1. J

    [GUIDE] Installing OS X in AORUS X7 V2

    This guys is really generous and genius ~! AORUS Forum ( see more ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88-9KtArSrU Quote "Since I bought the machine, I've been looking forward how to install the OS into this powerful beast. Today, I announce this hackintosh edition for X7 V2. It...
  2. M

    Critical zero-day flaws in Apple’s iOS & OS X could allow hackers to steal passwords

    Critical zero-day flaws in Apple’s iOS and OS X could allow hackers to steal passwords Source
  3. J

    Looking for a OSX to OSX remote desktop that doesnt suck

    Hi Everyone I have an iMac 21.5 that is feeling a the strain of professional photo editing. To remedy this I want to build a Hackintosh server, and use the iMac (and its amazing screen) to remote desktop into the server and work on it over the LAN. Both will be connected via gigabit copper...
  4. K

    MacBook Pro Boot Drive

    Hey Hey On a couple of MacBook Pros, the optical drives have been replaced by 750GB HDDs and the original 5400rpm HDDs replaced by SSDs. The SSDs were installed 1st, and then a while later the optical drives were replaced by HDD caddies and the 7200rpm HDDs. All is hunky dory except for the...
  5. DJ...

    Does iTunes copy your music when you add it to the library?

    I'm busy adding about 500GB of music to my iTunes library. The music is located on my media server that I connect to wirelessly. My concern is that iTunes says that it is processing each file individually but in the background (in the media information box that usually shows now playing info) it...
  6. d0b33

    Steam for Macintosh and Steam for PC are married via "Steam Play"

    link Good news.. :)
  7. d0b33

    Google Chrome getting there

    I gave the latest beta a try and I am impressed, I'm not disappointed as I was with the first beta releases, replaced safari, no regrets so far.
  8. d0b33

    VirtualBox 3.1.0 Final Released - Mac OS X users encouraged to update

    Article Download
  9. bwana

    MacHeist Nano Bundle

    Six free apps available for download: ShoveBox WriteRoom Twitterrific TinyGrab Hordes of Orcs Mariner Write http://www.macheist.com/
  10. d0b33

    Performance showdown: OSX Snow Leopard beats Windows 7

  11. d0b33

    Benefits of 64bit kernel?

    So after installing SL on my late 2007 Santa Rosa macbook I found out that this mac only supports the hybrid kernel not 64bit version, but if I view my processes most are intel(64bit) so most apps are running in 64Bit mode, but there is a trick that allows you to force the 64bit kernel at bootup...
  12. K

    OSX on netbooks

    Anyone here running OSX (Leopard preferably) on a netbook? Which one? How is it working? I'm giving the Dell Mini 9 some serious thought. It is apparently 100% compatible.
  13. bwana

    Google's Quick Search Box

    Heard about this on last weeks MBW - for those who are over-awed by Quicksilver the author, now employed by Google, has come up with this. I'm going to kick the tyres for a few days and give Quicksilver a much deserved rest :D...
  14. d0b33

    Mac OS X Flaws

    Continues here...
  15. bwana

    Keyboard shortcuts

    I'm not sure how I missed this but I've just found out that in 10.5 you can assign keyboard shortcuts to almost anything now including network Locations, dock positions and even things under Recent Items such as servers. :D
  16. A

    Neotel on *nix

    Hi, Has anyone successfully configured their Neotel devices to have a sustainable connection on a non-Windows machine? I subscribed to the service and were very happy with the customer service but neglected to check the one small detail of OS support. Only having a mac and an OpenSolaris...
  17. R

    Time Machine ...yawn

    Getting back into Mac now i see so many people raving about Time Machine. Whats the big deal ? rsync has been around and doing the same thing for many years.... Give me a few reasons why Time Machine (apart) from the gui is better the UNIX we all know and love ?
  18. V

    Obvious and not so Obvious Short cuts..

    So I use a whole bunch of shortcuts that I've come across over the years that make life just that little bit easier. Yet everyday someone shows me a short cut I didn't know about.. As such, I'd like this thread to be posts of short cut key strokes that we use that others may or may not know...
  19. V

    Exposé - Mac's greatest feature?

    Interested to hear other people's opinions on a feature I just can't live without... Drive's me insane when I have to use XP and there's no freakin' Exposé!!!
  20. O

    Basic lesson: Microsoft listens to its users

    Still a few years to go, before Office is usefull on a Mac.