1. Hephaestus

    'Have a nice day,' house robbers tell blindfolded Constantia victim

    'Have a nice day,' house robbers tell blindfolded Constantia victim
  2. Hephaestus

    Heavy flooding and disruptive snowfall expected in parts of SA

    Looks Like we will have a nice cold weekend "Heavy rain leading to flash flooding is expected in places over the Cape Metropole and Cape Winelands from early Friday morning, subsiding by...
  3. W

    Pebble 2/Pebble Time 2/Pebble Core

    Pebble have just released three new products via Kickstarter. Last I checked, the goal was $1,000,000 and they were on $5,000,000. Obviously a great demand for these new products. Anyone thinking of getting 1 and which 1? I love the look of the Pebble Time 2.
  4. B

    FBI could soon legally hack any computer in the US – and possibly beyond

    The Supreme Court approved new rules on Thursday that would potentially give the FBI the authority to hack any computer in the United States, and potentially computers located overseas as well. Those hidden by Tor technology will also be vulnerable. Now the Congress have until December 1 to...
  5. J

    A call to ACTION - to save our country

    Dear Citizens of this great nation In recent times we have seen much develop. We have watched our dismal government stagger like a drunken lemur from one bad decision to another, ignoring the outrage from the very people that voted them into office. Decisions are made in a carte blanche...
  6. O

    Why so many negative stories about Huawei all across Africa?

    News articles in Africa (including South Africa) often make Huawei look bad. The typical cycle: 1. New corruption story appears 2. Follow up articles give updates on the developments 3. If the result is bad for Huawei, the stories are repeated for several weeks. On the other hand, if the case...
  7. J

    SABC controversy over News Intro - they changed it in 90's I think - but why?

    I recall that in the 90's they changed one of the SABC channels News Intro. It was a small spinning globe in the left top corner ( I remember the colour red) and there were images of sports stars and politicians in the globe. I am not referring to the blue globe in later years. I recall...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    News drones will watch you from the sky

    News drones will watch you from the sky A U.S. media company said on Wednesday it wants to be among the first broadcasters to launch news-gathering drones
  9. R

    Top 10 most gender equal countries in the world

    Iceland leads four Nordic countries at the top of the table, while the Philippines joins the top five for the first time in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap 2013 report. South Africa Ranked 17th The report ranks 136 countries on their ability to close the gender gap – making sure...
  10. W

    FINALLY- I setup my PC to automatically download TV shows. Here's HOW

    I'd Like to share my success in setting up my pc so that it can automatically download my TV episodes. Ive made a step by step video on how to do it. Visit the video here
  11. C

    The Lexington Group Tokyo New York Asia Financial Services: Stretch IRA strategy

    The “stretch IRA” is not a type of IRA; it’s a wealth-transfer strategy. If you don’t anticipate needing all of your IRA assets to provide income in retirement, you may be able to stretch your IRA assets to benefit your spouse, children and grandchildren. The stretch strategy begins with your...
  12. D

    Watch_Dogs AMPED!!! But will it run?

    So Ubisoft ... AGAIN released the official specs for Watch Dogs... (its sitting on like V4 now... Seems they couldnt make up their minds) But time and time again, their CPU requirements are insane.... Not everyone can afford Haswell. So for a lot of us sitting with Sandy Bridge (Because it...
  13. F

    Student or voluntary writers looking to build a portfolio maybe?

    Hello! I hope that I'm allowed to post this here... I've got this blog/magazine type website where I just post random stuff. I'm looking for student writers or just voluntary writers who would like to build up a portfolio? I've currently got the following categories on my website...
  14. Lycanthrope

    [NSFW] Sweden's largest potato looks like Kate Winslet

    Some light-hearted news :) Source: The Local The drawing from Titanic, for reference: Although, frankly, I think it looks more like:
  15. Lycanthrope

    Can a baby just burst into flames?

    Source: DailyMail :sick: Came across this today. Pretty bizarre story and an interesting theory.
  16. LazyLion

    M&G Editor Nic Dawes resigns

    Mail&Guardian editor Nic Dawes has resigned to join the Hindustan Times in New Delhi as its chief content and editorial officer, the weekly newspaper reported on Friday. He would leave at the end of September after nine years, half of them as editor. "My time at the Mail&Guardian both as a...
  17. LazyLion

    Changes in SA's Newspaper Industry

    There have been a number of new appointments and changes in South Africa's newspaper industry recently. The latest was the appointment of Rachel Jafta as Media24 board chairwoman. Jafta is the first woman and first black woman to chair Media24. She has been a board member since 2007. She...
  18. LazyLion

    Quotes of the Week - 18 April 2013

    A selection of quotes of Southern African interest. --- "Ina [Bonnette] ruined my life. I am finished, finished, finished." --"Modimolle Monster" Johan Kotze testifying in the High Court in Pretoria. --- "At the moment the crocodile poses a danger to the lives of people especially...
  19. LazyLion

    SA Newspapers Hold Their Own

    Fewer people are reading magazines, but daily newspapers are retaining their readers, the latest All Media and Products Survey (AMPS) revealed on Thursday. "Magazines have posted lower readership levels causing print in general to trend down," said the SA Audience Research Foundation, which...
  20. LazyLion

    Quotes of the Week

    A selection of quotes of Southern African interest. This feature moves every Thursday. --- "At work they asked me where my teeth were and one of my colleagues even said I must wear a surgical mask to cover it up." -- A Cape Town nurse, quoted in the Daily Voice, who was sent home after she...