1. The_Hobbit

    Spotify - free music? Anyone tried them? No such thing as a free lunch? Or is the use of the word free legit? Ok, I could have answered my own q: Seems you can get around it with VPN (or if you have a euro cloud server to play with). Perhaps I'll...
  2. jes

    Nokia's Ovi Music Unlimited shut down in most countries

    Nokia's Ovi Music Unlimited shut down in most countries Nokia's Ovi Music Unlimited service is to shut down everywhere except in six countries
  3. LazyLion

    Record Labels To Pay $45 Million for Pirating Artists’ Music Poetic Justice! :D
  4. jes

    Vodacom launches R39 per month unlimited music download service

    Vodacom launches R39 per month unlimited music download service Vodacom launches unlimited music download service through Vodafone Live! at R39 per month
  5. S

    Movie Soundtracks- Where to buy

    hie guys! where can i buy movie soundtracks in Gauteng ENJOY force( rescue) 2 2 (Its over goodbye)...
  6. Rouxenator

    Oasis: Rock Stars Should Appreciate Music Pirates,news-6476.html I never was a big Oasis fan - but I am now ;)
  7. Creag

    VH1 Classic - DSTV CHannel 198

    Started today on channel 198 and ends on 15 March 2010. Some really great tracks for yester-year. Am enjoying it so far. But does anyone know why its on for 6 weeks only? :confused: It is an experiment or must I just enjoy the limited season of classics?
  8. T

    Future Rock Stars!

    Hey Everyone, just wanted to tell you all about the ultimate and biggest Rock Band Competition to hit South-Africa! If you play in a band you can enter... Check it out!
  9. B

    Opticon IP 32 Music on Hold

    Hi there, We've got a Telkom Opticon IP 32 PBX in our office, and it plays awful ice-cream van music at our customers. The PBX is question has an external Music On Hold port connected directly to it's main board. They even advertise it's ability to use external Music On Hold. Now...
  10. S

    THE BEST MP3/Music cleaner?

    *EDIT* MediaMonkey gets the job done easily and efficiently *EDIT* Hi guys, I have been collecting my music for about 5 years now and my collection is a bit messy. I have some doubles, some songs where there is wrong info. And some songs with bad 'tags' and I want a clean collection. I would...
  11. M

    the lyrics only thread

    i searched the forums, but didn't find anything, so i'm starting something. in much the same tradition as the "questions only" thread and "3 words only" thread, here's the "lyrics only" thread. put simply, you can only converse using lines from songs, as per "whose line is it anyway?"...
  12. Pooky

    Your Music Player?

    I think it's been quite a while since the last thread on this, so I think it;s time for a new one. What player do you use on your computer to play your MUSIC? Not videos etc. just music? Can we maybe have a poll with the main things and then other? I use iTunes but I am thinking maybe...
  13. G

    Virtual composer makes beautiful music—and stirs controversy Wonder what it sounds like.
  14. LazyLion

    Sony BMG accused of Music Piracy! Reported here and here as well! haha... The hypocrites! So it is OK when they do it... but we are not allowed to make our own CDs??? :D
  15. M

    iPhone- Star6- Live Sample instrument My skepticism of iPhone aside, this new App looks pretty amazing. It's a sample based music instrument, where you can sequence samples in real time, while using the iPhone's accelerometer to change parameters. Neat hey! and its only about US$7...
  16. M

    Illegal download student who shared 30 songs online ordered to pay £404,000

  17. J

    Nokia Music Store down?

    Is it just me or is the website down? I keep getting "page cannot be found" and "host not available" both on my work network and mobile connection. Anyone have a contact there to inform?
  18. R

    MTN Music Downloads - Questions

    Perhaps someone has downloaded music from the MTN Loaded interface and can provide some information. Is the music DRM free? I would like to add the music to my iTunes library and between the various media player devices I own. What is the format and bitrate of the music? I prefer MP3's...
  19. I

    File shows on DVD but not on computer

    Hi everyone. Ok a friend gave me some music which she put into different folders. All folders ran fine and showed on the DVD player hooked up to the TV. But when I ran the disk on my computer the one folder showed as being empty even when it showed as having about 6 songs on the the DVD...
  20. LazyLion

    How to kill the Music Industry! Excellent Article! :)