1. E

    Cellphone Scam (Selling 2nd hand)

    I wanted to sell my cellphone - Sony Vivaz because I got a new phone. I advertised it on gumtree and got a call for the phone within 3 days. The caller asked if we could meet during the same day at Rosebank to do the trade. I agreed and we met outside in the parking lot at Rosebank. We sat in my...
  2. D

    Watch out! Its a scam!

    I recieved an email this morning, it was automatically in my Junk folder but to those of you who don't have some sort of spam block on your email, have a good look at this. The email read: It was from the address If you follow the site above, you see this page...
  3. jes

    Absa issues phishing scam avoidance tips

    Absa issues phishing scam avoidance tips Absa warns consumers of the latest phishing scams plaguing inboxes
  4. rpm

    Beware credit/debit card skimming at ATMs

    Beware card skimming at ATMs Criminals now installing camera devices in ATMs to capture PIN codes.
  5. jes

    E-mail and SMS scam warning: LG Electronics

    E-mail and SMS scam warning: LG Electronics LG Electronics South Africa is warning consumers about an SMS and email scam which impersonates the company
  6. S

    "Hold please, I have a call for this number"

    Have just received two calls within the last hour from an unknown number. When I answer the call an automated American female voice says "Hold please, I have a call for this number" .... "Attempting to connect".... it repeats this a few times, then says "I'm sorry, I was unable to connect you...
  7. S

    Wildlife filmmaker Chris Palmer shows that animals are often set up to succeed.

    From, The Washington Post. I've always been a fan of wildlife shows, especially National Geographic. After having read this article, I'm not sure if I ever care to watch another. Suppose I shouldn't be suprised, but it's really disappointing.
  8. jes

    ATMs and Sex Trader cannot be trusted

    ATMs and Sex Trader cannot be trusted Top cyber cop warns South Africans against a slew of new scams and attacks aimed at local Internet users
  9. jes

    Fake malware websites created at a rate of over 57 000 per week

    Fake malware websites created at a rate of over 57 000 per week According to Panda Security 57 000 fake websites are created weekly for the purposes of infecting and attacking user computers
  10. jes

    Apple’s Ping rife with iPhone scams

    Apple’s Ping rife with iPhone scams Sophos warns users of the new Ping musical social network to be on their guard against scammers and spammers
  11. jes

    Most common scams on the web

    Most common scams on the web Being able to identify scams on the Internet is the best defense against them
  12. jes

    Instant messengers spread new worm

    Instant messengers spread new worm Kaspersky Lab announced the detection of a new family of computer worms that are spreading via numerous instant messaging clients, from Windows Live to Xfire
  13. B

    Facebook scam warning!

    recently received two Facebook e-mail notifications that set my security spider-sense tingling. Nothing was obviously wrong with the e-mail messages, which said that my friend had tagged a photo of me and then commented on it. But something about a reference to an app named "Who stalks into your...
  14. LazyLion

    The Official World Cup BAD NEWS Thread!!!

    Mods, please sticky this thread as it is going to see a lot of action over the coming weeks! Thanks. Wednesday, 9 June 2010. 1) Men sought for robbing world cup Journos 2) Businesses set to lose millions in lost productivity! 3) Abduction e-mail causes World Cup Panic! 4) World...
  15. NeonNinja

    Scam Isn't it?

    New Apple Iphone 3GS 32GB unlocked, R2,000. Sent the seller an email. Got an instanteneous reply, which sounded like a premeditated one. Looks like a scam to me... Watcha guys think?
  16. F

    Can "someone" please say SOMETHING?????

    Ok, I've calmed down now. Was not impressed wish service delivery of my new "uncapped" account. Only time will tell if it's really worth it with the shaping they are doing. Regards, Fire
  17. X


    Could not find a better forum to post this, but watch out for this scam! advertises you can send SMS for free to Vodacom, MTN, CellC and more from their website. The small print at the bottom says something like "Free to send. The receiver has the option to pay R15 to...
  18. B

    Gordon Leighton Associates, scam or not?

    OK I'm very confused. I read the other post on this topic and am not entirely happy. it is sounding like the course they offer is not enough to get onto the rigs and this is why I'm posting this. i payed my R2500 and did the course. and am still sitting with out a job a few months...
  19. Daruk

    Name and shame them spam thread

    I'd really like to see an SA spam hall of shame thread in here - is there already one? If not, I'd like to start one with an email I received today. It may be worthwhile to sticky this thread - what do others think? Got this on email: Firstly, I don't trust that unsubscribe link - it's...
  20. DotKomrade

    Too good to be true?

    So in my never-ending quest for cheap local mac prices, I came across these ads in the junkmail: - this is one of...