1. Chris

    2021 MyBroadband Online Conference

    2021 MyBroadband Online Conference The 2021 MyBroadband Conference will take place on Wednesday 14 April and has attracted excellent speakers and conference partners. The annual MyBroadband Conference, now in its 16th year, is the largest IT and telecoms conference in South Africa. This year...
  2. A

    The need for "Mobile" agents?!

    I have spent the last three months trying (without success!) to upgrade my Vodacom contract. From wrong products, to incorrect deliveries, then products that are discontinued, I ended up with their Cancellation Retentions department, and after spending literally a sum of hours with different...
  3. F

    Broken Contract Phone

    Hello My Brother has a MTN contract via Nashua. He upgraded April/May 2011 and took a Sony Ericsson x10 mini. The phone gradually started giving problems with charging: it will charge for a while then stop and continue without you ever touching the phone. We took the phone in for...
  4. jes

    iPad deals in South Africa compared (June 2012)

    iPad deals in South Africa compared (June 2012) A number of South African retailers offer the iPad 3 and iPad 2 on contract
  5. P

    Nashua Mobile

    Haha, these guys are classic. I have to phone a normal 011 number to speak to their call centre, while holding for a long time they declare in their holding message how customer service is core to their business....then just after that, saving you time, saving you money, putting you first...
  6. U

    Moving from Nashua Mobile to Vodacom SP

    I currently have a Vodacom topup contract at Nashua mobile that has come to an end. I would like to move to Vodacom directly, as their deals are better than what Nashua is currently offering. It seems nobody knows how the porting process works. Every time that I speak with someone, the story is...
  7. jes

    Nashua Mobile expands VOIP services

    Nashua Mobile expands VOIP services Nashua Mobile launched their EasiVoice product today which promises to reduce the voice bill of businesses
  8. Tpex

    Flashing Nashua Router?

    Has Anybody successfully flashed the Locked Nashua Router (Billion 5200G R4) with unlocked firmware?
  9. rpm

    Nashua Mobile MD resigns

    Nashua Mobile MD resigns
  10. medicnick83

    CRICKET: Nashua Cape Cobras supporters thread!

    Well now; I just had to go and start my own thread in honor of the Nashua Cape Cobra's! Who else here is a supporter of our venomous Western Cape cricket team! The official web site is at Check it, info on Friday's (6th February 2008) game!: NASHUA CAPE...