1. B

    Yoco & Xero - Capturing

    Hi Guys, I've been puzzling over this for quite a while and have done research to no avail really. I have a client that has a small business as a coffee shop. They use Yoco as their POS. I capture their bank statements on Xero Accounting every month for VAT purposes. I know Yoco integrated...
  2. C

    Pos overlay incorect time isue

    Good day.ive looked everywhere and cant find a solution to my stupid problem.now i work for a shop.for safety and security reasons i wont give to much details.but they have a point of sales overlay program that displays what a person buys on the security camera located over a til..now my issue...
  3. S

    Qty issue in Pastel Point of Sale

    Can anyone tell me how to fix an issue when you changed Pastel to only handle no decimal qty in Pastel. The setting was changed in the Main Inventory settings to 0 decimal, but when selling in Point of Sale it allows eg .5 of an item to sell by reducing the selling price by the .5 and still...
  4. pratlou

    Point of sale system - suggestions?

    Hi all I would like some suggestions regarding which point of sales would you recommend for hardware type retailer? Currently retailer is using manual system to capture sales, payments and consolidate everything on excel sheet, this system has proved to be prone to errors e.g incorrect sale...
  5. B

    Humble Till POS

    Does anyone have experience with the Humble Till POS system? I'm opening a retail store and after doing some research Humble Till looks like an easy solution for someone who is inexperienced but I'm not 100% sure!
  6. zaidmo

    SA credit and debit cards compared - for overseas purchases and withdrawals

    Hi I've been trying to find the cheapest way to spend overseas. I did a comparison of all the major cards in SA here: http://travpacker.com/much-charged-atm-withdrawals-pos-payments-south-african-debitcredit-card-abroad/ When it comes to travel wallets I find that purchasing forex notes...
  7. N

    Vacancy - Durban Based - Junior/Graduate Software Developer

    Do you want to be part of a dynamic, growing, software consulting company with clients across SA? If you have the knowledge and ability to: develop, support and maintain software systems deployed at multiple client sites and hosted environments design and develop new ideas in the retail...
  8. B

    Which retailers support NFC

    Does anyone know which retailers regularly have NFC terminals available at paypoints (supporting Paypass)? Will probably mostly be fast food chains where smaller amounts needs to be paid. Thanks!
  9. philaniH


    :)Compliments:) Compliments:)Compliments:) i'm looking for a pos for my hardware shop, been googling but no ZA provider seems to have an on-line demo, trial or some video to see how it works, i also need to integrate it with any open source eCommerce solution and a card payment processor...
  10. F

    POS Software

    Hi All Can anyone recommend a POS software system that can manage the supermarket products as well as generate electricity and airtime and speed point card payment system compatible, something similar to what pick n pay uses etc. but Cheap and affordable. The shop is a small supermarket has...
  11. D

    VPN Help - Connecting remotely to a LAN Point-Of-Sales system while traveling abroad

    Hello :)! I currently have POS workstations connected via LAN to a server that is on the same premises, each with static IPs. I now acquired a Tablet-PC running Windows 8.1 with the same POS software installed, it works perfectly within the same network via LAN or WiFi and now I want to...
  12. B

    POS ( Point of Sales ) - Micros vs GAAP vs Pilot

    Hi Guys, I need outside input if you've had experience with the three above POS systems. This is for a hotel restaurant & bar, the system needs to be able to run tabs / keep some intelligent reporting ( stock levels / sales / recon ) ( Micros / GAAP / Pilot ) 1. Number of Issues with the...
  13. J

    I hate Blackberry thread

    Looks like there is no specific Blackberry Hate thread on myBB, so Im starting one. If I get no replies, then it's all still OK, I just need to rant albeit just to remind myself never to buy this POS again. Sure millions will buy BB in RSA, but millions voted for the ruling party too - doesn't...
  14. B

    Point of Sale hardware

    Good day Ladies and Gents I'm in search of very low cost POS hardware. My target market is the rural areas of south africa, mainly Free state and KZN. I wil then move to Limpopo, Western Cape and Mpumalanga. I want to supply them with open source Software as a form of "giving back"...
  15. Y

    [DBN] POS Solution for Prayer & Spice shop.

    Good Day friends, To put a long personal story (read fail on myside) short, the company i worked for before sold my bro a quickbooks package that was indeed illegal. Now 2 years later, support is non existent etc from said company. However I completely responsible for 1) for trusting them...
  16. T

    Remote POS Tracking/Updating

    Hey guys/girls I am busy doing a network for a company and just need to find out a bit of info. He owns a mass amount of stores (100+) in JHB and basically needs POS at each store, but needs to be able to access the information in real time from a remote connection, and also needs to be...
  17. eye_suc

    How To: A simple, custom POS

    hey guys i've been toying with the idea of constructing our own POS for the pub, but the motivation has never been there for the investor (father). however, after recent events he has seen the light and is fully backing me in this little side project. the problem: bartenders give out...