1. RedViking

    Orange ZA doesn't cover Warranty - Disgusted

    Hi, I bought a phone (LG G4 - surprise!) via a year ago, as you know they have closed down. We are now referred to CTDI,, +27 (11) 237 7800 for warranty and returns. CTDI organised and fetched my phone for repairs under warranty last...
  2. J

    Choice of Mobile ISP

    Hi There, Pretty much new to forums and this is my first post. So here goes:) I am looking for advice. since we have much choice of where who we want to signup with on the mobile ISP and 4G spectrum being the big players etc. I would like to find out from the community...
  3. T

    Telkom Mobile Online Order - No one has contacted me to finalise order

    I've place an online order with Telkom Mobile for one of their FreeMe deals, received the email to say that my order is confirmed and a Telkom agent will be in contact with you soon to finalise my order. It's been 3 days and no one has contacted me regardless of me contacting them on twitter...
  4. C

    Afrihost Mobile airtime not loaded, but paid for . . .

    I have Afrihost Mobile packages for my family members, which is the month-to-month option. I pay in advance for the airtime and data to be allocated, however for my youngest daughter's account, her airtime for November has not been loaded yet. I have been calling numerous times, have sent...
  5. M

    Where to find specials?

    Recently my phone was stolen and I have been wondering where I can find good specials and deals on new phones. If you know where to find some please post below.
  6. S

    Afrihost Lost my Mobile Router

    I logged a repair request for my mobile router. I personally handed the device to the courier on the 12th of June. I then waited a few weeks, but nothing happened. I then started my endless journey with Afrihost meaningless support. My query was escalated to warehouse support. Warehouse support...
  7. N

    Telkom Contract Application approval times

    Hi all, I applied for a Telkom mobile contract in store on Thursday last week and am currently still waiting for a response from them as to whether or not I've been approved/rejected. Last bit of information I received was that they were "building a business profile" of me. They've got all...
  8. C

    LA Webs ISP News

    We decided to start a new thread. And for our first news post we are glad to announce that we have a new logo design. We needed a more comfortable logo with strong meaning for our company so we took it to a graphic designer to redo the whole Logo for us. We are pretty happy with the...
  9. Afon Kulikov

    Mobile Photography Contest (Friendly) - V12 - Sunset/ Sunrise

    I'll pick a winner next Friday and announce them in here. Winner will host the next contest. Dry's rules, with a request for general location. 1) Pictures must be taken with a mobile device (phone or tablet) 2) Pictures must be uploaded to this thread. 3) You have to tell us what device...
  10. L

    Telkom Call Centre: Oy vey!

    I placed a web order for a mobile phone on 27 June 2016. The message I received on the form was the following: "To confirm and finalise the details of your order, a Telkom agent will be in touch. So be on the lookout for our call. If you would like to follow up on the status of your online...
  11. B

    Mobile payments with Airtime - List of Merchants/Products

    This thread is to create a comprehensive list of which merchants have a mobile airtime payment option (you pay with the airtime balance on your phone). On a continent with many non-banked individuals this is a viable alternative. Please include the name of the merchant/provider and which...
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Why me&you mobile moves Unlimited Talk subscribers to worse packages

    Why me&you mobile moves Unlimited Talk subscribers to worse packages A number of me&you mobile Unlimited Talk subscribers have complained that they were moved to a worse package without much warning.
  13. B

    MTN to Vodacom Port Declined

    Hi all! A few days ago, I cancelled my MTN contract and moved to MTN prepaid. I confirmed that prepaid is active with the MTN call center, and in store, and I am able to use my phone on prepaid now. I went to a Vodacom store yesterday (and again today) to request to have my number ported...
  14. P

    Telkom Mobile APN

    Yesterday I set up my Telkom Mobile LTE sim card in my own Huawei B315 router. It works perfectly, but I notice that the APN was automatically acquired and set to 8ta. The online structions say to use the APN TelkomInternet. I am reluctant to change it, since it is all up and running. My...
  15. J

    Mobile Router Advice

    Hi! I had something like this little mobile router: But my battery is dead and I can't get a replacement locally (the only international site that Afrihost can recommend wont ship batteries to South Africa). SO my question is...
  16. T

    Do anyone get the "Resync" problem with Axxess?

    Every damn month axxess debits my account and after a couple of days (maybe 2 or 3) the networks start being ****. By that I mean I barely can access the internet even when I have a lot of data left. I have had to report the same error every month for the last 6 months. Here is an example of...
  17. B

    MWEB Mobile Data with Cell C SIM

    Hi all! I'm currently using Cell C prepaid and therefore have a Cell C SIM in my phone, which is not dual SIM capable (as is the case with most phones). 2GB of data from Cell C costs a ridiculous R249, but a 2GB month-to-month data offering from MWEB, which still runs on the Cell C...
  18. Espee

    Xamarin Mobile App Developer R35k - R60k pm -- Stellenbosch

    Mobile App Developer R35k - R60k pm -- Stellenbosch Position Description: Javus Software is a new small company with a vision to grow in the future. We are recruiting for 2x Mobile App Developers to work on exciting / challenging Apps Required Skills/Qualifications: 2-4 years of...
  19. S

    Hellooo Speed

    First of all I just want to thank my mom,grandada and last but not least Jesus for providing me with this. It's always been a dream of mine to experience speeds like these in a small town :D Now I can enjoy watching Netflix/Showmax without even a single buffer. :D :D
  20. InSanity

    Gaming Channel - OPTV

    Hey Guys, So a couple of the guys from this forum have started a gaming channel namely myself, @MalicE , @Saint_Dee , @Snare on a new mobile platform its a really cool little app called tuluntulu our channel is called OP TV (dedicated 24 hour gaming)...