1. Jan

    BlackBerry World's music catalogue confirmed for SA

    BlackBerry music coming to SA The BlackBerry World’s DRM-free music catalogue will be available to South Africans when the new BlackBerry 10 devices launch in the country.
  2. W

    Favourite, funniest, or failed Gangnam Style

    My favourite:
  3. C

    Illuminati is it real.....?

    This illuminati thing ,the media and these artists that are selling their souls, what is going on!!!!?:confused:
  4. D

    Online radio music broadcasting licensing?

    Hello I want to start a small online radio station and have all the technicalities (streaming server, software etc) basically already configured. But before I start racking up my tracks, I want to make sure I'm not going to get sued! What's the deal with licensing in South Africa? Where do...
  5. DJ...

    Does iTunes copy your music when you add it to the library?

    I'm busy adding about 500GB of music to my iTunes library. The music is located on my media server that I connect to wirelessly. My concern is that iTunes says that it is processing each file individually but in the background (in the media information box that usually shows now playing info) it...
  6. QuintonB

    Musicians fight Pandora-backed Internet radio bill

    Musicians fight lower Internet radio royalties A group of musicians is calling on the US Congress to kill a bill that would slash royalties on Internet radio.
  7. S

    please recomend me some music

    Hi, I like the kind of music Boney M makes. I do not like today's music (well, at least the music that plays on trace and mtv nowdays). I also enjoy some house music (not too much on SA house). So, can someone recommend me some artists who make music, similar to Boney M, Donna Summer, and...
  8. U

    Looking for a song to download (legally - will pay for download)

    Hi all I am looking for a particular song which I would like to download - I would like to obtain it legally, and will pay for the download. Any advice will be great :) Thank you Song Title: Yamao toko no uta Artist: New Christies Minstrels
  9. C

    Telkom Hold Music from latest Mweb Ad

    There have been a number of post with people trying to hunt down the name and artist of the Telkom Call Center Hold Music. However, no one has said anything conclussive. I was wondering with the lastest Mweb Ad ripping off Telkom with their music if anyone has managed to sucessfully push the...
  10. J

    Amazon tackles iTunes with a bigger storage offer

    Amazon takes on iTunes with larger storage Inc. has updated its cloud music player to mimic Apple Inc.’s iTunes Match, but is offering 10 times more storage space for the same price
  11. LazyLion

    RIAA Sues Limewire for $72 Trillion These Music Execs are Crazy! :wtf:
  12. S

    Home Studio PC Build. Advice please.

    Wasn't sure if to post this in the hardware section or here. But as I want to get the feel from a musician's POV, I elected to post here.\ What I do, musically: Semi-Accoustic guitar Electric guitar Vocals So the idea is to record those items listed via a Focusirte 2i/2o or I may even go...
  13. S

    iTunes -> Rhythmbox

  14. DiziLiziD

    The Music Room (For Musicians looking at starting a band)

    Hi there all you awesome Musicians out there! I dont know if there is already a thread like this, but as a musician who has struggled to find a compatible band to become a part of, i thought it might be a great idea to start a thread where we could all meet, discuss and hopefully end up in...
  15. J

    Quality of locally produced CD's

    I have been ripping my whole CD collection to Apple Lossless using iTunes 10.5.2 with the Error Correction option enabled. I have noticed that all the locally produced CD's take as much as 4 times longer to rip than imported CD's. From this I am getting the impression that locally produced...
  16. S

    Back up server for a mate's inhouse studio

    Howzit guys, Quick ask, recently built HP Proliant Micro Server running xbmc, found it very easy thanks to one of the threads I found here :)..A mate who is an aspiring producer saw my media server and was wondering if he can use it (HP Proliant Micro Server) for backing up his musical work...
  17. NeonNinja

    Your Top 5/10 of 2011

    My top 10 2011 songs (in no particular order) * Adele - One and Only * Adele - Someone Like You * Avril Lavigne - What the Hell * Jennifer Lopez ft. Lil Wayne - I’m Into You * Nicki Minaj - Did it On ’Em * Snoop Dogg vs David Guetta - Sweat * Nelly - Nothing Without Her * Jessie J -...
  18. G

    The Radioactive Orchestra Create music with elements decay rates. :D Enjoy
  19. NeonNinja

    How many GB's of music you have?

    Being a music fanatic, I started accumulating music in 2007. On my system I've got 118GB. Mostly downloaded; local ones from friends and relatives. How much you got?
  20. Creag

    Kahn Morbee honoured at International Songwriting Competition

    Sauce. Parlotones FTW!!! :D