1. RedViking

    The Good News - Coronavirus

    We need some good stories that come out of this. Let's share some good stories; Things you have learned Things you appreciate. Things that changed for the better even in a difficult situation. Some encouragement If you feel like there is nothing good to say, go post in one of the other 100...
  2. K

    Woman Wears Hidden Camera To Catch People Checking Out Her Boobs

    Whitney Zelig stepped out into the streets of New York, fastened a hidden camera onto the bottom of her top to see how many people checked out her breasts. Lol!
  3. K

    Woman shares photo of her kissing a man she claims is her father

    Started as father and daughter, ended as husband and wife" woman says as she shares photo of her kissing a man she claims is her father.
  4. K

    Journalist Tries To Shame Man For Proposing In KFC, But It Backfires Hilariously

    However, this journalist dragged the man down for being ‘broke’:
  5. K

    Heavily pregnant mother kills home intruder with AR-15

    A heavily pregnant woman used an AR-15 to kill a home intruder after two masked men entered her home in Florida, pistol whipped her husband and violently grabbed their daughter. She saves her husband's life. Brave woman!!!
  6. T

    Blocking and Removing comments

    So a comment was posted on one of the articles and was removed by the mods (See image below). Now I don't understand why as the comment doesn't seem to be violating any of the commenting rules. Would someone clarify what are the rules for posting comments on articles on MyBB?
  7. Jamie McKane

    MyBroadband to change its article comments section

    MyBroadband to change its article comments section MyBroadband is South Africa’s largest IT publication, with over 2 million monthly readers and 8 million pageviews. It is also one of the only large online publishers in South Africa which continues to support article comments - as they add...
  8. K

    Man proposes to woman who stabbed him 13 times

    True love? Man proposes to woman who stabbed him 13 times A man who was stabbed 13 times has proposed to the woman who attacked him. The unnamed woman faces up to six years for the potentially fatal attack in Russia. State prosecutor Airat Bikmurzin told the court in Nizhenkamsk the man...
  9. kagishokgaile

    WATCH | Armed robbers attack motorcyclist, take cash and jewellery worth R1m A biker who works for a jewellery store was forced off the road and robbed of cash and jewellery worth estimated R1m in Edenvale, Johannesburg, on Tuesday...
  10. M

    I send out a hand curated list of content relating to software dev in ZA

    Hey there! :) I recently finished a small side project: I'm trying to "give back" a bit by supplementing the software developer community in ZA with relevant news, blog posts, event information and more. I enjoy receiving content in this format and apparently...
  11. RedViking

    Six mine workers die after their bus is set alight
  12. M

    Meet Pakistan's first transgender news anchor

    Meet Pakistan's first transgender news anchor
  13. RedViking

    Hundreds trapped underground in Free State mine

    More here:
  14. RedViking

    What SMMEs can learn from SA’s biggest data leak

    Read ful larticle here:
  15. RedViking

    Germany’s Social Media Hate Speech Law Should our government regulate social media? What stops governments from exploiting and using it for personal agendas?
  16. RedViking

    Ford South Africa issues third recall of Kuga vehicles

    "Ford Motor Company South Africa has issued another urgent safety recall of its Kuga vehicles. The recall comes after Ford discovered that the insulation surrounding the front seatbelt retractor’s pre-tensioner posed a fire risk in the event of a head-on collision. Ford says that activation of...
  17. K

    Who is going for the Yusuf Cat Stevens concert?

    So i am sure a lot of you have read the bizarre article published on News24 by Glenn Bownes titled: All aboard the anti-hate train. He is making things up and twisting Cat's words... Now people like this are the real bigots, trying to deter us SA fans in not going. Sorry though mate, the...
  18. Newsfeed

    Social bots play a major role in spreading fake news

    Social bots play a major role in spreading fake news Fake news and the way it spreads on social media is emerging as one of the great threats to modern society.
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    Is fake news a problem, or should readers become more informed?

    Fake news is in the real news, with Facebook, Twitter, Clinton supporters, Trump supporters, and President Obama all weighing in. Do you think fake news is a new problem, or are people, on average, more uninformed and ignorant - hence the increase it it being shared?
  20. L

    LA Webs ISP News

    We decided to start a new thread. And for our first news post we are glad to announce that we have a new logo design. We needed a more comfortable logo with strong meaning for our company so we took it to a graphic designer to redo the whole Logo for us. We are pretty happy with the...