1. H

    [Sale] Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB

    Item: Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB - Prism White Age: Less than a week Price: R 11000.00 Warranty: Probably with Supplier Packaging: Yes Condition: Brand new Location: Durbanville - Cape Town Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes
  2. D

    Telkom Worst online sales services.

    To All be aware So I thought I’m going to change my existing pay as you go no to a contract no by ordering the new Huawei mate pro 20 with gt classic watch. On your online shop as this will be fast and convenient. This was on the 4th of March. I was so sorry I ever thought of doing that cause...
  3. J

    Xiaomi Battery

    Hi guys, Where can I buy a Xiaomi battery for my phone.:unsure: i know that alot of people have this brand:p, so where do they get a new battery when the old one is needing replacing? Do I have to order one from overseas,:X3: and if so, from which online site.:barefoot::barefoot: thank you...
  4. ABCpt

    DSTV Drifta mobile getting switched off

    So, haven't seen another thread about this, but the expected has happened. DSTV emailed to let me know that they will be switching off the DSTV Drifta transmitters end of October. Haven't used it much lately, but was useful to keep tabs on the scores while not at home.
  5. rapidblue

    Coverage: Rain Mobile vs Rain Fixed

    This might be a strange question - but does Rain use the same towers/coverage for their fixed and mobile offers? I have a Rain mobile SIM at home and works great! The Rain website even shows great coverage here at my house. When I look at the coverage for Rain fixed (like on Afrihost or...
  6. G

    Afrihost alternative

    Hi all... I'm looking for a VODACOM powered alternative to the Afrihost ISP (which is MTN powered ) terms of mobile data ONLY deals...If anyone could advise that would be great....! Many thanks..
  7. B

    Can you use IDS If you just buy the IDS and softcap data

    So here is my question. Telkom 20GB softcap costs 99 Bucks a month and their 20 GB IDS costs another 99 Bucks per month SO my question is can i pay for just both of these and use the IDS or do i have to link the softcap to a DSL line which would then set me back another 169 Bucks /m Because...
  8. B

    Rain mobile and Carrier agrigation?

    So my question is pretty straight forward. Does rain mobile support carrier aggregation between their 1800Mhz and 2600Mhz Bands? And is there a way to see which band you are connected to on an ipad?
  9. S

    Pixel 2 XL 128GB Panda color

    Item name (be very descriptive): Pixel 2 XL 128GB Panda color with Google fabric case Age and condition: just over a month, phone is mint, case needs a wash Do you include packaging: Full retail Warranty: With Google through Amazon Reason for selling: have 2, can only use 1 Price: R14,000...
  10. C

    Telkom Lit not on Showmax?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at getting a mobile contract with telkom, the 5gb free me contract, that includes telkom lit music and video streaming. On their website they say that it includes Showmax, but when I phoned them they said it does not include showmax. Anyone using Lit? Is it...
  11. Rouxenator

    Your fastest mobile speedtest on the MyBroadband Speed Test App

    I have been following the recent MyBroadband Speed Test App competition and was wondering what the fastest speed was that has been achieved? Has anyone been able to top the one I got on Saturday morning : I was exactly 1km away from the tower using a stock Nokia 5.
  12. MogenNaidoo

    Telkom / Openserve Fibre Technician Trainer

    Urgently looking for Fibre Technician who has / is working on the Telkom / Openserve network. To provide a days training to a team of 5 from reading orders to splicing and ONT installations. If training goes well, looking to bring onboard on an ongoing basis. Will pay substantially.
  13. W

    Harassment / Death Threats, help!

    Hi MyBroadband community! A guy has been calling and harassing my girlfriend, sending death threats and generally being an *******. We've reported him to the police, however I doubt they'll be able to do anything. I've managed to get a bit of information on him... In doing so I've signed...
  14. T

    Laptop Guide for University? Battery life vs Crazy performance

    Im looking to buy a new laptop for University: Options: all options have a i7 7700hq or 6700hq and 16GB Ddr4 Ram and 128-256GB ssd Battery life with normal use like video streaming and working on documents etc. Dell 7567 -R18 000 With - 1050ti 4GB - 8-10 hours battery and poor screen.(TN...
  15. Newsfeed

    Huge growth of mobile Internet in South Africa

    Huge growth of mobile Internet in South Africa PwC’s latest entertainment and media outlook report predicts a sharp rise in mobile Internet penetration in the next five years.
  16. Newsfeed

    Vroom software could double your mobile browsing speed

    Vroom software could double your mobile browsing speed Researchers at the University of Michigan and MIT have found a way to dramatically speed up the mobile web.
  17. Z

    Mobile phones on special from!

    Hey everybody, Since is advertising on the main MYBB page with our assistance, we thought we could create a thread for every special that takes place. We are here to assist people who want to order, explain how it works, how shipping works, how customs works, etc. The aim is to...
  18. B

    ADSL and Web

    Hey Guys, Just a question, heard a few good remarks about a company called iLiNQ Internet Solutions "" Anyone dealt with them yet? They do web hosting, ADSl, server hosting etc? and apparently they are big competitors to someone called OpenWeb and Axxess? Looking at moving...
  19. C

    Oneplus 5 Help

    Hey everyone. I know someone traveling to China in a week and with the Oneplus 5 coming out today, it seems like a good opportunity to buy the it from China (I'm due for a new phone anyway). My only worry is that it will not be compatible locally if it is bought in China. Is it a safe option...
  20. T

    Wanting to go over to Telkom Mobile

    Hi, I currently live and work in Centurion and I am looking at going over to a Telkom mobile contract. Someone that lives in Pretoria, please comment on how you find signal for internet as well as phone calls and over all satisfaction with Telkom Mobile?