1. LazyLion

    Please use another browser if you want to take our Web Programming Course! Figures a lecturer in Web Programming would tell you not to use IE! :D
  2. M

    Why Developers Suck

    Originally posted on Semicolon Hey guys, latest article. Comments welcome. Read more of my blog Why your developer sucks-- Talifhani Luvhengo 1. He/She has a ‘God’ Complex Web Development by its very nature is a creative field. It’s a field were the developer invests themselves...
  3. D

    Best study strategy: E.Eng (light current) and CS

    I want to study Electronic Engineering (at UP/UCT) and learn how to write programmes. 1. Should I do Computer Science as a second course, after getting my first degree, or as a first? (e.g. does the one field have a greater demand than the other?) 2. Should I take something else instead...
  4. C

    Most Popular Programming Language, Do you know it?

    Hey all, I did some random web surfing, and since I'm the kinda guy that's constantly progressing and learning new things, I came across this very interesting article. To my amazement, it sort of changed my point of mind to software development. I've always been convinced that C++ is the...
  5. G

    Programmer Competency Matrix Some of you might find this interesting/useful.
  6. T

    LF cheap places to print programming pdf's?

    Any ideas I have a few programming pdf's and I would like to print a few of them. Two of them havn't been in print for the last ten years so I will have to print them myself. Where in the Western Cape preferably can I get this done for cheap?Thanks
  7. G

    What programming language should I learn?

    I want to learn to program but many tutorials are boring and go nowhere. What tutorial were good for you when you were a absulute beginner? I dont want to learn a web langauge but something to write apps with like python or delphi.
  8. R

    What programming language should I learn first?

    Found here. :D In response to the question “Which programming language should I learn first?” - one user responds: Depends. To program in an expressive and powerful language: Python. To get a website up quickly: PHP. To mingle with programmers who call themselves "rockstars": Ruby. To really...
  9. K

    Best Beginner Programming Languages?

    Hey Guys, I would like to find out, which is the easiest/most comprehensible, programming language for someone with no programming background, to sink their teeth into... The options are: C++ Java C# VB.NET If possible, can you also furnish a few major advantages, and disadvantages...
  10. R

    Want to know what programming language to choose? Read inside...

    Tips on choosing a programming language to learn
  11. M

    Do you hate meetings? Here's why...

    I found a brilliant article explaining why so many of us find meetings a total waste of time when we could be working. And why our bosses can't understand why things happen so slowly. My wife is a meeting person. It helped her understand things a bit better from my perspective :)...
  12. S


    Hey guys, I want to learn the C++ language, where should i start? what books should i get? Thanks!:D
  13. X

    SEO Tips for your site or blog

    Hi Some Steps that may help! It’s very limited so just look into them a bit more. Step 1 - Your Site is it optimised? Are your keywords and descriptions correct? Do you have errors on the pages, Missing links, Tags that don't conform to standards? Do you have relevant information on the...
  14. B

    Code Quiz!

    Hey guys, lets play a programming game! :cool: Rules. 1. A programming problem is posted (I'll start) 2. 1st person to solve it with a detailed explanation, posts the next problem 3. The person who posted the problem confirms that solution is correct and passes the baton. 4. We all learn...
  15. A

    Embarcadero Technologies to Acquire CodeGear from Borland Software

    The acquisition of CodeGear, Borland’s Developer Tools Division, will create the world’s largest, platform-independent software provider of database and application development tools. The combined company will offer customers the ability to better integrate their database and application...