radio frequency spectrum

  1. Jan

    Telkom offers to remove interdict against spectrum auction - if it gets its day in court quickly

    Telkom offers tricky deal in cellular network capacity fight Telkom has pledged to remove its interdict application against South Africa’s radio frequency spectrum auction from the court roll, provided its opponents in the fight agree to an expedited hearing on the merits of the case. Spectrum...
  2. Jan

    Spectrum showdown

    Goliath vs Goliath vs Goliath — South Africa’s spectrum showdown Battle lines have been drawn over the heated issue of cellular network capacity in South Africa. In the one corner — South Africa’s incumbent and partially state-owned telecommunications network operator Telkom.
  3. Jan

    Vodacom files court papers opposing Telkom's interdict of spectrum auction

    Vodacom joins fight against Telkom Vodacom has filed papers in the Pretoria High Court to oppose Telkom’s application for an urgent interdict against the spectrum auction that industry regulator Icasa wants to hold on 8 March 2022. Telkom approached the Pretoria High Court last week Tuesday to...
  4. Jan

    MTN is opposing Telkom's spectrum auction challenge

    MTN files High Court papers against Telkom MTN has filed papers to oppose Telkom's urgent application to block South Africa's spectrum auction from going ahead on 8 March 2022. Radio frequency spectrum is the raw network capacity that cellular network operators use to communicate between...
  5. Jan

    Telkom launched a pre-emptive legal strike to selfishly serve its bottom-line - Icasa

    Telkom launched "pre-emptive strike" — serves "narrow and selfish commercial interests" The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) tore into Telkom on Wednesday after the network operator filed papers in the Pretoria High Court to once again block the auctioning of...
  6. Jan

    Telkom "concerned" about WOAN exclusion from spectrum ITA

    Telkom slams new spectrum auction Telkom has expressed misgivings about a new auction process announced by industry regulator Icasa on Friday. "Telkom notes the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) statement on the publication of the Invitation to Apply (ITA) in respect...
  7. Jan

    Spectrum auction set for 8 March 2022

    Icasa announces spectrum auction dates The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has issued the final Invitation To Apply (ITA) for the licencing of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) spectrum, also known as high-demand spectrum. The deadline to apply for...
  8. Jan

    Icasa hands out new temporary spectrum to Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, Cell C, Rain, and Liquid

    South Africa's cellular networks get new temporary spectrum The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has issued temporary licences for radio frequency spectrum to six of South Africa's wireless network operators. Icasa said in a statement on Friday that the provisional...
  9. Jan

    MTN South Africa sells its towers for R6.4 billion - plans to buy spectrum with the money

    MTN sells its towers in South Africa MTN has announced that its South African division has finalised a transaction to sell and leaseback 5,709 of its towers—comprising around 4,000 greenfield and 1,700 rooftop sites—to IHS Towers for about R6.4 billion. Proceeds will be reinvested into...
  10. Jan

    Average data usage of smart devices on Vodacom's network

    How much data Vodacom smartphone customers use The average Vodacom smartphone customer consumes around 2.2GB of data per month, the company's latest interim results have revealed. Like other mobile networks in South Africa, Vodacom saw data traffic surge during the initial months of the...
  11. Jan

    Telkom asks Icasa for more 2300Mhz spectrum and wants to give back its 2400MHz

    Telkom applies for extra 4G spectrum The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has published an application from Telkom for extra capacity for its cellular network. Telkom is asking for an additional 27 megahertz (MHz) of bandwidth in the 2300MHz spectrum band it...
  12. Jan

    Telkom sues Icasa to stop data "calamity" in South Africa

    Telkom sues Icasa to stop data "calamity" in South Africa Telkom has filed court papers to block Icasa from taking back radio frequency spectrum on 30 November.
  13. Jan

    Icasa releases new timetables for the licensing of IMT spectrum and the WOAN

    New deadlines for 4G and 5G spectrum auction The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has announced new timelines for the release of high-demand 4G and 5G International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) spectrum, and the Wireless Open Access Network (WOAN) published. This...
  14. Jan

    Network operators should not be taking advantage of Covid-19 pandemic for spectrum - Rain CEO

    Vodacom and MTN trying to exploit Covid–19 disaster — Rain CEO Mobile network operators in South Africa should not be taking advantage of the Covid–19 pandemic to gain access to precious radio frequency spectrum, Rain CEO Brandon Leigh has told MyBroadband. Leigh said that Rain agrees with the...
  15. Jan

    Icasa is admitting its spectrum ITA was "irredeemably flawed" - Telkom

    Spectrum auction for South Africa's cellular networks was "irredeemably flawed" Telkom says that Icasa’s decision to have its Invitation to Apply for sought-after radio frequency spectrum set aside is an admission that the process was “irredeemably flawed”. This comes after the Independent...
  16. Jan

    Telkom's plans for 5G in South Africa

    Telkom's big 5G plans Telkom’s rollout of 5G is picking up pace, with plans to increase its current footprint of testing sites six-fold in the next year. The operator told MyBroadband in February it had deployed 5G sites in selected areas and was optimising the user experience ahead of a...
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    New draft radio spectrum regulations released

    New draft radio spectrum regulations released Icasa has issue revised draft radio frequency spectrum regulations for public comment
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    MTN receives spectrum from Icasa despite opposition

    MTN quietly scores controversial spectrum Icasa has issued MTN with spectrum despite opposition from rivals
  19. jes

    No plans for EHF spectrum, says ICASA

    No plans for EHF spectrum: ICASA Icasa has contradicted statements that it would be licensing 50–80GHz spectrum
  20. jes

    Broadcasters need Icasa licenses for Mandela funeral

    Broadcasters need Icasa licenses for Mandela funeral Icasa has urged international broadcasters to apply for the requisite licenses timeously