slow speed

  1. M

    Mweb speeds

    Howzit guys, Sometime last year due to COVID, the company I work for decided to pay for our fibre lines so that we could work from home. We were given the base speed of 20/20 Mbps on the Mweb ISP. Now, because I wasn't paying for the fibre, I wasn't too fussed when the speeds were inadequate or...
  2. B

    FNB (dis) Connect Slow data speed

    ##Resolved## FNB Connect Slow data speed I just got my FNB Connect SIM and I have almost non existing data speed. I tested it in different locations, but no luck. According to its as low as 0,01Mbps!!! See below> (on Vodacom I get more than 40Mbps)...
  3. D

    Telkom LTE Speed Problems dropped from 50mbs to 8mbs

    Anyone here on Telkom LTE? Recently my speed has dropped from 30-50mbs to if I'm luck 7 - 20mbs. Last night tested all my equipment and suspected that my Poynting Dual Polarised High Gain LTE Antenna may be defective. After testing, it wasn't, but what i did discover is that using my bunny...
  4. G

    Internet speeds in Bergvliet. Can this really be due to a congested exchange?

    Greetings, Ever since the Telkom upgrades earlier this year, my internet experience has suffered. I used to play Battlefield 4 on my 4mbps uncapped Afrihost account last year but I have since downgraded to a 2mbps capped account in the hope of improving my internet but I am unable to play even...
  5. Louis72


    For those who use the Schoemansville(012 253) or Xanadu(012 259) exchanges in Hartbeespoort might have noticed decreased speeds the past 2 weeks on multiple ISP's. This is especially evident during weekends where you can expect speeds lower than 1.2mbps on a 4 mbps line! Yet your latency is...
  6. X

    Internet speed is unacceptable after line "upgrade"

    After a line upgrade was done in the greater Pretoria area our connection speed dropped dramatically, I got sync speeds of under 2mb permanently and download speeds of no faster than 100kb's, I should also point out that Facebook took more than 5 minutes without joking to load. I called Telkom...
  7. I

    Slow speeds in Sea Point

    Hi, Does anyone else have slow speeds on the 021 433 exchange (Sea Point) during peak hours? Thanks!
  8. D

    Very slow ADSL speed for past few days

    Has anyone else been experiencing seriously slow ADSL speeds for the past couple of days ONLY? I've had a perfectly stable line for the forseeable past, but suddenly over the past two days, using both WebAfrica and GConnect accounts, my 1Mbps line has been running at about half speed average...
  9. S


    Hi all Do you think your ADSL has been behaving strangely lately but it still works? Read this and give me some feedback please. I have been struggling to get a coherent picture of what is happening to ADSL with a large number of geographically spread customers in the Durban area. A...