1. F

    Sennheiser GSP 670 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset

    Item: Sennheiser GSP 670 Age: Bought 04 Dec, 2020 Price: R6500 Warranty: Remainder of 2 years with Sennheiser (I bought this in the UK) Packaging: Original Condition: Like New Location: PTA East Reason: Need something smaller for daily commute. Shipping: No Collection: Sure Link: Buy Sennheiser...
  2. Jamie McKane

    Major security flaw in Sennheiser headphone software

    Major security flaw in Sennheiser headphone software German cybersecurity firm Secorvo Security Consulting has discovered a major security flaw in the software bundled with Sennheiser headphones. The vulnerability is exclusive to Sennheiser's HeadSetup and HeadSetup Pro software, and is...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Sennheiser HD 6XX headphones unveiled

    Sennheiser HD 6XX headphones unveiled Sennheiser and online retailer Massdrop have partnered to offer a more affordable version of the Sennheiser HD 650 headphones.
  4. F

    Sennheiser HD 451 Headphones

    Hello I saw the Sennheiser HD 451's are under R1 000 and read good things about them. I want to get my first quality set of headphones, closed back and over ear. Any thoughts on them, or any other recommendations? I'll be primarily using them with my phone.
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    These are Sennheiser’s R700,000 headphones

    These are Sennheiser’s R700,000 headphones Sennheiser has unveiled its latest pair of high-performance headphones – called Orpheus.
  6. SynicalFox

    Buying a Pair of Headphones??

    Hello Fellow Forumers. It's been a long time since my last post on the forums but I am back. I am wanting to find out your choice of headphones? I am busy looking at headphones for R750 (Max Budget R1000). I have a Pair of Corsair vengeance 1500 for gaming and love them but they are USB...
  7. D

    Asus Xonar Xense and Sennheiser PC 360

    Hi all I want to but a asus xonar xense and a sennheiser pc 360 headset. The only problem I have, I do not know where I can buy these items, all the stores I checked don't sell these products. Anyone know where I can buy the asus xonar xense and the sennheiser pc 360? Thank you Dukfruk261
  8. S

    Sennheiser HD555

    Hi need quotes for the Sennheiser HD555 headphones. Cant find any local retailer selling these. thanks
  9. S

    Sennheiser HD555 where to buy

    hi guys where can I buy these headphones locally?
  10. E

    Headphones Recommendation

    Hi all, Looking for a new decent pair of headphones. Moving up from my trusty old Canyon. So anyway, I need them to be of the big kind, where your ears are almost completely inside the ear cans. Budget is R 800-850 at most. Yes I know budget will mean compromise but I can't spend on...
  11. jes

    5 hot hardware items for 2012

    5 hot hardware items for 2012 Here are some good looking tech items to help usher in the new year
  12. M

    Sennheiser HD 202

    Hi guys Buddy of mine is looking for a pair of Sennheiser HD 202 headphones. I found them on, and What are the differences between Sennheiser HD 202 MK II Professional Headphone (Black) and Sennheiser HD 202 Headphone? The former is a newer model...
  13. A

    Earphones advice

    Hello, My recent SECOND set of sennheiser earphones that I so love recently broke. My CX300 left earphone suddenly stopped working. My second set- a layer of audio is lost due to a faulty connector apparently(?). So, i need advice for new earphones between the R300 to R500 range or any advice...
  14. R

    Replacing Sennheiser Earphones.

    Morning guys, For Christmas I got a pair of Sennheiser MX470 earphones. They're one of the best pairs I've ever used but the problem is they tend to give me a headache after about 10 minutes of listening. I noticed that since my last pair of earphones (Phillips SHE1501) I can't listen to any...