neotel prime

  1. E

    Resell Prime device?

    Good day all, Some time ago I stopped my Neotel Prime service due to lack of service coverage in the area that I live. I am busy selling the device to a friend of mine for R500 - he wants (!) Neotel and are willing to pay the R500 up front to get the device so that he can go on a month-to-month...
  2. A

    Neotel prime connection monitor software

    Hi there. While ago i got me stinky little paws on a piece of software called Axesstel pst evdo. From what i can make of it it's not the same as the one that Ushir posted a while ago and it's quite useful to monitor your connection to the neotel towers. I went from passively just having my...
  3. B

    Is Neotel the shining star in the telecommunications sky as we thought?

    Since many years we are waiting patiently to have the monopoly of Telkom lifted, so a fair-trading can start. Now finally it became reality. Neotel became our light at the end of the dark service tunnel. Hopes and dreams of becoming closer to the worlds basic standards, made us appreciate dug...
  4. medicnick83

    Neotel has finally arrived in my area!

    I'm finally covered by Neotel in my area (Gardens - Vredehoek) - I can get PRIME or LITE. Took forever, but yeah - covered!
  5. cryptic1

    Neotel Prime - Durban Central

    Hello all :) So I'm making the jump and I'm very interested in the uncapped package. I've called Neotel and checked the website and there's an 'excellent' signal coverage and I'm ready to sign up. Can someone please give me their experience on the download speeds on the prime package. Is...