1. N

    Looking for ASP.NET projects to join for novice developers

    So I just started learning to develop using ASP.NET. I'm using the book PROFESSIONAL ASP.NET 4.5 IN C# AND VB, I prefer using ASP.NET in C# since it's similar to Java in a lot of ways, I'm familiar with Java. I'm looking for any ASP.NET projects that I can contribute in, something that will...
  2. Y

    JOB OFFERED: Developer Internship at Yuppiechef

    If you’re a talented and passionate developer with a hunger to learn new things and be involved in projects from conception to delivery, Yuppiechef may well be the perfect place for you. We are one of South Africa's leading e-commerce companies, based in Westlake Business Park, with a team of...
  3. M

    Free and Open Source Software(FOSS) for Jobs

    I believe government can create more jobs by utilizing FOSS instead of off the shelf ready software. Graduates will be employed to improve the existing FOSS and learn hard core development skills at the same time. Commercial software are expensive and they do not give money to our country but to...
  4. K

    Need a program ?

    Hey!, I'm a junior programmer and Super bored these days. If you have a program and you are stuck or need a program too help you with work, I can help :)
  5. K

    Universities for a Computer Science Degree

    Hi, last time I saw a discussion about this was back in 2011. I thought I'd get one going again - what are your thoughts on the various universities in this country for getting a software development degree? I'm currently indecisive between Rhodes and UCT
  6. T

    Offical Anime Debate!!

  7. P

    The Most Stupid Question Ever...

    So I know you guys are going to think me a total dumb-ass but... Is it possible that extensive hours of programming over a week or 3 can be detrimental to ones mental or physical health? (I work out 2 x a week, and work my regular job during the week days) But weekends and almost every other...
  8. S

    C# and SQL Part Time Developers Required - All experience levels

    I have a small software development business and I am looking for a developer or two to do some part time work for me as my load is increasing. There is no particular experience level that I am looking for. A few scenarios are: * You are in school and over 16 and want explore a career in...
  9. NeonNinja

    Maybe not everybody should learn to code

    In the past few years, programming has gone mainstream, as celebrities from Chris Bosh to President Obama jump on the “everyone should learn to code” bandwagon. The idea is that teaching kids to code will make them employable and help American students keep up with their competition abroad...
  10. R

    Hiring software developers is difficult

    Hey All, I work for a company called Trackmatic Solutions ( and we are desperately looking to hire some software devs, however I'm coming short where ever I try. I have posted the job application on LinkedIn, Careers24, Gum Tree etc. I am getting tons of responses...
  11. KamikazeHamster

    Suggestions for staff training for Mobile Development

    Edit: We are based in Fourways, Johannesburg. The company I work for wants the staff to further their education. We need to suggest courses/training/certifications to management for them to review. A week long course during working hours is acceptable. We are a small team (5 devs) and have...
  12. NeonNinja

    The 14 characters you meet as a coder

    1. The Developer Diva. Developer Divas are not satisfied with standard accommodations; they need to be pampered. In fact, someone in management needs to devote at least 50 percent of his or her time to listen to the diva's complaints and get the diva to produce. If that management load increases...
  13. S

    Advice on Programming Strategy for Scraper

    Hi, I am looking to write a internet scraper, and have considered the following languages: Python C++ Java The scraper will need to: - Retrieve HTML code from a page - Select a link, name and description from a section of the page - Ask for user confirmation (non gui - maybe gui...
  14. NeonNinja

    Top 5 programming languages in 2018?

    What's the trend? In 5 years time what will be the top 5 relevant programming languages? In these arena's: Desktop (Windows) Mobile Web Cross-platform Database and query
  15. B

    FNB Deal Macbook Pro vs Macbook Air

    I've been a Windows and Linux user for as long as I've used computers. I'm currently a software engineer who programs mostly in Java, but also like to mess around in C++ and Python and recently, Android development. I'm considering trying out a Mac as I've heard great things about the...
  16. X

    Programming within a game

    Hey guys, this is my first post. My friend and I are coding a game in java(dont want to get into too much detail) one of our ideas are adding a terminal in the game and letting the player program(this is happening while playing). Is it possible to do this in java if so how would we do this and...
  17. S

    Changing to Programming

    I'm currently working as a technician for an I.T company in Secunda for SASOL. But I want to switch over to programming because that’s what I actually want to do. Now I have completed my MCTS exam 70-511 windows app dev. Do someone maybe know what will my chances be to get in as a programmer...
  18. J

    Is there anyone out there?

    I'm a UNISA university student based in Cape Town, I'm progressing to my 3rd year of studies from June. I'm funding my studies working part time as a barman, which pays the bills but is not the direction I am interested in. I feel like I am wasting my time as a barman, I feel like I could...
  19. 3

    Help with Java programming "For" loop

    Hi I need some help with Java....i am using jGrasp. And i need a solution to this problem using the "for" loop. It says: 1.1 input 5 numbers 1.2 Determine and output the largest number 1.3 Determine and output the sum of the numbers 1.4 Determine and output the average of the numbers...
  20. D

    Which route should i take to get into programming after UCT rejection

    Ive had my application for a Bsc IT at UCT declined for dodgy matric results and im looking for a way forward so that i don't make this year a waste. My intention is to try and do a few diplomas/short courses this year and start looking for work in the industry so that when i go the UNISA...