1. F

    Brand New Motherboard Damaged by Matrix (Advice?)

    Hi Guys I think this is my first thread here. I need some advice! I purchased some new components to upgrade my PC. I got most parts from Evetech (Case, RAM, Cooler, CPU), but the motherboard from Pc Link (I know, but they were a R1k cheaper than Evetech). Once I got all the components I...
  2. M

    Computer getting power but won't turn on

    My tower PC suddenly switched itself off (I wasn't there, so I don't know if it displayed any error messages), and now won't turn on. It's not the display or the screen. The motherboard doesn't have LEDs, but the GPU LED turns on, so I don't think it's the PSU. I've visually checked all the...
  3. C

    Motherboard repair - potential bent pins on the LGA

    Is there anyone in the CPT area that specialises in motherboard repair? Brother in law shipped me his old mobo and CPU (a Gigabyte GA-Z270-Gaming K3 board with an i5-7500) seems that some pins on the LGA may have been damaged / bent in transit (was all working before he sent to me). When...
  4. Xander8807

    R.O.G. Memories - Rampage III, i7-970, 12gb ram, CPU cooler | Collectable

    So, I have this Oldie and Goldie here. Has been cleaned thoroughly today, repasted everything and made sure she is photo ready with her sexy curves. No issues at all, and I bet you WONT find another one in this condition!! Specs to follow: MB: Asus ROG RAMPAGE III FORMULA (LGA 1366). With IO...
  5. Xander8807

    Very very good price X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING (AMD) - quick sale!

    Item: AMD X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING (rev. 1.0) Age: 1.5 Years (3 Years warrantee with Rectron) Price: R 2200 Payment Method Accepted: Instant EFT / Cash Warranty: Yes, 1.5 Remaining Packaging: Yes Retail with IO Panel Condition: Perfect, keep all my hardware in tip top condition and maintain them...
  6. Xander8807

    Gigabyte Aorus Motherboard for MSI branded (trade)

    Yo Gents, Interested in the swop, building a Rig for Wifey. Item: AMD X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING (rev. 1.0) (Retail value R 3500 +-, 2nd hand value is R 2300+-) Age: 1.5 Years (3 Years warrantee with Rectron) Price: Trade / Swop / R 2200 Payment Method Accepted: A friendly Face Warranty: Yes, 1.5...
  7. J

    [W] Crypto Motherboards and CPUS! Bring me yours ASAP!

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): Crypto mining motherboard + CPU combo Is packaging essential?: No, but would be nice Desired age and condition: Working Location: Alberton Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes The Ts and Cs: Ideally looking for combos (motherboard + CPU) that can run at least...
  8. M

    Best budget GPU compatible with this build?

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 - 6 core 12 thread Motherboard: MSI B350 PC Mate AM4 PSU: 600W 80+ gold modular
  9. G

    Wanted PSU / DDR4 / AM4 Motherboard

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): * Any 450w or higher PSU * Any DDR4 2666mhz or higher preferred * Any AM4 Motherboard even A320 Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: Good working condition Location: CPT Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Kindly send PM if you have any...
  10. C

    Motherboard needed 4th gen intel

    Hi looking to buy motherboard in good condition preferably in Cape Town area. following specs needed: CPU Socket: LGA 115 Ram type: DDR3 Chipset: H97 please reach out if you have. thank you
  11. Vorastra

    HWInfo Application beta Introduces Power Reporting Deviation Sensor, CPU Lifespan-Reducing Mobo Enhancements
  12. A

    Polymer Capacitors for Asrock Motherboard - URGENT advice!

    Hi Internet Peeps. I am in desperate need for guidance on what capacitor I should buy to fix my Asrock Z68 Fatality motherboard. So I accidentally nudged a Gold cap on my Motherboard, it burst and now having major issues. In essence, I need to find a replacement Capacitor for a cap that is...
  13. W

    Ryzen 5 1600 & MSI B350M R2700 (SOLD)

    Item: Ryzen 5 1600 (Wraith Cooler included) & MSI B350M PRO-VDH Age: >12months Price: R2700 Warranty: Nope Packaging: Cardboard box with lots of bubble wrap Condition: immaculate - one screw missing for the m.2 mount Location: Durban Reason: Got a gaming laptop a while back and my PC is sitting...
  14. J

    How to sell a Lenovo T450 wutout motherboard?

    Hi all, My lovely fairly new Lenovo T450 20BU has died on me a few weeks after warranty expired. Yup. Agent says Intel i5 motherboard is dead. Specs are so good (8GB RAM etc) that it's worth selling as is but any suggestions on good sales sites? My member privileges for MyBoardband won't allow...
  15. W

    CPU + Mobo (SOLD)

    Combo Price: R1800 R1600 Item:AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Price: R800 Warranty: None Packaging: Original Amd cpu box Condition: Very good Location: Durban Reason: Upgraded Shipping: Yes, on you Collection: Yes Link...
  16. W

    SOLD! Mobo + CPU

    Item: Intel G3930 CPU + cpu cooler Gigabyte H110 D3A no io shield Age:1 year Price: R850 for bundle Warranty: yes 1 year remaining Packaging: will wrap properly Condition: Good Location: Durban Reason: Came with bundle Shipping: yes on buyer Collection:more than welcome Link: Mobo cpu
  17. D

    which one is better

    Hi Guys I need some community input here, I recently won an MSI B360 Arctic Gaming MoBo, I already own an MSI B250 Gaming pro Carbon, besides for obvious newer chipsets, would it be worth me selling my i5 7500 and the Mobo to get an 8th gen i5 for the new board? this may seem...
  18. S

    Can i swap my AMD motherboard for a Intel one?????

    i have an old amd motherboard, a asrock a75 pro4-m, i have basically two options of cpu's the a6 and a8 amd, both are very old and hard to get. will it be possible to swap my motherboard for a intel one so i have much better cpu options?? ps.. the GPU is a sapphire radeon 79 AMD, will i...
  19. O

    MSI Z270 TOMAHAWK Intel LGA 1151 Motherboard [S]

    Item name: MSI Z270 TOMAHAWK Intel Motherboard LGA 1151 Age and condition: 3 Months, excellent condition Do you include packaging: Yes, all of it. Some items still sealed. Warranty: Yes (remainder of 3 years) Reason for selling: Not needed (bought for new PC - can't complete the build) Price...
  20. F

    PSU or Motherboard ?

    I have a problem with my PC: I was using it yesterday, then it just died out of the blue. The PSU made weird tapping sounds for a few weeks now. I've wanted to buy a new one anyway, because it's a cheapo 450W Huntkey that I got with the PC when I bought it 2nd hand in November, but I don't have...