1. T

    Homemade Pizza

    We always used the pre-made pizza bases from Pick 'n Pay My SU is now disgusted - as we've bought Today's pizza bases, and these definitely are smaller than PnP's bases. Apart from that it's lekker to make your own pizza - with your own toppings and stuff :D
  2. S

    IT Stereotypes

    I am wondering about stereotypes pushed around via media and in certain places with regards to IT folk in terms what they consume like coffee, do other nationalities consume it as much or at all as per americanized point of view? "Let's go for a beer", does it apply if you are a middle...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Ordering pizza online in South Africa

    Ordering pizza online in South Africa We wanted pizza and we wanted to order it online – this is what South African franchises have to offer.
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    The world’s first playable DJ pizza box

    The world’s first playable DJ pizza box Pizza Hut has launched the world’s first playable DJ decks pizza box, which is available at restaurants in the UK.
  5. Aqua_lung

    Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

    Mmmm, Pizza. Original Post:
  6. M

    Domino's Pizza Coming to South Africa

    World leader will become Taste’s premier pizza brand in SA Taste Holdings has signed a 30-year master licence agreement to develop the international Domino’s Pizza brand in Southern Africa. Domino’s Pizza is considered the world's leading pizza delivery brand in both store numbers and unit...
  7. W

    Best Pizza Place ? Quality VS Value ?

    Pizza is one of the greatest inventions off all time !! I just wanna have this debate to have all youre opinions of the Coolest pizza joints and the Ultimate question Quality vs Value ? I can vouch Value is Romans pizza the Tops !
  8. Lycanthrope

    WTF is this and why was it on my pizza?!

    I believe it's a calamari tentacle... On what was otherwise a perfect vegetarian pizza (olives, garlic, feta, mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes, chilli) :sick: Ever found anything on your food that was never supposed to be there? :mad:
  9. Rouxenator online orders - do they ever work?

    I just placed an order online at with instruction that I will collect at my local branch less than 1km from where I work. Everything went fine and it said my order will be ready in 15 minutes. I tried to track the order but the only thing I managed to do was to do a quick...
  10. morkhans

    MyBB CPT Meet - Cape Town

    Hidy Ho Capies! :D Time for our next meet. Seeing as the last one was out in the sticks, this one will be closer to home. Venue: Col'Cacchio, Cape Town Date: Tuesday 5 May 2009, 19:00 for 19:30 Info: Venue Details and Map Please RSVP in the thread or drop me a PM. Who's coming: Morkhans +1...
  11. Lycanthrope


    I'm getting some tonight. MUWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! 'fess up! Who else is planning on mid-week pizza? :D :D