1. T

    One Plus Cellular Phone

    Has anyone tried this phone yet? If someone may have an invite to share? I plan on buying it. Thx
  2. OnlyOneKenobi

    Moved to new address, now there's no decent data coverage?

    In summary : I have moved from one part of Pretoria, to a different suburb which happens to be quite centrally located, close to malls, community centers and other amenities. It never occurred to me, to test mobile data speeds while looking at the house initially (does anyone check data coverage...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    MTN’s Afrihost acquisition approval given thumbs up

    MTN’s Afrihost acquisition approval recommended The Competition Commission has recommended the approval of MTN’s acquisition of a majority stake in Afrihost, without conditions
  4. N

    Afrihost vs Axxess: Zest T1 data difference

    I remember Afrihost first offering the Zest T1 phone at a price of R1999 with 12GB of mobile data. Unsure of the terms, I assume this data was available for 12 months. Now Axxess are offering the same phone at the same price, with half the data (6GB). AFAIK, Afrihost bought Axxess not too...
  5. R

    Is Afrihost Stealing Data?

    Wondering if anyone else had the same experience: I switch to Afrihost, on my WIFI modem (LTE), and both mine and my wife's cellphones. I then also bought my mom a wifi modem (3g), and got her Afrihost Mobile, as it works out cheaper for low data usage. Suddenly, all the data consumption...
  6. F

    Junior Mobile Developer (Xamarin) - Joburg/Pretoria

    What does it pay? R10 – 15 000 pm (keep reading, please :)) How far will I drive? You won't, mostly. Work-at-home. PJs optional. What hours will I work? Up to you, but will need 2-3 hours normal workday crossover. Total hours will depend. Again, keep reading. Which industry is this...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Intel believes PCs will make a comeback

    PC to beat the mobile revolution Intel believes the worst is over for a personal computer industry hammered by the mobile revolution
  8. M

    wifi hotspots

    why is it that its only telkom mobile that has hotspots
  9. T

    T-Roid Tablet & Mobile Phones - any info out there?

    Good day everyone I have recently seen a few people around campus with T-Roid tablets and mobile phones. What I know is that it has Android Jellybean on it and is also quite affordable. Just want to know if any of you have info on it. I want to know if it has Google Play and how the hardware...
  10. NeonNinja

    Mobile Data Giveaway Enter here:
  11. D

    VPN Help - Connecting remotely to a LAN Point-Of-Sales system while traveling abroad

    Hello :)! I currently have POS workstations connected via LAN to a server that is on the same premises, each with static IPs. I now acquired a Tablet-PC running Windows 8.1 with the same POS software installed, it works perfectly within the same network via LAN or WiFi and now I want to...
  12. C

    Senior iOS Developer

    Experience in security focused app development. A member of the core mobility development team. A strong understanding of connectivity and networking will be required. Minimum Skill Requirements - B.Sc. Computer Science degree (or comparable diploma/degree); - Minimum 2 years’ experience in...
  13. T

    Senior PHP Backend Web Developer

    Senior PHP Software Engineer / Mobile Cloud Applications Details Full time role Fast-paced, exciting, start-up environment! R50k – R70k per month depending on skill-set and experience Flexible working conditions outside of core hours Cape Town CBD location Starting Mar/Apr 2014 Who is biNu? We...
  14. A

    And We Just Got LTE

    Its funny how we just got LTE and rolling out still but UK and Germany are planning 5G,2817,2454771,00.asp
  15. F

    Mobile Broadband with Windows Server 2012 R2?

    Hey Guys, I've got a server at home which I use as a DHCP server as well as hosting TFS on it, so that I can check my private projects in for source-control. The system is running Windows Server 2012 R2 Data Center, and with that its got the DHCP roles installed so that I can setup a static...
  16. P

    Managing up to 70 mobile phones - Software solutions?

    Hi All, I work for a forest conservation company that does most of its work in Zambia. We are starting a new project and will be using up to 70 smartphones to collect data. We are looking for a partner / software solution to monitor these devices from RSA and manage the data they collect...
  17. prodigyX

    A Different January 2014 Galaxy Gear Review

    Hi guys, I've just started a blog and my first article / review is about the Galaxy Gear and how it isn't as bad as initial reviews made it out to be when it launched in October, 2013. Give it a read if you're interested :)...
  18. NeonNinja

    Ain't no one got nothing on me!

  19. C

    Telkom Mobile Data Sim - help needed.

    Probably an easily solvable problem. I bought my son a Lenovo Tab for Christmas along with a TM data sim. I seem to imagine that the lady at the Telkom outlet gave me a piece of paper along with the sim. I have lost (or misplaced) this paper, which I think, would have contained the...
  20. D

    CellC Data charges?

    So what does CellC really charge per mb of data, because it eats data in normal browsing on my smartphone! I used about R10 for 5minutes, I dont convert my airtime to data, cause its the same thing or should I?