1. M

    C and C++ on Windows Desktop, Internet protocols, Machine control, Poker.

    Job description: Senior Software Developer. Location or telecommuting: Anywhere in SA. Telecommute OK too. Permanent or part-time: Either. Junior, intermediary or senior: Senior. Availability: One month. Experience: Electronics, 30 years software development, from Basic, to...
  2. L

    Dear MWEB (Zimbra)

    Thank you for today MWEB, thank you. The day that I am not at work your Zimbra idea goes all south ... ... and the boss thinks his email account has been deleted. Who fixed it? I did MWEB, I did. I think. Then in my absence his outlook pulls in 4000+ emails. Duplicates everywhere. Such...
  3. S

    MWEB Uncapped Hosting - No connection to own pop3 server

    Hey Everyone. I have the R99p/m MWEB hosting package for my small business website. I recently installed both Joomla and Hesk onto it and found a very disturbing problem: MWEB is blocking (probably firewalling) connections from the hosting server to anywhere outside your website?? First...
  4. D

    please help - Exchange server, POP

    Hi there, I hope I didn’t post this in the wrong category.. My question is.. Usually I would set people up for mail like this -create email accounts on cpanel... -then configure their outlook with the details to retrieve their mail, works fine. My issue is now I'm busy working on...
  5. LazyLion

    Windows Mobile 6 - How to set up e-mail?

    Can someone please walk me through the steps to set up e-mail on Windows Mobile 6. The phone is an HP iPAQ 614c. There is no mail client that I can find on the phone. The mail server would be for Gmail, but I want to be able to set up for any mail. Thanks!
  6. LazyLion

    Problem with Telkom's POP3 Server?

    was just at a client. She is still on dial-up. Retired lady. Yesterday she was able to download her Telkom e-mail... but today it WILL NOT log in to the POP3 server. We have not changed any settings. Funny thing is... I can ping the POP3 server... I just can't log into it to get her...
  7. V

    Vista windows mail

    hi! im currently using my vodacom phone to connect to the internet on my laptop, while im waiting for my adsl to be installed. im trying to connect my emails using windows mail. i have entered the correct passwords etc, but it gives me a pop up "logon to pop3.telkomsa.net". if i enter the...