1. rpm

    SA's Spam Hall of Shame

    Hall of Shame: SA’s biggest spammers Latest ISPA same Hall of Shame lists South Africa's biggest spammers and email address resellers
  2. S

    Mutual & Federal sold my contact details.

    I think. I'm sure this is the wrong subforum, but someone can move it. I recently cancelled my short term insurances with Mutual and Federal because my premiums inexplicably went up by about 40%.I've never claimed from them and I moved to Cape Town which should result in lower premiums...
  3. M

    Question regarding spam

    So I was busy studying information systems, and it was going on about spam, and a thought occurred. I'm not too sure if this is already being done, but wouldn't it solve a lot of problems if outgoing mail is spam filtered by ISP's and companies? I think that would help restrict the flow of spam...
  4. xrapidx

    0820048186 SMS spam from Cointel/TMobilesa charged for?

    I just got a random 'inspirational' message from 0820048186, I did a quick search in google and it seems to be quite common: I'm on prepaid, so I how do I find out if I'm charged for this SMS? I certainly didn't subscribe to it :wtf...
  5. kronoSX

    thunderbird 3.0.4 huge problemo

    Guys i am at wits end and dont understand why my trash and spam folders are being downloaded from the server.I cant afford thunderbird downloading 1000 spam emails from my gmail and webmail accounts. When i open thunderbird it starts downloading from the server.How can i fix this error please...
  6. V

    SPAM, thank you ABSA for selling my Internet Banking email address

    See if this can help you! Get the evil fukkers.
  7. ic

    Phishing and other Spam emails from Vodacom's network

    FAO VCD, please get someone who deals with the emails to deal with the following [and future similar reports]: Those are just a few that are still in my GMail account's Spam 'folder', but the frequency of these is increasing, and I don't have any more time to spend on...
  8. S

    FreeNews4U Opt Out CAUSES SPAM!

    I was listening to John Matham's show on Cape Talk at around 5pm on the 21/10/2009. They were discussing SPAM from Vodacom, including a particularly irritating one about Free News4U. People were saying the 'STOP' system wasn't effective. Towards the end of the programme, someone sent in a...
  9. das Toktokken

    Name and shame them spam thread

  10. A

    Dirty rotten scoundrel

    Whoooops - last post vanished... So I won't post the details of the scoundrel who is selling lists of OUR email addresses to spammers... I'll just link to someone else who has already done it for me... Unfortunately - what this guy is doing is not [YET] a criminal offense in South Africa...
  11. S

    Now DSTV is SPAMMING us with messages through the TV system!! "We'd love to keep in touch with you. Please send your smartcard number and e-mail adress to 32471" FFS, who dreams up these stupid campaigns to disrupt viewing?:o Are we going to get more? Why don't they say how much it costs anyway?
  12. J


    Hi guys, I don't have any experience with IpCop but looking at trying it out for use in our small company. I'm hoping the CopFilter add-on could also help us with the some spam seeping through to us. To all you IpCop gurus, please help me out. I've done some reading but one or two things I'm not...
  13. xrapidx

    Adult SMS Spam?

    Putting this under Vodacom because both the numbers seem to be from the Vodacom network - and its not likely MTN would respond anyways :p I received this message the other day from +2782004850000036: No opt out - and I have no clue where they got my number - consider I'm currently, and...
  14. I

    I just got disqualified !!!

    I think I just got disqualified. Jokes aside, please watch out for this one..
  15. M

    fax spam from

    We have receive hundreds of this fax (and similar) in the past:"sms car and your e-mail to xxxx and win R20000 unsubscribe @" I sent many unsubscribe e-mails to these people and they continue to fax me. Eventually out of frustration sent them this offer: I sure...
  16. rpm

    ISPA spam Hall of Shame hits home

    ISPA spam Hall of Shame hits home
  17. F

    MMS SPAM Returning

    If you get SPAM (unsolicited) in the form of an MMS and you don't download it, why does it keep coming back? Is there a receipt going back to the server telling the originator whether I read it or not.
  18. rpm

    Spammers beware!

    Spammers beware!
  19. rpm

    Top local spammers named

    Top local spammers named
  20. rpm

    Spammers beware

    Spammers beware