1. J

    News & Feedz (v1.1) Blackberry App Application Name: News & Feedz (v1.1) Hi all, take a look at the new app that I developed, it has and other Blackberry feeds, news and apps that are available for download. The following feeds are available to view in...
  2. J

    Twitter age killing in-depth journalism?

    Is Twitter killing in-depth journalism? Twitter and other platforms of short-news production and distribution have shifted the news consumption habits of audiences, but traditional news is still alive and kicking
  3. J

    SA obsessed with nudity watch this News 24 video

    Their is a new company in town with a naked workforce. It's the most viewed news article on News 24 , is South Africans obsessed with Nudity? Naked Company website
  4. N

    Complaint re MyBB Author: Derrick Cramer

    (I'll no doubt receive more flak for this than I'll have people agreeing, particularly since I'm not planning on sugar-coating anything about this post, but please read in full before voicing your opinion on the matter.) I take issue with Derrick Cramer's articles posted on MyBroadBand. I have...
  5. S

    Interesting Tech Facts

    1. Can you believe that an estimated 2.5 billion hours were wasted online last year as people waited for pages to download, according to a study sponsored by Nortel Networks. 2. That Google got its name from the mathematical figure googol, which denotes the number 'one followed by a hundred...
  6. S

    X "raises the question as to" Y

    This thread raises the question as to who RPM's English teacher was Getting a bit tired of reading articles here on MyBB that make use of the phrase "raises the question". Here are some recent examples: Source: Toshiba South Africa shows 200% sales growth Source: Cable theft: where does all...
  7. Scooby_Doo

    mybroadband Daily News Letter

    Hey all, I have tried to unsubscribe to the news letter but it will not work, just says that the request has been processed and I should check my email for confirmation but it does not work... Any ideas?
  8. Daruk

    SABC cuts short Malema argument review

    SABC was in the process of discussing the Malema issue showing his arguments for scrapping the charges against him. It was painting a pretty poor picture of the chap with his arguments including "I didn't know the rules" - where the ANC said terms and conditions of membership is clear and every...
  9. LazyLion

    Wanted: Another New Age editor What do you think it is that these Editors are realising about the baggage that comes with this job? :D
  10. Rouxenator

    Gotta love local newspapers (Eikestadnuus : Stellenbosch)

    So I paged through the weekly newspaper for Stellenbosch called the Eikestand nuus and had quite a laugh at the type of thing you only find in local newspapers like these. On page 5 : On page 6 (the very next page) : What a chop!
  11. R ssl?

    I'd appreciate any info anyone can give here. First, I just started using the MWEB news server. My reader supports SSL but I'm not sure if MWEB would be ok with it. Just seems like something that would circumvent their protocols. Would it be ok and if so what is their SSL port? And...
  12. jes

    Sport vs general news: SA’s latest website stats

    Sport vs general news: SA’s latest website stats Supersport has surpassed News24 in total unique website visitors, but News24 still reigns supreme when counting SA visitors only
  13. jes

    Google and Italian publishers reach deal on online news

    Google and Italian publishers reach deal on online news Italy's anti-monopoly agency formally ended a complaint against Google Monday after the company reached a deal with Italian media groups on content management and advertising revenue, reported government and business groups.
  14. Derrick

    Is sport changing the face of news?

    Thanks to the abundance of expendable cash in the sports arenas, traditional news media – especially sports news – may undergo a serious facelift over the next few months. British football teams seem to be pushing the envelope when it comes to news, interviews updates and media footage given...
  15. C

    OpenWeb News

    Received this mail from Openweb. Took a listen, bloody hilarious!! FU JULIUS!!!
  16. V

    Unable to Connect to

    For the last few days I have been unable to connect to the Mweb news servers. I have tried using telnet and get the following error: Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 119: Connect failed However, I can connect via telnet to other free news servers...
  17. DJ...

    News Quiz. How well do you know the news?

    Simple game - pose a question based on current news articles from around the world. Brain teasers would be good. Others will try to guess the answer and the first person to guess correctly then picks the next brain-teaser. Please keep personal opinions out of this thread - they are not...
  18. Lycanthrope

    SA gives aid after Haiti quake

    Source: M&G Srsly? R1-million? This, from our government which buys each minster vehicles worth R1.6-million? From a government which throws tax-payers' money around like there's no tomorrow? I suppose we should be grateful, at least, that Haiti received some aid from us! Best wishes to the...
  19. M

    Sydney- Freak Dust Storm

    Today Sydney was enveloped in red dust. A dust storm blown in from the severely drought affected interior. While fairly common in the drought areas, it's extremely rare for these storms to reach Sydney. An Audio report with beautiful but eerie Slideshow here google news
  20. Lycanthrope

    Zuma Tells Cop to Arrest Trashers!

    Source: The Citizen Well, I don't see it saying anywhere that Zuma SAID that the trashers will be arrested, just that they should be arrested. But if he has said that they will be, then I'm all the more for it and quite impressed with Zuma. Not that I like him in the slightest and he has a...