1. F

    Overwatch (Blizzard Game) Cant connect to server via Telkom LTE

    Hi Guys. Im trying to find out of anyone has the same issue. I cant connect to the Overwatch Servers. When I log into the game its says "Entering Game" and then "Lost connection". Switching to my phones internet as a hotspot, it has no issues logging in. I have added a Route trace below but I...
  2. R

    Huge Frame Drops - Overwatch

    Good Day Forum. Recently started to experience insane frame drops during Overwatch gameplay. I have noticed that when my frames drop there is a reduction in fan speed. GPU, MB & External case fans? Current Setup: Operating System Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 4670 @...
  3. TribbleZA

    Severe: Twitch Stream

    Just a plug for my daughter. She has started a Twitch stream and is hoping to gather a following. She plays CSGO, PUBG, Fortnite (though the admits she sucks at that one). Her IGN is Severe and her boyfriend uses the name Crucial (you may have heard of him in CSGO circles). They will be...
  4. P

    Overwatch Competetive

    Quick Question! How is everyone doing in Overwatch Competetive? I'm interested in seeing how high South-Africans have been able to get ranked? Is there a way of filtering players by Country on sites like masteroverwatch? I played in Mid-Platinum for two seasons, but have since dropped to...
  5. Newsfeed

    You can play Overwatch for free next weekend

    You can play Overwatch for free next weekend Blizzard will host an Overwatch Free Weekend from 22 September.
  6. R

    Rendering Device Lost - OVERWATCH

    Right, so I have been getting this error recently (See image). What happens is, usually during play, the game will freeze and then show this error. It will then automatically close the game. I have been getting this error ever since the latest Doomfist patch for the game. Research has...
  7. Newsfeed

    Overwatch Summer Games set to release this month

    Overwatch Summer Games set to release this month Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has launched the Summer Games 2017 event.
  8. Y

    Le PC Gamers

    I'm a moderator on small discord server, Le PC Gamers. Started as a gaming server amongst friends, then they brought more friends and I thought that making friends through a medium we all enjoy is a great thing. From the name you can tell we mainly play PC games but we do not mind people that...
  9. M

    PS4 games, Far Cry 4 (sealed) and Shadow of Mordor used, good condition

    Item: Far Cry 4 Limited Edition, still sealed Location: Pretoria/Centurion Reason: too violent, it's for my kid Delivery Method: any, buyer pays Price: R500 neg Item: Shadow of Mordor Location: Pretoria/Centurion Reason: too violent, it's for my kid Delivery Method: any, buyer pays...
  10. N

    Higher latency on Fibre than DSL while gaming

    Hi all, Telkom activated my 10 meg uncapped fibre package today and I was excited to experience lower latency but have been very disappointed. I would like to get some feedback on others experiences and recommendations with latency on Overwatch or CS:GO. My average ms playing Overwatch was...
  11. H

    Overwatch Competitive S3

    I'm curious if anyone else is interested in perhaps forming a team to play "casual competitive"? By that I mean have some mild form of structure and times to practice and play competitive on a regular basis. Not meant to be super serious. I just found in S2, being still relatively new to the...
  12. N

    High Latency to EU Blizzard Servers - Afrihost 4mb capped

    Hi gentlemen and ladies After having a really pleasant time playing the Overwatch beta and getting around 160 - 180ms on my 4mb capped Afrihost line, I was rather unpleasantly surprised to discover that after the game's launch, I am now getting around 300ms. Using Blizzard's looking glass...