1. ixian

    HP Deskjet / Hewlett Packard SPAM!!!

    I am receiving spam emails from I never signed up to their mailing list and I have unsubscribed numerous times but the spam continues. I even went as far as contacting Hewlett Packard head office in South Africa and I was given the details for their promotions agency...
  2. J

    Spam legal letter

    Does anyone have the text of a nice, short-and-to-the-point, FU-type of lawyer's letter that stops spammers in their tracks? Also, does anyone have the name and contact details of a good, fairly-priced lawyer who will be able to meaningfully roast a spammer in court? If your answer to...
  3. Lycanthrope

    IEC VEC10 Notification Receipts & Foreign Voters...

    Any other of you foreign-living souls get hit by... 16 of these buggers last night? Each one just contains a confirmation receipt saying that I'm approved to vote on the 30th of April. Why the IEC needed to cram sixteen of the blasted things into my e-mail, sod knows. All I can think is...
  4. jes

    City of Joburg caught selling user email addresses?

    City of Joburg caught selling user email addresses? The City of Joburg is accused of giving away or selling the email addresses of its users for spam purposes
  5. jes

    The worst South African spammers named and shamed

    The worst SA spammers named and shamed The latest ISPA spam hall of shame names and shames email spammers and email address resellers, including spammers who refuse to stop
  6. J

    Have you received spam on your mobile phone screen?

    Like everyone else I receive the usual SMS spam, but this morning I received one of those "You have won R250 000 in the RICA draw etc etc" message on MY IPHONE'S SCREEN! Has anyone else seen this? This is new to me and the message has disappeared. The only other time I receive messages on my...
  7. jes

    Worst spammers in South Africa revealed

    Worst spammers in SA revealed The latest ISPA Spam Hall of Shame lists South Africa’s biggest email spammers and email address resellers
  8. NomNom

    SMS Spam: Post yours here

    If there already is a thread for this I apologize. Was thinking of replying but that would make things worse I guess, could just phone the number at like 2am, 3am in the morning :D
  9. ixian Spam Emails Continue

    Is it only me or are there others who are subjected to this pointless and pathetic spam emails? Even after un-subscribing from their spam list these annoying emails continue. What is their point? I'm not looking for a new position and even if I was I would never in a million...
  10. QuintonB

    POPI to render no-spam list useless

    No-spam list for SA rendered useless? The Protection of Personal Information Bill will render the national opt-opt register for direct marketing moot
  11. jes

    SA e-mail spammers named and shamed

    SA e-mail spammers named and shamed ISPA has updated its Spam Hall of Shame, naming and shaming South Africa’s largest email spammers and address resellers
  12. jes

    Killing spam in SA: POPI

    Killing spam softly: POPI in South Africa The Protection of Personal Information Bill could effectively make “direct marketing” without permission, or spam, illegal in South Africa
  13. U

    Create SPF record to include Mweb's mail relay servers

    Hi all, As the heading states, I need to create a SPF record on my DNS that will include Mweb's Mail relay servers as I use to send all my email and I have been bombarded with spoofed Spam mails coming either from myself or one of our domain users. Let me give you all background...
  14. jes

    Suspect arrested for largest cyber attack in history

    Suspect arrested for largest cyber attack in history A Dutch citizen has been arrested in northeast Spain on suspicion of launching what is described as the biggest cyberattack in Internet history
  15. D

    Gadgets - Telkom Phone required with the following features.

    My Wife is going crazy with the number of spam calls on our Telkom line, so I'd appreciate any advice regarding locally-available gadgets or phones that have the following features: Copied from a SlashDot forum post: Microsoft released a 900MHz cordless phone back in late 1998 that had all the...
  16. B

    Spam emails being received on ABSAMAIL accounts ??

    Has anybody else been receiving a lot of emails from companies where you clearly havent subscribed to ? All my spam mail comes from my Absamail accounts which tells me somebody has sold their email database. How do I go about reporting/rectifying this ?
  17. H

    Esquire please explain

    Why was I added back onto the mailing list? :mad: I shouldn't have to create a thread about this, let alone two threads... You have my details from the last attempt to unsubscribe.
  18. jes

    Cyber attack of unprecedented scale slows global Internet

    Cyber attack of unprecedented scale slows global Internet Spamhaus alleges that Cyberbunker is behind one of the largest cyber attacks in history, resulting in global Internet slow-downs
  19. P

    Blackberry WAP push messages

    My Failberry sent me a 'push link' to some baby videos subscription service link I had to type this crap link out. Now the problem I have with this is that the link was put up to the home screen with a yellow globe icon notification, so I opened it (to get rid of the notification) and promptly...
  20. jes

    Turkish govt. agency caught faking Google webpages

    Turkish govt. agency caught faking Google webpages An agency of the Turkish government deployed a deceptive version of some Google web pages, possibly to monitor activity by its employees