1. U

    Gavin Harrison Drum Clinics - South African Tour

    For all you drummers out there! The prog drumming master himself, Gavin Harrison, will be on a tour of South Africa presenting his drum clinics during April 2014. The Dates and Venues are as follows: April 7th - Johannesburg @ The Buzz (Tickets are R80) April 8th - Cape Town @ Mercury...
  2. D

    Dexter's Top 10 Electro Remixes of Popular Songs {Chart 1 : February 2014}

    Dexter's Top 10 Electro Remixes of Popular Songs {Chart 1 : February 2014} COMPILED BY DEXTER 10 ............... "In Electro we trust" WARNING ! DO NOT LISTEN TO WITH THE WRONG SPEAKERS :D 10. Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time (Nervo Club Remix)
  3. dampi256

    What software or hardware should I get to record my music on my PC?

    I've been asked this question a lot from people that want to record their guitar/instrument at a high quality without spending loads of money. I've spend loads of hours and money trying to get the most cost effective recording setup at home and so I thought that I'd rather show you how to do...
  4. C

    Really cool tool for finding new music artists

    I'm a huge Tool fan, I like there sound and style, but go through music at an incredible pace. I was trying to find similar artists and struggled. Enter tuneglue If you'd like to discovery some new music and do it in a visually appealing way, TuneGlue lets you...
  5. NeonNinja

    DJ Kent Mixes (2014)

    Successor of this thread: Thread will be populated with DJ Kent's 5FM mixes. Unlike previous web page/thread, all mixes will be posted in this first post. Different file requests welcome. January 2014 03-01-14...
  6. C

    Best Home Theater For Value out there at the moment?

    I am looking at buying a home theater system. I am looking for a system that have quality sound, should be able to connect via blue tooth (to play songs from my phone) and WiFi to play songs that I have from my WiFi network at home from my PC. I do have a Samsung S4 that would make me a...
  7. W

    buying from itunes without installing itunes

    there seems to be a lot of decent music on itunes, however to to buy it you must have itunes installed. fair enough. however, the last time I had itunes on my pc, it converted all my music to the i format. (not the actual format, but hopefully you will understand) my question, is it...
  8. LinuxMan

    South Africa Official Music Video!!

    Hi People.. My mates put together this music video, filmed in Cape Town! Feedback good or bad will be appreciated..
  9. T

    Music streaming services in ZAR (Simfy)

    I'm currently still within the trial version of and so far i'm pretty impressed by the wide range of artists and genres they have in their portfolio (except for the opvious omissions such as the beatles, led zeppelin & co which so I've read are currently not on any streaming service...
  10. S

    Damn you iTunes...!! help please

    Howzit all, so my lady installed iTunes on my machine and it went about sorting my 170gb+ of music, :mad:. i hate the way its sorted my files, Can please anyone recommend an application to get my music sorted like it was before? artist>albums>songs... Please help..
  11. N

    Wired Music Video

    "Weird Music Video" Just came across this video a few moments ago and wanted to know what you all thought of it ????
  12. LazyLion

    Keith Richards: I Don't Own an iPod

    He's rock royalty and likes to keep it old-school: Keith Richards says he doesn't own an iPod. The Rolling Stones guitarist says he isn't a fan of the ultra-popular music device. "I don't have an iPod. ... I still use CDs or records actually. Sometimes cassettes. It has much better sound...
  13. Moosedrool


    I'm thinking of creating some tutorials on Cubase and was wondering how many people use it, has it but doesn't know WTF is going on or want's to get into recording / production and might want to try cubase as an option. I'm busy creating some free dnb editable sample loops for a test...
  14. carstensdj

    Best way to name music?

    Hi there. So i've got a music collection that i have been adding to for the last +- 12 years and have about 15k songs out of my 70k which are not named properly. EG: Artist name or album name missing etc... I know that with Winamp you can access grace note and get it to edit your IDv3...
  15. LazyLion

    S. Korean Broadcaster Bans Psy's 'Gentleman' Music Video

    A major South Korean broadcaster says it has banned PSY's new music video because the rapper is shown abusing public property. The "Gentleman" video opens with PSY kicking a cone that says "no parking." State-funded KBS said Thursday the scene doesn't meet its standards as a public...
  16. Lycanthrope

    Rocky Rocky - Kannata This "song" is in an advert 'round these parts. I can't tell if I like it or if I hate it. It may just be one of those annoying songs that if you listen to it enough times, it grows on you.
  17. LazyLion

    Passports for 'Endangered' Musical Instruments

    From pianos with ivory keys to violin bows crafted with tortoise shell, musical instruments made from protected species will soon be able to roam the globe more easily -- with their own passports. The 178-member Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) agreed on...
  18. LazyLion

    Another Blow to the Google and Apple Online Stores in South Africa

    Despite having to already comply with silly South African censorship requirements from the FPB, now those foreign businesses who want to sell e-books, music and other digital goods will have to register as VAT vendors in South Africa.
  19. LazyLion

    Kwaito Star Charged Over Police Uniform

    A kwaito music star has been charged with wearing a police uniform to the Metro Music Awards, eThekwini metro police said on Tuesday. Senior Superintendent Eugene Msomi said kwaito star Mkhonzeni "Professor" Langa would be charged with impersonating a police officer, possession of a police...
  20. LinuxMan

    "Angel" Official Music Video by Devon Marshbank

    Check out the latest Music Video 'Angel' by Devon Marshbank. Share and enjoy :) Support this upcoming Cape Town artist! Thanks Guys!