pravin gordhan

  1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Government details potential of SAA deal

    Government details potential of SAA deal South Africa’s government has retained special voting rights in the country’s national carrier even after selling a majority stake, and will be given R3 billion ($186 million) in preference shares that can be redeemed through future cashflow. That means...
  2. PrimeSteak

    Gordhan wants scrap metal export ban in bid to halt infrastructure vandalism
  3. Jan

    Don't worry, Eskom can still go all the way to Stage 8 load-shedding - Gordhan

    Stage 8 power cuts possible to protect grid — Minister Public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan has dismissed calls to declare a state of disaster for Eskom, saying that the power utility has plans in place to protect South Africa’s grid from total collapse. “There should therefore be a...
  4. Jan

    Eskom's says it shielded consumers from a 27.8% price increase

    Why Eskom is fighting for a 20.5% price increase Eskom will have to ask for more government bailouts if it does not get the "cost-reflective" 20.5% electricity tariff increase it is seeking for the next financial year. That was the gist of the state-owned power utility's written response to a...
  5. Jan

    Eskom will announce Stage 3 load-shedding on Thursday - Pravin Gordhan

    Eskom promises good news about load-shedding Eskom expects to move South Africa from stage 4 to stage 3 load-shedding on Thursday, public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan said during a live address. Gordhan said his department met with Eskom’s leadership, who said that they expect around...
  6. Jan

    Wasteful expenditure Eskom's De Ruyter is fighting - like R200,000 for a mop

    From R26 for a toilet roll to R200,000 for a mop — Wasteful expenses Eskom's De Ruyter is fighting Eskom chief André De Ruyter has been waging war against wasteful spending at the financially challenged power utility. The CEO's clampdown on preposterously expensive procurements of basic goods...
  7. Jan

    Eskom exports at least 1,706MW to neighbouring countries

    Eskom exports enough power to prevent two stages of load-shedding Eskom exports at least 1,706 megawatts (MW) to South Africa’s neighbours — enough power to mitigate a minimum of one stage of load-shedding and up to two stages, depending on the shortfall in its generation capacity. The power...
  8. Jan

    No ransom paid in Transnet attack - Gordhan

    Transnet ransomware hackers did not get a single cent Transnet did not pay any money to the hackers responsible for bringing much of the company’s operations to a grinding halt through a ransomware attack on its IT systems in late July. This was according to public enterprises minister Pravin...
  9. Chris

    Government failure will disrupt plans to procure emergency power

    Government failure will disrupt plans to procure emergency power Plans to procure emergency power from three Karpowership vessels are at risk because the Department of Public Enterprises has not established an independent ports authority, reports the City Press. Karpowership SA is meant to...
  10. C

    Padma award for Mr. Pravin Gordhan

    Padma Awards - one of the highest civilian Awards of the country, are conferred in three categories, namely, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri. The Awards are given in various disciplines/ fields of activities, viz.- art, social work, public affairs, science and engineering, trade...
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Pravin Gordhan can get billions from a VAT hike

    Pravin Gordhan can get billions from a VAT hike If Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan increases VAT by just 1%, it could result in up to R20bn more for government, according to Arthur Kamp, economist at Sanlam Investments.
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Eskom owed billions by municipalities

    Municipalities owe Eskom billions Municipalities around the country owed Eskom R10.8 billion at the end of June, according to Co-operative Governance Minister Pravin Gordhan
  13. jes

    Government’s plan to boost SA broadband

    Government’s plan to boost SA broadband Finance minister Pravin Gordhan delivered his budget speech 2014 today, in which broadband made a guest appearance
  14. jes

    DoC performance targets scrapped

    DoC performance targets scrapped The Department of Communications sidesteps many of its performance indicators where it may be failing
  15. Jan

    R6 million E-toll legal bill footed by SA taxpayers: Gordhan

    R6 million taxpayer bill to defend E-tolls: Minister The South African taxpayer has already footed a R6 million legal bill to defend E-tolls, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan told parliament.
  16. jes

    Digital tax is great, says copyright expert

    Digital tax is great: legal expert Purchasing digital goods without paying tax on these products has been hurting South Africa terribly, argues copyright expert Graham Gilfillan
  17. jes

    South Africans make global power list

    South Africans make global power list Nine South Africans, including President Jacob Zuma and DA leader Helen Zille, made the list of global magazine Foreign Policy’s 500 most powerful people.
  18. jes

    You will pay more for online products, says a tax expert

    You will pay more for online products, says a tax expert Tax expert says that South Africans can expect to pay more for online games, music and e-books because of government’s online VAT plans
  19. jes

    Your online purchases to be taxed: govt proposal

    Your online purchases to be taxed: govt proposal Pravin Gordhan has proposed enforcing VAT on foreign digital download services
  20. jes

    A third of e-Toll fees funds the collection process

    A third of e-Toll fees funds the collection process A third of the money Gauteng motorists would pay on tolling fees would not go towards the cost of the highway, according to reports on Saturday.