1. Zenbaas

    Home TV(LCD/Plasma) repair service recommendations

    Basically as the thread title suggests. Can anyone recommend a well priced reliable service that does this...? Our 59" Samsung plasma has bitten the dust after a flurry of load shedding incidents originally (yes it was on a surge protector plug which didn't seem to help much in retrospect)...
  2. R

    Where can I buy a brand new plasma screen

    My 10 yr old lg plasma screen has finally given up on me. I have spent R3000 fixing it. The spare parts are expensive. I hv seen the quality of HD led, UHD tvs especially if it's for Dstv viewing, which is not really a true HD and nothing beats the quality of plasma. Can anyone tell where in...
  3. G

    What TV PS4 and for mainly watching sport ! PLEASE HELP US :)

    What TV to buy for playing PS4 and for mainly watching sport ! PLEASE HELP US :) Hi There, Would anyone be able to help me and my flatmates choose a tv to play ps4 on and obviously to watch tv (mainly sports). I know the Plasma is great for sports and that but I'm not sure if this is the...
  4. Rouxenator

    AIM ALED-S50FHD 50" Full HD LED TV - feedback wanted

    I am toying with the idea of replacing my kw-guzzling-burned-in Samsung 51" plasma with something a little more energy efficient and not prone to burn in. Full HD is also a nice upgrade over the HD Ready that I currently have. So therefore I would like to know if anyone has experience of a...
  5. Rouxenator

    New Plasma from Samsung (hopefully the last)

    Source :,3867.html Looks good, but no doubt you will need a flux capacitor to run it and after a few years it will have burned in channel logos and what not.
  6. NeonNinja

    Cheapest 40" TV

    I know Game had it for R2599. Special over. Esquire has a 39" Coby (?) for R2499 ex.
  7. B

    Samsung PS51F5500 Plasma

    Thanks to recommendations by PostmanPot and Keeper (and others), I also got myself the Samsung PS51F5500 Plasma recently and thought it would be a good idea to start this thread for anything related to this TV.... I have some questions I'm hoping other owners of this unit may be able to answer...
  8. E

    FHD Plasma TVs in South Africa

    I'm looking for the most cost effective Full HD Plasma I can find - any ideas? So far only found Samsung PS51F5500 @ R10000 LG and Panasonic don't seem to have smaller (40 - 50") Full HD Plasma TVs anymore...
  9. M

    Can direct sunlight damage my plasma TV?

    As the title suggests. If I let the sun in, it shines directly onto my TV and I'm a bit worried that it might cause some damage (if that's possible). Is the TV at risk or is it a non-issue?
  10. G

    Samsung Plasma Black Dead Line

    Hey guys. I bought my Samsung Plasma last year from Game. 1 Year and 10 days ago to be exact. Today while playing Xbox this thick black line appears. Anybody know if this can be fixed or what caused this? Is there Samsung repair place in Cape Town or how long is the Samsung warranty...
  11. jes

    New Samsung plasma smart TV pricing for SA

    New Samsung plasma smart TV pricing for SA Samsung Electronics South Africa has unveiled their new plasma Smart TV range, promising improved functionality and interactivity
  12. R

    Suggestions for a 46-50" non-3D HDTV for use as a PC monitor?

    Wasn't sure if I should post this here or in gadgets, so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I'm looking for either a plasma or lcd monitor to be wall mounted in my living room and connected up to my gaming and multimedia PC. I'm not particularly interested in 3D at this point - seems to...
  13. S

    Deals; Find 'em, Post 'em, Buy 'em

    FHD 3D LED Backlit/edgelit LCD, okay and not LED backlit/edgelit lcd and plasma if you insist From here we are going to assume LED stands for LCD with LED back or side lighting. Im hunting for a FHD LED Passive 3D TV for my lounge, I figured starting a thread like this would save some folks a...
  14. J

    USB Hub - Samsung LCD USB Media

    Hi guys, Was wondering if any of you have tried using a USB hub (usb powered and/or AC powered) to connect/plug multiple hard drives for the samsung integrated media player to pick it up. Would be kinda neat if it does work. I tried a el'cheapo 'sahara' usb powered - and did not work... so...
  15. R

    TV Screen dilemma: Samsung Plasma D450/90 vs 5-series LED: Reflection issues?

    Hey guys, I'm SOOO sold on Samsung's Plasma screen: lovely picture. I was about to buy it at GAME for the handsome price of R4999 for the 42 inch when a family member remarked that the new place I'm moving into next month has a fair amount of windows around the TV area. So... this makes...
  16. G

    3D LCD or Plasma

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new TV and was wondering what your opinions are on the 3D tv's? I'm looking for at least a 42". Does not necessarily have to be a 3D tv which is why i'm asking you for your opinions on this first. And if you do say yes, go for 3d then which model tv? Is HD...
  17. S

    Telefunken 42" plasma

    Hi all, New to these threads... Looking to buy and HD (preferably full-HD) TV for my lounge. I found a Telefunken 42" plasma (VPM-420FHDI) for R5k. I want to mainly watch sport, a few HD movies (from my computer) and maybe a few HD games. Is this a worthwhile set to go for? I know...
  18. V

    Sony plasma TV repair

    My Sony 42" plasma (model 42FWD PX2, I think) stopped working a while ago. I was quoted about R 8 000 for the repair; apparently the X and Y (?) boards both needed to be replaced. I used the money to buy a new unit (Samsung 42" plasma with three years warranty !) but wouldn't mind repairing the...
  19. tsume

    Sansui TV's

    I went looking at some TV's todays, went into Hi-Fi Corporation and there was this HD ready 55" Sansui plasma TV for R9000. I wasn't even going to buy it as I'm unfamiliar with the brand and the quality (I was personally leaning on Sony, Samsung or Toshiba), but was told that there is a special...
  20. M

    Hyundai's TV's: Who manufacturers them? The car dealer? And who distributes them?

    Who manufacturers Hyundai's TV's? The car dealer? And who distributes them?