1. rpm

    Top local spammers named

    Top local spammers named
  2. rpm

    Spammers beware

    Spammers beware
  3. rpm

    The spam conundrum

    The spam conundrum
  4. M

    Has anyone else been spammed by "D-Net"?

    Over the past few weeks I have receiving spam from a company claiming to be D-Net from Gauteng. All the emails are titled "Computer Assistance" and all have the following body text: Computer Assistance All hardware and software related problems Internet and email services,ADSL,3G,HSDPA...
  5. DJ...

    RBP posting interval

    Why is there a 60 second waiting period between RBP posts? I don't understand what purpose this serves apart from annoyance. I often report spam posts late at night as I hardly sleep, but the buggers don't merely post one at a time, they sometimes post dozens or as many as possible before...
  6. A

    Reporting SPAM

    I usually report SPAM to the ISP from which it originated. Especially local SPAM. Usually, I don't receive any replies. This morning I sent an email to MWEB Business and to Hetzner. They both replied with proper responses, thanking me for informing them. Lets hope they take action against...
  7. M

    Man gets 16 million emails a year

  8. B

    sms spam numbers

    After my wife received a sms which is purely spam (unsolicted, unwanted from unknown sender) I decided to post the number somewhere and here it is: +27826693162 Hopefully by naming and shaming these numbers we can prevent this from escalating to email spam type proportions. bmeagle
  9. T

    Virgin Active Spam

    Now I don't mind emails from Virgin Active regarding things that may be interesting or useful..... but now this is just spamming their client :mad: Why would I give a #@$
  10. A

    iBurst Abuse Email (out of office)

    It seems the person handling the iBurst abuse emails is out of office: Spammers, start your engines...
  11. rpm

    Spam adds flavour to the credit crunch

    Spam adds flavour to the credit crunch
  12. rpm

    Is your email address for sale?

    Is your email address for sale?
  13. M

    Openweb SPAM

    I am sick of all the openweb 'please pay your account' emails. They keep coming despite not having an account with them: You guys should know better! Surely one doesn't have to ask you to add an 'opt out' feature to the email... why the '' reply address? To protect...
  14. Pooky

    Stop spamming the tags!

    I look at the tags on threads and there are stupid ones totally unrelated to the thread they are tagging.... Can't there be a ReportBadTag function?
  15. rpm

    Spam - should ISPs take more responsibility?

    Spam - should ISPs take more responsibility?
  16. S

    Spam rant!

    One would think that people would have some phcuking sense! I've got this friend, who must be termed as a "Blonde" when it comes to the internet. At my last place of work, ABSA she had no access to email and when her department finally came around to giving them email she went mad, when I left...