the IDS or do i have to link the softcap to a DSL line which would then set me back another 169 Bucks /m Because...
  17. B

    Rain mobile and Carrier agrigation?

    So my question is pretty straight forward. Does rain mobile support carrier aggregation between their 1800Mhz and 2600Mhz Bands? And is there a way to see which band you are connected to on an ipad?
  18. S

    Pixel 2 XL 128GB Panda color

    Item name (be very descriptive): Pixel 2 XL 128GB Panda color with Google fabric case Age and condition: just over a month, phone is mint, case needs a wash Do you include packaging: Full retail Warranty: With Google through Amazon Reason for selling: have 2, can only use 1 Price: R14,000...
  19. C

    Telkom Lit not on Showmax?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at getting a mobile contract with telkom, the 5gb free me contract, that includes telkom lit music and video streaming. On their website they say that it includes Showmax, but when I phoned them they said it does not include showmax. Anyone using Lit? Is it...
  20. Rouxenator

    Your fastest mobile speedtest on the MyBroadband Speed Test App

    I have been following the recent MyBroadband Speed Test App competition and was wondering what the fastest speed was that has been achieved? Has anyone been able to top the one I got on Saturday morning : I was exactly 1km away from the tower using a stock Nokia 5.