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  1. P

    When to start filing for Provisional Tax (Sole Prop)

    I am currently employed and receive a monthly salary, but would like to start a side-business as a sole proprietor (selling products online). I have researched all the ins and outs of filing provisional tax and annual tax returns and blah blah blah...BUT my issue is this: When do I actually...
  2. J

    Small business jobs bloodbath in South Africa during lockdown

    Small business jobs bloodbath in South Africa during lockdown The small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMME) sector in South Africa experienced a job bloodbath during the first five months of lockdown, with 60% of full-time jobs lost. This is one of the findings of Finfind’s South African...
  3. D

    Private Grant Funding Taxable?

    Hi I am a university student with a small business that recently received grant funding (+R100 000) from my bursar (a private company) following good performance in a pitching competition hosted by the said bursar and their partners. The grant does not require me to part ways with equity or...
  4. W

    Tax SOS

    Hi Guys and Girls,this is my first post on MBB and I would like say that for many years now,this fourm was the place to find the answers and opinions your looking for,with any topic. Thank you all for that. My reason for starting this thread is that I am in looking for information as a small...
  5. S

    Cheapest courier to send international parcels?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum so hope I'm posting in the right category :) I'm busy launching my own little online store and would like to market to international clients too. My problem is delivering the items there without the courier charges being more than the actual item and still...
  6. X

    Looking for small business clients for my freelance web development business

    Hi, I am looking for small business clients for my freelance web development business. I am based in Cape Town. I've been building WordPress websites for around 5 years and Nodejs, Meteor for around 14 months. So I am a full-stack javascript developer that can build custom web apps, hybrid...
  7. T

    Business Divisions in South Africa

    Hi I'm a Start-up business owner and my business is taking up operations into different industries or sectors and now we are looking to use company divisions to separate operations but we can't find enough information on how company divisions work in South Africa. Do they have same legal...
  8. J

    Employee refusing to eat... any advice????

    So I have this employee who has a lot of medical issues. She has high blood pressure, has frequent blood clots in her legs and the sickness we do not speak of (doctor told me). The past week she has refused to eat, even though she is constantly light headed, dizzy and feel nauseous from...
  9. W

    Starting a small business - PAYE vs VAT vendor

    Hi All, Gonna be starting a small business soon (whilst working a 'normal' full time PAYE day job for a company). Income expected to only be a few thousand if not a few hundred a month. Big growth is possible, but hard to tell right now. My Q is, should I just submit the additional income...
  10. T

    Does a small company have to register for PAYE if the only employee is the owner ?

    Does a Small Company (Operating from home), with no employees (except the owner), have to register for PAYE. The owner takes home less than (R40K pa) - far below the Tax Threshold for him to pay tax. Would the company still need to register for PAYE ?
  11. droplet

    Payment gateways

    who are the decent payment gateway providers in south africa? our small business develops websites as part of its offering and we require a way to be able to include online payments into sites for a number of different clients. how do we go about this? thanks :)
  12. O

    Home office

    Hi All Things are bit tight business wise and would like to cut costs,I am thinking of buying a house and turn one room into an office,I am currently renting but I am thinking of,if I buy a house on my personal capacity and rent out the room to the business would help me stay affloat, What...
  13. O

    Business Equity

    Hi I have a business that I think is meeting targets but I want expand my horizon and start doing business with other well established businesses the problem is the *BEE certificate,I hear its advisable to have a female equity partner so I can be seen to be empowering,how can I empower when I...
  14. E

    FNB Best Supplier Competition

    To enter you need to shoot a video explaining why your business is a 'Best Supplier' and post it to YouTube (instructions here )
  15. Derrick

    Find free or dirt cheap tools online for your small business

    If you run a small or even medium sized business you will know that finding tools that can make a difference to your business can be tough. What exactly do you need and how do you apply it? Perhaps you are not too tech savvy and find yourself stuck in a pool of really off putting dredgeware (my...