poor connectivity

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    ISP Afrika - Constant loss of connectivity

    Good Evening Ladies and Gents ISP Afrika 50mbps Fibre I’m typing this out on my mobile LTE device sitting here all relaxed because this has happened so many times before that I’ve already given up. I will be moving soon and don’t want to go through the schlep of getting a new service provided...
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    Vodacom Signal Woes - Be ready to lose customers!

    Vodacom boasts every time in their adverts that they have very few dropped calls. Maybe this is because they actually cannot connect at all due to bad signal. And this is not happening somewhere in the rural areas of South Africa, it happens in the heart of Johannesburg. Albertsdal to be...
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    TelkomInternet slow, erratic connection speeds, decent ping

    Suffering much frustration this AM and was hoping to get some insight into my TelkomInternet ADSL issues from the forum. My Telkom ADSL line account was upped to a 10Mbs line a few days ago. My TI account was upgraded to match at the same time to a TI DO Uncapped Premium +. For an hour or...
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    Data Bundles dodgy once one hits last 10% of bundle,..

    You know, it bites me, i use bundles 2gb monthly and well, have done so for years,.. EVERY time one gets to the back end of the bundle ones connection goes for a ball of sh...t,.. What really grinds my gears is that as a successful 'learner' i manage my bundles rather well to the point that...
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    Vodacom 3G service particularly dismal in Kyalami, Glenferness AH

    I'd like to report on my 3G connectivity situation. It's terrible. I reside in the Glenferness AH area of Kyalami, and I am literally 500m from a Vodacom tower. I used to experience really good 3G service, but it has been steadily going downhill since around March 2009. Its more than...