1. NeonNinja

    Cop calls taxi driver “@sshole”

  2. Gordon_R

    Three men survive helicopter crash in Pretoria street
  3. S

    Need Diesel Depots in various locations

    Hi all, I am hoping someone in the logistics industry will be able to help me. I need to find diesel depots at various locations in Gauteng, North West and Limpopo but because most of South Africa hasn't discovered the internet searching online isn't working out too well for me! We deploy...
  4. V

    Looking for a partner to walk from PTA to Polokwane and back.

    Hi guys, I'm planning a walk from Pretoria to Polokwane and back sometime next year. All I know is that I want to do it. I'm looking for someone who's insane enough to join me. The trip will be self funded, no sponsorship plans in the pipelines. Will discuss logistics in private. It might...
  5. H

    JHB vs PTA (culture, women etc)

    I'm a late 20's guy from Scandinavia who moved to Sandton about 2 years ago. As my lease is now up, I am thinking whether I should stay in Joburg's northern suburbs or if I should make a move to Pretoria. Some general questions: 1. Would/should I need to learn Afrikaans to be fully accepted...
  6. Koosie

    Xbox One Bundle

    Item name: Xbox one 500GB + 2 Controllers + Dual Charging dock and rechargeable batteries also including GTA V, The Division, Battlefield 4 Premium Age and condition: 2 years Do you include packaging: Original Packaging Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not using it Price: R4500...
  7. C

    Looking for changa

    My friend is suffering from addiction (well he just got out of rehab). He says he wants to stay on the path and in order for this to happen he needs deeper introspection. He's tried finding people that could help him with this to no avail. Could you help point him in the right direction?
  8. Newsfeed

    Pretoria Internet café shut down for fake car licences

    Pretoria Internet café shut down for fake car licences An undercover probe into fake licence discs led to the closure of an Internet café in Tshwane’s CBD and the arrest of two people on Friday.
  9. S

    University choices - I need help!

    Greetings I am a current matric student and so am wobbling upon the choices of universities. I am thinking of studying PPE, Acturial Science or English Language & Lit. My following options are: University of Pretoria University of Cape Town University of Stellenbosch I am...
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    14-year-old accepted to study physics at University of Pretoria

    14-year-old accepted to study physics at University of Pretoria 14-year old Hjalmar Rall is set to begin his undergraduate studies at the University of Pretoria this year.
  11. S

    No ADSL Wonderboom area

    Hi all, I have been experiencing extremely unstable ADSL connectivity in the Wonderboom (Pretoria) area, and since yesterday my ADSL does not sync anymore (I believe the router has finally decided the attenuation and SNR is just too poor). I am on a supposed-to-be 10Mbps line, and although...
  12. R


    RedCat Recruitment is urgently seeking an IT TEST MANAGER – position based in Pretoria. QUALIFICATIONS IT Diploma / BCom / BSc Degree is advantageous. Basic Qualification - ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL). Advanced Qualifications:- - Test Management (ITIL/ITPM) - Basics...
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    New photos show massive destruction in Pretoria

    New photos show massive destruction in Pretoria The Crime Intelligence and Community Awareness group has posted new photos showing destruction and looting in Pretoria.
  14. MDKza

    Eco Park Estate Fibre

    Hi, Noticed there we guys pulling uplinks cables in the estate on Tuesday. All I know is that its for fibre internet and nothing else. Anyone have any info?
  15. T

    Video game research in PTA region

    Hi everyone I'm a student and fellow gamer doing my MA in Research Psychology at the University of Pretoria. I'm busy doing research into video gaming and visual selective attention. I'm looking for gamers in the Pretoria region between the ages of 18 and 26 who would be willing to take part...
  16. RyanBrothwell

    Charges dropped against child murder-accused

    Charges were withdrawn on Tuesday against two of the four people accused of burning a schoolgirl to death in Letlhabile, near Brits, North West. The State withdrew charges against Koketso Moyo and Victor Pilane in the Brits Magistrate's Court. The matter against Cynthia Mosopi and...
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Do you want a world-class city as capital of South Africa, or do you want Pretoria?

    Do you want a world-class city as capital of South Africa, or do you want Pretoria? With President Jacob Zuma suggesting that South Africa should have one capital city, Cape Town said the choice is clear.
  18. G

    Which ISPs use Dark Fibre Africa?

    Dark Fibre Africa have fibre running down the street past our complex. However, they don't seem to provide ISP services to homeowners. Does anyone know if there is an ISP that provides connectivity over Dark Fibre's infrastructure?
  19. M

    Best time to go to Pretoria Home Affairs offices

    So after a 5 year wait and two different home affairs offices and countless hassles I have managed to get an unabridged birth certificate for my son so we can go to Mozambique in December. It has now mysteriously turned up at the Pretoria home affairs office. I know for collections timing on...