port elizabeth

  1. R

    Port Elizabeth

    How is port Elizabeth compared to durban as a city for local tourism, job prospects and holidays? Is it established or more upcoming and still finding its feet? I just went on Google earth and it seems like Polokwane on the coast. As in not much is going on
  2. J

    JCJ Group Telecoms

    JCJ Group Telecoms Telecom Service Providers in Port Elizabeth Great service and advice at competitive prices www.jcjgroup.co.za 0410040322
  3. RedViking

    Stop complaining about pronouncing Gqeberha

    It could have been something like Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenu https://www.newzealand.com/us/feature/the-longest-place-name-in-new-zealand/ Can you think of some others you find difficult to pronounce?
  4. B

    Unreliable Afrihost Fibre in Port Elizabeth.

    So I went from the dreaded Telkom ADSL to the latest fibre from Afrihost (by Frog Foot) about 3 months ago. Went down at 12h15. As this is the third incident in as many months, I left it for an hour. I then opened the Whats App communication (as they say it is faster) at 14h23. At 17h56, I got...
  5. PhireSide

    Midrange Gaming PC for sale(Ryzen 5 1600, GTX1070, 16GB DDR4-3200, 250GB SSD, Win 10 Pro, 550W PSU) R9500

    Hey all, My PC has been seeing very little use these past few months and I'd rather it go to a new home than sit in my study unused for 25 days of the month. I'm keeping my current 2TB drive, but will include genuine Windows 10 Pro installed to the SSD with the 1TB drive if taken as a bundle...
  6. J

    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Just wanted to start a new thread for all issues, etc. as the other threads had specific issues as their thread titles. Just a heads up for tonight too:
  7. G

    No LTE internet in Port Elizabeth, Bluewater Bay

    I experience now since 1 Week that Telkom dont sends LTE in PE, Bluewater Bay. Router Website is saying "No Service". Is there someone else in this area who has the same problem?
  8. aybbleek

    Best butcher or meat shop in PE?

    I'm looking for suggestions of butchers or retail shops in PE to get really good quality meat. I'm not too concerned about price if the quality, taste, cuts, etc. justify it. I know of and have bought from: - Merino Butchery - Continental Butchery - Stadium Butchery Thanks in advance
  9. R

    C# Software Developer – (6 Month Contract)

    We are looking for an intermediate to senior level developer who is passionate about development. Skill Requirements: • Computer Science diploma or better (or similar diploma/degree) • At least 2 or more Years relevant work experience • Experience in .NET development (C#, ASP.NET) •...
  10. M

    Port Elizabeth Mweb - Slow

    Hi is anyone experiencing the following 1. Slow Browsing (mostly local and some websites require a refresh before page displays) 2. Random Disconnection (no internet - red light/no light on router) 3. High ping, slow downloads not really reaching 1.80 (2 MB Connection uncapped) Couldn't think...
  11. jes

    SA stoning murder viral video investigated by police

    SA stoning murder viral video investigated by police An investigation into cellphone footage of a man being stoned to death is underway, Eastern Cape police said
  12. D

    Eastern Cape IT Support

    We are a newly establish IT Consulting Company based in Port Elizabeth and will be covering the eastern cape. Everything from internet services, hardware, software, data cabling, desktops, networking infrastructure, servers, exchange. Almost everything you can think off we do it! PM for any...
  13. P

    Seanotes Warning

    Just my view of my recent experience at this place. If you want your privacy invaded....go to Seanotes Seanotes - Warning :wtf:
  14. F

    Cool places to photograph in PE?

    Hey so I know there are a couple guys from pe that are into there photography. I was wondering If you guys are wiling to share some nice spot in pe to photograph? I am from pe so I know the area, but I would like some ideas, and I guess if any visitors stumble apron this thread it will help them...
  15. J

    Dance show in Uitenhage

    Never mind...
  16. hilton

    Any recommended car hire services in PE?

    Other than the usual suspects, are they any independent car hire services that are available and are recommended in Port Elizabeth please?
  17. jes

    Porn SMS threatens marriages in PE

    Porn SMS threatens marriages in PE Porn SMS doing the rounds in PE makes married couples question their spouses loyalty
  18. The Door

    ZTE and Dixiway Telecoms Chinese national employees prosecuted for gill netting

    Not sure this is the best forum for this article, but here goes: A ZTE and telecoms employee and a Dixiway telecoms employee have been prosecuted for gill netting near PE in the Swartkops river http://www.fishingec.com/?p=9193 I disagree with the article re: the 'hefty' fine... they...
  19. M

    Relocating to Port Elizabeth

    I have just accepted an offer for permanent employment in PE. I will be moving up next week with my wife & 2 sons (aged 3 & 8). I have found a house to lease in Christopher Ave, Charlo. Anyone here know how this area is? My kid will be going to Charlo Primary School. Should I be looking at...
  20. F

    ADSL briefly dropping in Port Elizabeth

    Is anyone else in Port Elizabeth having problems where their ADSL drops all of their connections for a couple of seconds (particularly on 4mb line)? It happens every hour or so.. the actual link doesn't go down (PPPoE session remains connected), but all active connections drop and reconnect...