1. PrimeSteak

    Quick Code Review (Javascript)

    Hey guys, can someone give a quick look at my code for a calculator that takes a user's age in years and converts it into seconds. While I think my code is sound, Windows says otherwise.... But I ran my code through an online js code validator and it gave me the all clear? So what else should...
  2. PrimeSteak

    Freelancing and other programming odd job sites/tips

    Hey guys, could anyone give me some tips on freelancing, getting odd jobs as an aspiring software developer? My qualifications: I don't have a qualification yet (I'm going to start studying next year via UNISA), I only have Matric (matriculated last year), a certificate from a MySQL course I...
  3. PrimeSteak

    My ideas for the mobile app I'm making

    Hey guys, I'm planning to make a mobile app that will act as a reference and learning tool regarding Delphi, mainly targeted at Gr 10 -12 IT learners and people who want to learn the language. I have some ideas I want to get in the air and get some feedback about. The logo: Is it good enough...
  4. PrimeSteak

    What should the asking price be for the app I made?

    Hey guys, so I'm going to sell a program I made to the local dirt oval racing club. But I'm not sure what the price should be? I had an idea that I'd want to ask R3000 for it. Is it too high? Keep in mind, that this is the first program that I ever made at a "professional" scale, I also just...
  5. S

    Project offer: Converting Perfex to a SaaS

    Hi guys A colleague is looking for the below. I know the specifications are rough to almost non existent, but you will get the general idea. Any guidance, thoughts/input are welcome. Please let me know what is possible etc. @Thor Thank you!
  6. W

    Best Java Book

    Hi Everyone, I am currently looking for your opinion on the best book to learn Java in 2020. Ive read that Head First is great but it seems a bit outdated? Thank you! W
  7. J

    The most popular programming languages in the world

    The most popular programming languages in the world JavaScript remains the most popular programming language in the world, according to Amazon's State of the Developer Nation Survey for 2019. The language has more than 12 million users worldwide and is one of the fastest-growing programming...
  8. W

    Mac vs Windows for programming, computer science degree at Unisa

    Good day, Apologies if this question has been asked before. I’ve been reading the forums but there are mixed reviews. I have completed some small Python projects using my girlfriends mac and have been accepted to study computer science through Unisa next year. I’d like to buy my own laptop...
  9. MtraX

    What's next?

    What, in your opinion, are the tech stacks or platforms to look out for in the next 5 years and why?
  10. Johnatan56

    Text mining - beginner material

    Thought I'd just make a thread in regards to gathering beginner material on text mining. seems quite good, web version of:
  11. TribbleZA

    [Wanted] Programming Ethics and Documentation course

    I have a client that is looking for a 1/2 to 1 day training course on Programming ethics and documentation. I have not been able to find any in Gauteng. Anyone know of places or people offering such training? Anyone specialising in this field? I have been asked to create one, and while...
  12. J

    The most popular programming languages in the world

    The most popular programming languages in the world Java, C, and C++ remain the most popular programming languages in the world, according to the Tiobe Index for May 2018. Other popular languages include Python, C#, and Visual Basic, according to the rankings.
  13. J

    The most popular programming languages in the world

    The most popular programming languages in the world Java, C, and C++ remain the most popular programming languages in the world.
  14. N

    UNISA Computing vs Computer Science and Mathematics

    Who has completed either BSC Computing or BSC Computer Science and Mathematics, and can advise which is better for a software development career?
  15. M

    Part-time Software development study advice

    Hi Gents, I don't normally post much so excuse me if I miss any lingo or accepted practices here; Obviously as per the title I'm interested in studying software development part-time. I work in what I'd consider(I'm a newbie so please forgive) a neighbouring field with networking and I'm...
  16. J

    Work is your most important programming qualification

    Work is your most important programming qualification HackerRank recently published the results of its annual developer survey.
  17. D

    PhP CSS referencing

    Hi I'm writing a Php code that should open a different CSS page after logging in, SCENARIO : once you open the web page, you get to a home page that has basically a set of messages in the headers and a paragraph. You are required to log in or signup, the signup is not a problem and once you...
  18. J

    What is the most difficult programming language to learn?

    In your opinion, which is the most most difficult programming language to learn? Why?
  19. J

    Which is the easiest programming language for beginners?

    Which programming language is the easiest to learn for beginners?
  20. T

    Best place in JHB to learn and get a certificate for C#

    Hi All, I hope you are well, I'm looking for the best place to do a C# course, one that will be accredited, can you recommend a company I can contact? Thanks in advance!