1. D

    Is the Skyworth TB7000 series any good?

    Hey guys, so I'm looking at getting a TV and the Skyworth TB7000 40 inch is looking like a good option. My budget is between 4k-5k and the Skyworth TVs really do look like the best bang for buck. I've seen some Hisenses going for around that price but the android TV on Skyworth is making it an...
  2. D

    Netflix on Skyworth 32E6 Android TV?

    Just bought a Skyworth 32E6 Android Smart TV and when i go to the google playstore and look for the Netflix app it doesn't show up?? Any idea if one can install Netflix and if so how? Help much appreciated :)
  3. GreatWmR

    Skyworth Android TV Bluetooth Remote Replacement

    I bought a Skyworth TV not too long ago but it seems one button on the Bluetooth remote broke Is there any place i can buy a replacement? or does anyone know a fix? its the left button that broke
  4. J

    Skyworth BingeTV

    Hi Guys I bought the Skyworth BingeTV box and I want to play movies which are on my external harddrive through the box but I can't find any of my files when browsing through my Harddrive? How can I find my files? Thanks
  5. G

    Skyworth Netflix error

    Hi All, I hope this is in the correct forum. I installed Netflix form the Google Playstore on my Skyworth TV box. When I open Netflix I get the following error : "This version of Netflix app is not compatible with your device. (-13)" Why would it be available from the Google store on my...
  6. A

    LG 55UK6200PLA VS Skyworth 55G6A11T

    Hi guys, first time TV buyer here. I'm planning on buying a set tomorrow and Makro is selling both these sets(LG 55UK6200PLA VS Skyworth 55G6A11T) for R8999.00. As far as I understand both sets use LG sourced panels. Do you have any advice on what to look for, or which set is better to buy...
  7. Koosie

    Skyworth Binge Android TV box

    Any thoughts on this new box? Price seems great for official Android TV + Chromecast functionality
  8. G

    (Skyworth) Android TV vs. (Chrome-)Cast and which 65 or 55" to buy?

    I cut dstv and TV ties long ago and have been using a Chromecast stick on the HDMI port of my old 40" TV to watch Netflix/Primevideo/Youtube for all my video needs. I now want to get a bigger screen, as I'm sitting as far as 6 meters away from the TV, when watching and would love your advice...