1. carstensdj

    Prying Eyes & Protection?

    Hey Guys n Gals, Anyone know of a simple, decent, FREE software that can protect USB Flash drives and external drives? Basically have a "Work" folder on each that contains sensitive security info and want a software that will request a password to open or view that particular file. Any...
  2. jes

    New Facebook security system does not substitute for good user habits

    New Facebook security system does not substitute for good user habits Sophos warns that Facebook's new once-off password gives no guarantee of security and may even introduce a vulnerability in account security
  3. rpm

    Password system among losses in Google theft: NYT

    Password system was among losses in Google theft Computer hackers who attacked Google last year targeted a password system that controls access to most of the Internet giant's online services, The New York Times reported Tuesday.
  4. M

    Mozilla Weave - thoughts?

    This might have come up before if so, forgive me. But this is just such great flippin software. I hate vendor loyalty, but I'd find it really hard to use another browser if it didn't offer password, history, tab and bookmark sync. I can see which tabs that are open on other machines. I...
  5. CrzWaco

    Is there a way...

    Is there a way to add a password on a file in Vista without having to hide the file. Not talking about the permissions you can set.
  6. S


  7. d0b33

    Ubuntu, create a user with a blank password

    If you're like me and not paranoid about security this might be useful... ->Open a terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) ->Type sudo gedit /etc/shadow ->Look for the line containing your user eg. user:$1$5druSp26$nVpXn5EVk73sWzZlhLuXNB1:13996:0:99999:7::: ->Replace the Bold...
  8. A

    WLAN Settings on N80

    :confused:My DLINK Router is in Bridge Mode. How can I get my N80 to see the WLAN & be able to enter a Username & password? ANYBODY, Please help...
  9. M

    HELP: WinRAR Password

    Hey guys I zipped my files (with WinRAR) sometime ago but I have totally forgotten the password. How can I retrieve them. Thanks