1. QuintonB

    Vodacom pegs The Grid closure

    Vodacom’s The Grid shut down date Vodacom’s mobile social network, The Grid, will be shutting down on 1 December 2012
  2. J

    Africans embrace mobile app development

    African app developers showcase ideas African mobile app developers showcase their ideas at the DEMO trade fair in Kenya
  3. NeonNinja

    Cloning a Mobile Phone

    Well, we've all sen it in movies and series in the States and UK. Is it doable here in S.A (of course it is), what type mobile, software and equipment and what-not would be needed, and can every intermediate Joe it?
  4. J

    The boom of mobile means the future of PC is uncertain

    As mobile rises, PC future uncertain As the usage and popularity of mobile devices grow, the future of PCs becomes increasingly murky
  5. N

    1toGo Mobile extends its range of Cloud unified communications services using cPanel

    Johannesburg, South Africa – 1 October 2012: 1toGo Mobile (, a provider of mobile Cloud based IP PBX and unified communications services, has announced the launch of new mobile Cloud unified communications services powered by the Commu****te Systems (www.commu**** Unified...
  6. Rouxenator

    So I just bought my first Android phone.

    Actually I got a Galaxy Ace back in January when I upgraded but I sold it straight away. I only took it since it was the best phone I could get for free and at R135 per month I now have about 14 months for free since the phone sold for R2000. Anyways, been using a Nokia C6-01 since December...
  7. NeonNinja

    DSTV Mobile Subscription (MTN)

    So; I phone MTN about 2 weeks ago, they acknowledge that there are certain numbers which are affected and can not subscribe to DSTV Mobile on, they will get back to me. Never got back to this day. So I decide to phone again; now they’re saying, there is no problem on their...
  8. QuintonB

    Current state of the mobile patent war

    Brief history of the mobile patent war Manufacturers got head-to-head in mobile patent face-off
  9. QuintonB

    Facebook ads move to mobile apps focus

    Facebook ads target mobile apps Facebook plans to engage in a new type of mobile advertising based on the apps used by consumers
  10. J

    Patent law out of sync, according to judge

    Judge: patent system out of sync The judge who pushed aside Apple’s trial says the patent system is a “constant struggle for survival”
  11. P

    Nashua Mobile

    Haha, these guys are classic. I have to phone a normal 011 number to speak to their call centre, while holding for a long time they declare in their holding message how customer service is core to their business....then just after that, saving you time, saving you money, putting you first...
  12. M

    GSMA Awards announced, here are the winners (cough, Samsung)

  13. Jan

    Bozza mobile content marketplace for Africa based in SA launched

    Bozza mobile content marketplace launched in SA Users can publish their music, videos, poetry, and other content and make money by giving it away for free.
  14. LazyLion

    One little girl appears in Apple AND Samsung commercials. The Face of Mobile?
  15. G

    Mobile or ADSL wait or change?

    Hi every1 First of all thanks for the Gr8 forum. Been reading it for a while but never registered until now. Anyway my scenario is as follows: I use to have ADSL for a long time till I cancelled it due to bad service from (T*L*O*M) on Monday (Too far from exchange and not syncing anymore)...
  16. I

    Java / mobile development community in Cape Town

    Hi all, I've just moved from London to Cape Town and I'm looking to get involved with the Java and mobile development (iOS and Android) communities in Cape Town. I've checked out the CTJUG. Are there any other groups that do meet-ups to talk tech? Or forums for IT professions based in...
  17. Rouxenator

    Nokia Meego Devices to run Android Apps
  18. carstensdj

    Cant download on Nokia 6710 Nav

    Hi there, I cant seem to update or download anything on my Nokia 6710 Navigator... For instance i try and access the Ovi Store and its says i must update it, so i say yes and when it goes to the point where it is going to download the update the screen just goes to another one and the...
  19. Pavan

    Data consumption - is it both ways?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about setting up a remote server at home for video surveillance. I have a 3G connection there with a substantial data bundle. At work, when I'll use this service, i'll also be connect via 3G. My question is this, When i remotely connect to my video surv. server...
  20. jes

    Drifta from DStv Mobile: true anytime, anywhere viewing?

    Drifta from DStv Mobile: true anytime, anywhere viewing? A complaint against the “anytime, anywhere” payoff line in Dstv's Drifta advertising was recently dismissed by the ASA