1. S

    Revix account?

    Checking my mails this morning, I see two mails from Revix. Strange as I'd never heard of them, much less used them. First one was a 'confirm your email address', second was a sign-up bonus/welcome email. Both are from, so it doesn't appear to be a phishing attack. I did not...
  2. O

    Do you allow users to use company email account to register for web services?

    Up to now there haven't been any official restrictions at my org. I have two users out of about 70 who get spammed because their email addresses were compromised in breaches where they'd registered with their work accounts, but fortunately that's the worst of it. It seems that the standard...
  3. J

    Anti-spam entries in the national opt-out database expires after 3 years

    Anti-spam entries in the national opt-out database expires after 3 years If you last registered your details in the National Opt-Out Database more than three years ago, your registration has lapsed and registered direct marketers in South Africa are allowed to contact you. The National Opt-Out...
  4. T

    South African spammers?

    Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, not sure where to post it. Anyone know anything about who these people are who are selling South African spam lists? I rather doubt these are all opt-in. Are these guys responsible for much of our spam in South Africa? Is it legal for them to be openly...
  5. BamboozledAttorney

    Calls from telemarketers wanting to sell you a trading software.

    Yesterday I received a strange phone call which I realised was a scam/spam along the way. It involved this guy who somehow got my info (I know it happens a lot, but still) and saw I was trading on a trading website. Now I'll be honest, the phone call was annoying and loud, and the person was...
  6. xrapidx

    Vodacom dodgy behaviour, won't unsubscribe from services.

    My mom has been trying for weeks to unsubscribe from a daily service which charges R5/day. She's followed the unsubscribe process, called Vodacom who all but help - basically telling her its her problem, and she must unsubscribe. They're now staying with me for Christmas, and asked me to have...
  7. B

    Reporting local Email Spam

    Hi all, Is there a place (that actually use the info provided) to list local email spammers?
  8. J

    South Africa's spam mail CEO is "untraceable"

    South Africa's spam mail CEO is "untraceable" Over the last few months, we have covered the exploits of South African search engine Web9 and its CEO, Shingi Mushipe. Mushipe's endeavours included a daily spam email blast advertising his search engine, which was sent to recipients whose email...
  9. gideonel

    WebAfrica email support failure - Spam

    Hi guys, If this post is in the wrong area, I am sorry, please advise or move it to a different area. I have a client who is a client of WebAfrica. He recently started having a issue with his email. He has this issue on his phone and on this PC via Outlook and Thunderbird. I have his mail...
  10. Nobody Important

    MTN does not respect the "STOP" instruction wrt SMS spam

    Dear @Newsfeed (cc @rpm and @Jan ), I have a suggestion for an article with proof in support of my claim that MTN does not tolerate customers unsubscribing from their spam. You recently did an article where the networks denied nefariously cashing in on WASP fraud. That got me thinking about...
  11. J

    MTN Powerball spam

    I have a MTN prepaid SIM, and get Powerball SMS spam almost daily. Their opt-out does not work; I have tried twice to opt out, but the SMSs keep coming, from different numbers. I need advice on how to get rid of this. I did stop the other recharge SMSes with the *130*603# Is this type of spam...
  12. M

    iSAT Spammers!

    Is anyone else getting huge amounts of spam from iSAT recently. I have many different email addresses and am getting the same spam nonsense on all of them, they've obviously picked up all my email addresses recently. You cannot reply to their spam email and they don't have a support email...
  13. gideonel

    Blocking 15 digit numgers

    Hi guys, I would appreciate some help if someone out there has the hidden knowledge. At work I have received a mobile phone which was used previously by another employee who has since left. The problem is that the employee has registered this number all over the world and back again. I receive...
  14. G

    Is voice spam the beginning of the end of the voice call business?

    Voice spam is affecting my business and productivity to the extent that I have now started a habit of referring my clients to WhatsApp calls or Skype calls. I am now even going further and telling them from 2019 I can no longer take voice calls on my cellphone. They need to call the office. The...
  15. Sanchinho

    Vodacom - you have a private photo invite

    What’s with the subscription to some Sex site spam on the missed calls notifications. Quite annoying. Anyone else has seen them. R15/day service
  16. W

    Harassment / Death Threats, help!

    Hi MyBroadband community! A guy has been calling and harassing my girlfriend, sending death threats and generally being an *******. We've reported him to the police, however I doubt they'll be able to do anything. I've managed to get a bit of information on him... In doing so I've signed...
  17. P

    ZAPPER Spamming

    Hi There Has this happened to anyone else. I have disabled the option on Zapper to have calendar entries added to my calendar after being bombarded with entries previously. It has now happened again. Instead of 1 calendar entry to say this voucher expires on this day, I get dozens of them...
  18. R

    How to reinstate an article comment marked as spam

    A comment I made on an article seems to have triggered the Disqus spam filter. I think it is because I updated information in my comment twice in a short period of time. The comment is, by no means, spam. According to Disqus, “If you see one of the above messages next to your comment, try...
  19. Anthro

    Afrihost Support Marking EMails as SPAM (Source MailServer - Gmail)

    Mate of mine needs some help from Afrihost support, he gets this :sick:
  20. S

    MTN Spam via Emergency Broadcast

    Hi Everyone, I've flashed a custom ROM (Lineage OS) onto my phone about 5-6 weeks ago, and ever since, I've been getting spammed by MTN via the Emergency Broadcast telling me that I'm in a "85% Zone", more often than every 10 minutes. I got 10 of them while writing this post. It's much worse...