1. A

    Telkom's Incompetence

    On Friday the 29th of March, one of Openserve's technicians came out to install our fixed Telkom land-line, the gentlemen was very helpful and explained where my line would be connected, how far away in cable length it would be from the exchange, he even provided some information on the fastest...
  2. B

    Vodacom Online Contract Order - Cannot Cancel?

    After waiting weeks for an online order to arrive (new contract, existing prepaid number) I decided enough is enough and I called Vodacoms Online contact no. After Five calls over 3 days they cannot seem to get the order cancelled?! I cannot go to the shops and get an in store contract because...
  3. M

    Student ordered takeaway just to get delivery driver to remove spider

    Student ordered takeaway just to get delivery driver to remove spider
  4. S

    loot.co.za acting nonsense

    Good day to all of you! I am new, hoping I am posting in the correct section. If not, sorry, please advise where I should post this. I ordered a Core i7 4th Generation on loot.co.za for R639, see attached picture. Clearly states price, and so on. I then today got an e-mail that goes as...
  5. R

    Getting ADSL

    So my place can finally get ADSL. Having never had DSL, what is the current process? Is there an installation cost? How long does it take, if I say ordered today? Does that Closer Package workaround still work? And oh, Telkom's coverage says I can get up to 10Mbps, do I go for this max speed...
  6. S

    Local Tracking Number from International Tracking Number (DealExtreme)

    Hi, I placed an order from DealExtreme, and my package has left Hong Kong, indicated by "Departure from outward office of exchange" - 2013/07/29 11:45 I have ordered from DealExtreme 3 times before, and every time I have either got a postal slip to fetch the goods from CapeMail or...
  7. Rouxenator

    Debonairs.co.za online orders - do they ever work?

    I just placed an order online at debonairs.co.za with instruction that I will collect at my local branch less than 1km from where I work. Everything went fine and it said my order will be ready in 15 minutes. I tried to track the order but the only thing I managed to do was to do a quick...
  8. Rouxenator

    I ordered ADSL (and now I'll go to hell)

    After seeing the insanely cheap offerings from M-Web I sold my soul to the devil and applied for an ADSL connection on Telkoms eDSL site. What happens next? Any tips or advice? I went for ADSL only with nothing extra (phones/routers). I already have a wireless router (Linksys) so as modem...